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After Pros.

Posted on: February 20, 2013

“Have you seen Pitch Perfect?
“No. After Pros”

“What do you want to do to your hair?”
“I dunno yet. After Pros”

“Help me straighten my hair Abeg”
“No. After Pros”

As pros draws nigh, “After Pros” appears to be the common lingo.
Pros appears to be like some thick black cloud that we have to fight through to be liberated.
You practically put every other aspect of your life on hold and become a Read-Eat-Sleep for an hour or two Zombie. Nothing matters more than the books.
The guilt comes naturally to you when you’re doing anything asides reading. Eating and sleeping inclusive. See me blogging.

I’ve made a list of the things I have to do after pros.

Finish Puzo books. I have acquired every other Puzo book since after reading The Sicillian. can’t wait to read them.

Take Care of my hair. When I cut my hair, I really didn’t have a plan for it. I am growing it back; that’s for sure. But into what? I have since decided to ‘go natural’ for as long as I can handle it or till I get Nse Ikpe-Etim’s hair.

20130221-023841.jpg that’s hair to kill for!

Organise my iTunes library. When it comes to my laptop and iTunes, I am very Obsessive-Compulsive. I like everything in folders and I hate desktop icons. I just like my computer to be hard for nosy people to pry.
I love my iTunes with the songs correctly named and stuff and with the appropriate album art. All those ‘tooxclusive’ album arts hurt my eyes that I have to go through a lot to get the appropriate ones. Right now my iTunes is a mess. It hurts.

Clean out my locker.

Give out old clothes.

Fix my iPod screen. My iPod screen cracked some time last year and i was heartbroken simultaneously. I’ve been managing it since then. On Monday, as I was crossing the access road on my way to class, it fell again and the screen is not pretty to look at.

Get more epubs. I recently discovered the beauty of epubs. Thanks to Uncle Deolu.
I’m going to be hunting people down to copy all the epubs they own.

Visit the Dentist. When I was in JSS2/3 I had a cavity filled. Recently, I ‘borrowed’ someone’s gum and as I was chewing said gum, my filling fell out. 😦

Get Vaccinated. As a medically-inclined somebody, I’m sad to say that I still haven’t gotten vaccinated for Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma Viruses. I’m going to get to that before I start my clinicals (By God’s grace). If you haven’t been vaccinated, I suggest you do the same.

Learn Graphic Design. it’s something I really want to do. Because I want to stop stealing pictures from google images and I want to stop begging my graphic-designer friends that are always doing shakara for me when I ask them for favors.

Sleep. I get almost 5 hours of sleep now and I still feel sleep deprived.

Buy Asun.I’ve been craving Asun a lot recently. Not like i’m not always craving Asun. I’m just too lazy to take a walk to V-lodge to get me some.

Decongest My Blackberry. Blackberry and Hanging. Just like 5 and 6. By the way, I’m proud to announce that my blackberry is 10 months old. People that know me well and people that read Kemminy Snickets will know why this is newsworthy.

Go to Fela’s Museum. The museum opened recently in Lagos. Really can’t wait to visit it.

Relearn Minesweeper. I used to be really good at minesweeper. I wonder how I lost it.

Visit A Herbalist. I have to visit a herbalist to get different oils for my hair. I hear natural oils work really well.

Blog. Before my first MB, I gave up blogging and it took my a while to get my ‘zeal to blog’ back. Still trying.

Basically all what I’m itching to do. Can’t wait!



9 Responses to "After Pros."

Kemi! 12 more days and you’ll be free!! 🙂 All the best in your exams!

BB10 niyen! Whooooosh! *sips horlicks*

And, all the best in the Pros. I really hate what preparing for it does to you guys. It is well.

As for the music library bit, we’re twins there! Scheduled my organising for June/July.

Thanks. 🙂
‘Kemi Windapo

Nse’s hair, fabooosh. That exact picture is my phone wall paper, can’t get over d awesomeness. I stopped relaxing my hair late last year and m growing it naturally. Hair like Nse’s just ginger me. Lol. Goodluck with yours too.

Wish you same!
‘Kemi Windapo

“…and I want to stop begging my graphic-designer friends that are always doing shakara for me when I ask them for favors.”

No be watch, just dey watch e go shock you. (._. )

All the best in your exams.

[…] Majority of ‘After Pros‘ plans have been put asunder. […]

And, all the best in the Pros. I really hate what preparing for it does to you guys. It is well.

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