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Med Diary 23: Alhamdulilah!!

Posted on: April 12, 2013

You see guys, I’m a blessed child. I have benefitted from God’s unmerited favor (Grace) times too many to number. Many things God blesses me with, I don’t deserve but still he keeps blessing me.

Today for instance, I finished early from my Pediatrics posting and a few group members and I set out to the Student Affairs office to apply for our new student IDs when we saw our very much sought after results being pasted. There and then, I lost absolute control of my mind and body! I went cold! Cold stiff! My mind was torn between waiting till the results were done being pasted to know my fate immediately or to pursue the ID thingy and comeback to know my fate. I went with the latter anyways. I got an ataxic gait sorta and someone would’ve thought I had stroke. I was hyperventilating like hell.

Anywho, I got the ID thingy over with and came back and set my mind to accept whatever the notice board had for me…

Immediately I got to the board, I checked the list of “Students that Satisfied the Examiner in all Subjects” I made the damn list guys! I satisfied the examiners guys! My God of part one physiology pros did not fail me! I didn’t even bother checking my grades, all that mattered was that I passed.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had my mind set on at least two resists. I turned to hug my friend, Teju who was already shedding tears of joy. We cried together. Ain’t nothing better than having your friends pass too. Your joy will be complete even if you don’t share the same matric number.

I called my daddy and my daddy’s words were; “I’m proud of you baby! That’s my doctor in the making!”. I called my ‘The Loverβ„’’ (yes, I have a boo now) next and he couldn’t stop laughing because of how I was always lamenting to him how horribly I did in all my exams.

All in all, I had an awesome result by my own standards and I am indebted to God, My Friends, Boo, Family, You Guys (My Readers) for all the encouragement and support. I can’t appreciate y’all enough.

As happy as I am, My joy is not complete. Why? I have friends that have to retake one course or the other. Not because they deserve it or because they didn’t prepare well enough or because they are sinners but because everything happens for a reason and God has his plan and purpose for everyone! Some of them obviously prepared harder and prayed harder than I did but of course, God knows best!

I’m praying to God to grant them good success.

On the BCS front, I’m too souped to care!

I’m gonna be a doctor guys!
God willing!

I love you guys!

God has transformed this Girl’s Lab Coat into a Clinical Coat! Check it out! Peep the happy face too;



22 Responses to "Med Diary 23: Alhamdulilah!!"

Yaaaaaay!!!! Our Dokita

Congrats again Kemi!!! Ahh and you have a boo now πŸ˜‰

Well done!!

The tension of having just Bosun as an option to be my doc just disappeared.

Congrats love. On le boo and la exams.
Next time you gripe about fear of exams here, you are TOAST. Burnt toast!!!
Rather than gripe, remember!!! He has been faithful to you thus far. He won’t leave you now or then.
So ds second gen of d singles club, resigned!!!! Aha!!!
Drama queen
Congrats again dear. Doctor in the bag… Sooooon

Looooool. Thanks E!
I’ll try not to be dramatic anymore.

Congrats Kemiii! I am so happy for you! God indeed is good! Sincerely a big fan!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! very very happy for you. Dr Kemi

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! very very happy for you. Dr Kemi. amd this your boo that you didn’t tell us about

Thanks Lade!
Lol. Now you know about the boo. :p

Congrats Dr Kemmy, I wish others success @ d second shot.Now we can drink the PURE water

Congrats kemi!!!! @ least i ve 3 doctors now:D..ohh nd congrats on d boo too:*:*

Thanks My Law! :*

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Congrats…didn’t even know they’d released it, i would said my congrats stead of asking about being ‘natural.’ *enjoy*…and i suggest we do some ‘washing…’ (that wouldn’t be out of place, would it?)

Lol. Thanks. Washing is necessary.

Sent from my iPod

Can this said ‘le boo’ be uncle Maf? I have always suspected plus he didn’t comment on this piece….. He seems like one to laugh at your silly doubts even though somewhat adorable πŸ™‚

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