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Med Diary 22: ObGyn + Ophthalmology

Posted on: April 6, 2013


Hi Lovelies!

Been a minute… I’ve just been around being lazy and being rendered ‘constantly tired’ by this BCS of a torture. Not to forget the ‘result hypertension’. Not the best past couple of days.

The Easter ‘long holiday’ was a highlight for me because I had a long time to get over the horrors of ObGyn. Not like i saw any horrifying thing, The stress was just out of this world! I don’t even want to imagine what’ll happen when I go for my junior posting.

Funny enough, I found ObGyn quite fun because I really got to apply myself and learnt to think on the go. I saw real cases being handled and even saw the height of patient’s bad behaviour.
As hostile as some of the doctors were, I learnt a whole lot and I’m proud of all the things I learnt.

Common things they say occur commonly. They really do. Fibroid for instance is one of the most common cases women present with in the gynaecology clinic. I never imagined fibroid to be so common but it is.

Ladies, get married early enough, have your babies early enough, this fibroid thing is real. Not like it is a killer but it is a common cause of Subfertility and sometimes; infertility.

That said, I totally see myself becoming a gynaecologist in the near future I’m just not sure yet.

On the Flipside, ophthalmology posting was a breeze and I learnt that there’s more to the eye than meets the eye. Eye conditions should be taken seriously as many systemic conditions that may be asymptomatic can
manifest in the eye.
Many people don’t know they have certain diseases until they visit the eye clinic.

This past week, I learnt the art of punctuality because of our supervisor. That man is a sucker for time and he keeps to it.

So much for one week.

On Friday, we were meant to have our GST 307 exam. GST 307 had to do with entrepreneurship and finance. We didn’t get a single lecture in this course we only registered and bought (I borrowed because it was too damn expensive) this mighty handout. I studied said handout in a day and didn’t end up writing the exam because the people at unilag’s electronic test centre didn’t have their shit together.

I start with medicine posting this week. I’m hoping it’s not hellish..

Hope you guys had a better past few days than I did.
Have a nice week.


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Where’s d post?!sis…

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