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Med Diary 24: Whoop! + Urgh!

Posted on: April 19, 2013

Whoop! Because BCS is finally over and Urgh! Because the exam is in Monday and I have to study for that.

Urgh! Again because it’s ‘relocation season’ in Medilag and this is one of the many ‘shits’ I hate the most. This is a really terrible time cuz there’s dirt everywhere and the whole of Medilag looks like a ‘Flood relief’ camp spin off. People are irritable and hoodlums are everywhere. This is the best time to misplace that your new blackberry z10 or even a bag of clothes. Nothing is too small.
I remember this same period last year, the dude that was painting my old room put my gold earrings and wristwatch in his pocket by mistake.

First of all, BCS. It was a wonderful experience to be quite honest, but I got tired of hearing the words ‘clerking’, ‘history’, ‘taking’, ‘general’, ‘physical’ and ‘examination’ to name a few because we practically learnt the same thing in every rotation just with some minor changes.

It has been a nice exposure to the clinics. Now I know what to expect from patients. When it comes to patients, there are many kinds of them; the angry, clueless, apathetic and the down right hilarious. My favorites happen to be the clueless and the down right hilarious ones. The hilarious ones most especially. If not for Doctor-Patient confidentiality, I would have told you about this 75 year old woman who could’ve passed for 50. That woman was nuts! Lol

With BCS over, it’s time for Junior posting; proper rotations and stuff! Can’t wait!

On to the hostel ish. The thing is that Medilag is a really small school and the school keeps on admitting students without putting the capacity of the hostel facilities into consideration. Classic case of biting more than one can chew. In a bid to cope with the increasing population, they’ve decided to increase the number of occupants in each room. For example, the room allocated to me is ideally a 2-man room but I have three roommates. This room is not bigger than a cupboard. Trust me. You can imagine my plight.

I’m not even happy at all.

To make things worse, I don’t even have a bunk to sleep on. Why? Because the previous occupants of my room claimed that there are no bunks in their new rooms because the previous occupants of their own rooms carried the bunks too. It’s a freaking vicious cycle.

Now, they’re trying to make us pay for bunks we’ve already paid for as part of our hostel fees! Total BS.

I’m tired! I’ve had the longest of days!

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

PS. There’s a PTA meeting tomorrow. First of its kind. PTA in a university. They sent out texts to all parents to attend. My father just notified me of his intent to attend. Thank God I don’t ‘scam’ him. It has ended for all the scammers out there. Lol.


8 Responses to "Med Diary 24: Whoop! + Urgh!"

Loool! Ds post is so on point! D moving ish is so annoying ehn! D previous occupants of my room have refused to move out and dy insist of taking away everythng in d room! Am sure dy would scrape d paint off d wall if allowed!
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LOOL. The ones in my room carried the ‘door lock’ along! Imagine!

My first time here! Wow! PTA in the uni! That’s hilarious! About the hostel, I experienced that wen I was in Unilag too. Can be really frustrating. Wish u luck dearie…

Thanks a lot! Visit again ๐Ÿ™‚

LOOOL@ the guy who took your earrings by mistake…of course!!..loool
i passed on the Liebster award to you dearie so pls check out my blog for details.
thanksand keep up the good job of blogging with a sense of humor

Lmao!!!nd i heard ur new hostel is nt a sight to behold:( pele…

Nothing to be seen my dear.

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