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Med Diary 17: Stress & Handouts.

Posted on: January 25, 2013

Hi People that love me and people that want to see me cry! I’m gonna do some more smiling. 😀

When I get so overwhelmed and I try to ease the stress by crying, I just can’t find the tears. So NO!

I’ve had a turbulent past couple of days, Pharmacology Incourse, Sleepless nights, anorexia, mosquitoes, Heat, Sore Throat and then some. Like all the forces in the world were against lil’ ol’ me.

Pharmacology department decided to show themselves for the third time but on the bright side, the result for the second incourse was released today and I didn’t do as horribly as I expected.
Today, I realized that I have become a rather pessimistic person because I am now conditioned to expect the worst. I think it’s what Med school does to you.
Beforehand, I could predict the outcome of an exam but now, I stay on my toes till the results are released because there are some silly mistakes that you won’t realize you made. They can mark you down.

Microbiology incourse today was quite iffy. I made some really costly mistakes but I thank God because it could have been worse. Plus that table I crammed that eluded me when I needed it. The unnecessary things I learnt too that started playing ten-ten in my head. No knowledge is wasted.

Next week isn’t looking pretty either. Two incourses, one OSCE exam I know nothing about and Handouts that have never been touched, not to mention that I haven’t prepared my Epidemiology term paper. Jesus take the wheel.

It’s Friday night and a child of God shouldn’t have to study but guess who has two thumbs and is hitting the books tonight. You guessed right! Me!

Can’t wait for this to be finally over!

Upon all this, there Ain’t nothing coming in between me and my ‘Suits

Till later.

PS. How many people saw the Medilag Expose on Linda Ikeji’s blog? I was gonna comment on it but I’ll pass. The fear of expulsion is real. I actually wrote an article titled ‘We Can’t stop learning because there’s no light’ a long while ago but I haven’t had the courage to post it yet. Maybe one day.

PPS. The new Wande Coal song, I absolutely love. Just thought I should share.


4 Responses to "Med Diary 17: Stress & Handouts."

Lol… Ure still downloading songs nd reading blogs instead of reading your handouts.

I miss u ooo……. All the best dear,God’s speed.

cheers… you’d be fine eventually

Leave suits!watch uir grey anatomy:p

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