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Med Diary 20: Bintin L’aye

Posted on: February 11, 2013


I had an awesome weekend! First time after an embarrassingly long time!
Hope yours was twice as awesome as mine?

It’s valentine’s week people! This is just a time for we single people to remember how unloved we are. Shoving all the lovey dovey things in our faces and stuff. But hey single people, side chicks and people that are not sure if they’re their boo’s boo; 20130211-224651.jpg

On to more meaningful things,


Earlier today, I found myself in the autopsy room watching as three pathologists cut up an Eleven year old boy and a Seventy-seven year old man in search of the causes of their individual deaths.
Both died on Saturday the 9th.

At the end of the day, I had two questions and learnt two things.
My first question is that; what exactly is that thing that just trips off like a switch and makes people die? Like what causes their hearts to stop beating all of a sudden and cause all systems to shut down ? One second they are living and breathing and the next they’re lifeless. Just like a piece of wood.
As the assistants were sawing through the lifeless boy’s skull, I was looking out for the boy’s facial expression. A grimace. A twitch. But nothing. He was just there; oblivious of the fact that his skull was being sawed through and his brain about to be uprooted. I’m sure his spirit would have been cringing.

Secondly, What is a little boy’s business dying? I mean, 11 year old boy like that; about to hit puberty or had hit puberty. I’m sure he had dreams to be a pilot or a doctor or an engineer or something. He just ended up on the Pathologist’s table. Just like that. It definitely wasn’t the plan.
You see; Bintin L’aye. Today you’re here and tomorrow? You’re gone.
God knows best. I pray God comforts his family.

At the end of the day, Rigor Mortis remains the state nobody has ever seen you and it’s the state they’ll see you in for the first time and it’s the last time they’ll ever see you. I hope this makes sense. Lol.

I learnt that you shouldn’t mess with a pathologist. They’ll make your death look like an accident. Trust me.

Also, I may be considering a career in pathology. I started cultivating the idea when I started watching CSI Miami. Today’s experience has coaxed me some more. My mother will be totally creeped out but it’s my life. She almost gagged when I told her about my ‘Cadaver-cutting’ escapades. She thinks I’ve lost my soul. Lol.

That should be all.
It’s Back to the books for me.
Happy ‘loving’ people. Love safely.

PS. A girl named Nike stopped me on the hospital corridor today and told me that she loves my blog. Celeb moment right there! Nike just got into Medilag and started lectures today. Welcome to Medilag Nike. Wishing you all the best. :*. You’ll love it here.


5 Responses to "Med Diary 20: Bintin L’aye"

I ll stop u wen I see u too! Sad thing is I don’t think I can recognize u! All d best in ur prep! Success is urs
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you straffed watching csi!?? I haven’t seen life. ;(

[…] picture is a quote I lifted off Kemi’s blog… You can find the original post HERE. She talks about the salient nature of life and the brevity of it. Please click the link if not […]

OMG! I’m legit about to pass out :$ I got mentioned on your blog. Lol “You’ll love it here” yeah right. Thank you 🙂 😀 :*.

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