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My 3 Cents: On Happiness.

Posted on: March 20, 2013


My Three Cents is something I thought up quite a while ago but I didn’t end up bringing to reality because of my infinite laziness and the almighty time factor.

It is a space where I and other interested people air views/opinions on different issues.

You know how you want to air your opinion on a certain topic on twitter and the 140 character limit won’t let you be great? Yeah! Those kind of opinions. This is where I share such opinions. You can share yours too by emailing

Here’s What I think about HAPPINESS;

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln.

To many Happiness is a state of mind of well being. There are many approaches to happiness; psychological, philosophical, economical, medical and religious most especially.

As Far as I know, Everybody deserves to be happy. Everybody can be happy and it doesn’t take too much to be happy.

Since my parents’ separation which was a really dark time in my really short life, Depression was as good as my middle name. My plastic smile never for once gave me away.

You know. Looking good on the outside but the total opposite on the inside? Yeah! That kind of thing!

Nobody deserves such sadness, rejection or depression. I always thought happiness was a goal and I was always in the pursuit of happiness.

Unknown to me, happiness isn’t a destination. It is more like a journey. A journey that involves looking beyond the insufficiencies and all other irregularities and savoring the good things around you.


I tried to find my happiness in something. A forced smile didn’t bring me happiness.
I tried burying myself in one activity or the other. Books, Movies, TV, Anything fun; all to no avail!

Evidently, Happiness doesn’t come when you try to base it on something because anything that has its good side will surely surely have its downsides!

I know we’ve all heard the saying that goes; “Money Doesn’t buy happiness”
Some people went further to say ” I’d rather cry in my BMW than cry on a bicycle”
True! Better comfortable than poor.

Still. Money doesn’t buy happiness and this life is too short to be anything but happy! So I have learned to look past the things that are going off course and be happy with my present situation and pray for nothing but the best because my happiness depends on me! (Just Like Uncle Abe Said).



7 Responses to "My 3 Cents: On Happiness."

Happiness is what i always wish for. Everything else comes after it… Btw, first!!! πŸ˜€

Happiness is in stages nd phases.

I believe money can’t buy happiness truly but money (wealth) comes with its own kinda happiness cos happiness is all about the state of ones mind which is easily influenced by fulfilment and sense of accomplishment.
A poor man is an angry man. He lacks the basic amenities nd the lil’ things money can buy but the day he starts making money nd he’s on his path to riches, tho the happiness might be short lived, he will surely be happy.

Just like Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, until you attain a certain stage of happiness, you won’t wish or be concerned with an higher stage and that’s why a reasonable man once said “money cannot buy happiness but be sure you make a lot of money before saying such nonsense”.

My view is that when in a sad/dark moment, it doesn’t just go immediately no matter how you try. But after a particular period of time, you’re free. I takes time

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