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Posted on: February 20, 2013

This is my friend; the political minded ‘Mr. President’ telling us what grinds his gears.


Okay, before I get crucified here, I just want to air my views in Kemmy’s new category.
It might not make much sense to you if you have not experienced it, though I have an incourse tomorrow, something just said I should drop this.
Okay enough of the intro.

It baffles my imagination why I would ignore the supremacy battle in this college (College of Medicine). This is a battle you feel even without your five senses.

When it comes to the ambiguous generalization of a “medical student”, to a layman it means you are a doctor-to-be, but here in Medilag we know the difference between , pharmacy, medicine, physiology etc. .
This has led to the coinage of the word ‘paramedicals’ which is used to address the physiology, physiotherapy, Radiology and pharmacology students.

But the real meaning of paramedic-is a person who helps people that are injured e.g an ambulance worker. So how can someone think of a physiotherapy student as a paramedic?

Medical(real medical I mean) and Dental students are not left out in this silent battle.

Surprisingly, between these two Generals(medicine and dentistry)they just assume that any student using the c.g.p.a grading system is not a medical student, to them others should not even be in this college in the first place. But between this two generals is an infighting like that of Gen OBJ and IBB or even worse than a Boko-Haramize (or is it JAMBS)kind of fighting.

The medical students calls the Dental students ‘teeth doctors’, the dental students believes that after all we are all doctors!!!!
What is amusing is when a biochemistry student says he/she is a medical student (because their department is in LUTH).
So people let’s stop this fighting, let’s work as a team and treat each other with mutual respect ,You can’t have a doctor without basic physiology, Anatomy and even Pharmacology. If these foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

God bless yall.

Mr. President is simply against the segregation among medicine-oriented students.
This silent battle for supremacy sha.


5 Responses to "‘Paramedicals’"

Lol. Well said

Absolutely agree with ya dear
Let’s all work as one.
Real nice piece
My best since kemi started d series

Really?*wide blushing smile*tanks a lot.

hmmm… true….

Being referred to as a paramedic sets my teeth on edge and everyone that has in the past tried this, knows not to repeat such a’s derogatory, but then the supremacy battle is still ongoing

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