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TTGMG: Afoma

Posted on: March 19, 2013

Hi guys! Today on TTGMG, We have Afoma. She’s a fellow Medical Student and she blogs here.

Hello everyone who reads Kemi’s blog! *waves*. My name is Afoma, in case she doesn’t introduce me and I’m about to tell you all some of the stuff that people do that really annoy me. Be warned, there’s quite a number of them. I don’t want you guys to think that I’m easily irritated, but what can I do? Oh well, here goes:

1. Loud people: I can’t tell if loud females or loud males annoy me more, I’m still deciding, maybe I’ll have made my decision at the end of this post. I’m aware some people are naturally loud, but for God’s sake there’s a time for everything. Maybe you think screaming at the top of your voice will make you heard, but you should also know that you could be giving an unfortunate person there a hefty migraine. I can even hear you when you whisper, because your whispers are louder than my normal voice and I’m not one of those girls with a really tiny voice. Boys/guys are allowed to be loud in pubs or bars when they’re watching football matches, even in their homes or when that enthusiastic convo is happening with the guys, but come on, you can’t always be that loud. Girls, we understand that there are those arguments when you’re trying to prove a point to that other girl or when you’re trying to show how one singer is better than the other, we get it, but please don’t be that loud, its off-putting.

2. Open-mouthed chewers: Okay, I don’t understand why I need to see the results of the action of your masticatory muscles or why you need to talk with food in your mouth. Please, don’t open your mouth with food in it, except you’re with close friends and you’re just being silly. Don’t talk with food in your mouth unless it’s a life or death emergency. And we don’t need to hear the sound of your food being broken down unless they’re extra crispy or crunchy in which case you’re pardoned. You’re not five, we do not need to see food leaking through your lips.

3. Spitting at me while talking: This is simply unacceptable. I get that we may have moments (one or two) when we’re really excited and we spit at someone while talking. But this is not socially acceptable in case you were wondering. I’ve had people spit a chunk of white foamy saliva on my hand while they were speaking. Of course, I used enough soap and washed it off while I tried not to think of all the bacteria that had been released to my skin. Safe to say I’m still traumatized. Slow down, I’m listening, you don’t have to say it all at once. Take a break to rid your oral cavity of saliva.

4. Leaving doors open: This is just a manifestation of my OCD. I can’t help it. Doors should be closed, especially if they were closed before you opened them. Please remember to close them when you step out, thank you.

5. Pen Chewers: So, most people did this until maybe JS3. We’re grown ups now, chewing pens or anything other than food and chewing gum is just wrong. ESPECIALLY when its a borrowed pen, which just happens to be mine. Don’t do it. Remember you’re a grown up. It helps to think that way.

6. The Condemners: These are people who cannot have a conversation with you without talking about someone else or something someone else did and condemning them and of course needing you to join in condemning. Get thee behind me. I’m trying to live this life where I mind my own business and not gossip about about others, so please don’t tell me, I really don’t care and I have a lot to study, no time for this gist.

7. Slow walkers: This is just a really silly pet peeve. Especially when I’m walking alone or trying to catch that 8am class. Don’t walk in the centre of the road and sloooooowlllyy. I might be tempted to push you.

8. It’s MY phone: When you ask to see my phone, do just that. Please don’t look at my photos or videos or personal files without my permission. I think it’s rude. I have nothing to hide, I just don’t need you snooping when you’re not a close friend or family. Some (very embarrassing) photos are for my personal viewing only.

9. Don’t trash talk my favorite bands or songs. I take it personally. Don’t trash talk my favorite anything. Books, people, food, blogs anything. If you don’t like it. Say so, nicely and stop there. And you’re only allowed to say when I’ve asked your opinion.

10. You’ve made it to the end, well done and thanks for sticking till the end of my rant. I think loud girls are more irritating. Ugh. Be a lady please. At least in public.

***PS: No vex oh, if one of these peeves affect you. They’re just my peeves, I’m sure some people love these things.

Afoma, too cute.


8 Responses to "TTGMG: Afoma"

Wao. Afoma: 10 (9 actually) no go areas. But you didn’t state your tolerance level for each which is important. So that anyone that open his/er mouth with food in it ‘ll know what to expect. Maybe it’s a slap or a knockout blow..

Olumide, I tolerate everything on there, they all annoy me, but what can I do? We’re all humans 🙂

what about those who are good are talking about your ex’es??

[…] here. Did I already mention my TTGMG (Things that Grind My Gears) post on kemmiiii’s blog here where I basically talk about all the things that annoy me. So you see, my week seemed like it was […]

Afoma hun!!! You are like my best in this Kemi series!!!
Couldn’t stop laughing. Your sarcasm is the welcome type.
Muah muah muah!!!

Aww! Thank you so much! xxxx

Lmao!true….Nos 2 nd 3 irritate me d most!!!y wuld u be chewn like an idiot! nd yh i tnk dis is d best so far

[…] here. Did I already mention my TTGMG (Things that Grind My Gears) post on kemmiiii’s blog here where I basically talk about all the things that annoy me. So you see, my week seemed like it was […]

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