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Medilag Rats

Posted on: February 22, 2013

So this mighty rat just found its way into my room. As I’m blogging, it is right under my bed doing God-knows-what.

It is mighty I swear! Immediately it entered, I said “I have to blog about this” and the people around me found it funny. I dunno why.


Dear Medilag Rats,
I come in peace. I hope you leave in peace too.
I know I met y’all in Medilag and stuff.
I understand that y’all have ruled Medilag for a pretty long time. Even before Ajasa thought of conceiving me.
Boundaries must be set.
Stop gnawing at my door in the middle of the night.
That shit creeps me out.
Like is the overnight garbage not enough for you?
What exactly do you seek in my room?
You want to come and eat garri and rice?
I don’t have!
So when you realize that I don’t have food you’ll now eat all my clothes and books.
Things I have hustled to acquire.
I understand. You own the land.
Even when those compssa people were carrying out their ‘deratization’ scheme I saw it as a joke.
Fumigation ain’t got nothing on you.
Let’s meet halfway….
Stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine.
Manage your dustbins and the gutters and I’ll stick to my room.
Please stay out of the bathrooms! There’s nothing edible there…
I’m surprised that y’all haven’t noticed. Dim wits.
Let’s do this and try to live in peace.

Best regards,

Only if the rats could read.

There’s this particular rat that gnawed a hole through my room door. You’d have thought it was its Daddy’s sitting room.

Medilag rats have been around for a pretty ‘loooooong’ time and I think Jesus is the only way to get rid of them.
Daddy be an otapiapia.

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8 Responses to "Medilag Rats"

rodents! -__-

“Please stay out of the bathrooms! There’s nothing edible there…” hmm, these rats have horny of ife tendencies…

If only those annoying little creatures could read. Nice work, writting on this.


Thanks. 🙂
‘Kemi Windapo

hahahaha kemi nice one
i remember those days when those huge rats in OPH would saunter and refuse to run whereas you would be marching loudly on the floor with the hope ur feet echoes loudly enuf that they disappear..LOOL
those days re gone..dont worry wiit time, this too shall pass
ur surname rings a bell tho..ur dad’s a doc ba?

Yes. He is.
‘Kemi Windapo

Tah! Give the little cute creatures some peace. If u can jump across the gutter and dump garbage in the dustbins, they can also walk across ur room and maybe do hide and seek under ur bed.
Nice to know u respect them enof to blog abt them, they are living creature just like u so respect their right to live and trespass.


you should send this to the Rodent Royal a.k.a le rat king…let him know of your grievances… loool

OMG, I had a good laugh reading this…I hate rats and always scared shit of those ish…you definitely need otapiapia

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