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Posted on: April 24, 2013


Boluwatife is my Little sister. I don’t talk about her because I don’t know her well. How won’t I know my own sister you may ask? Well, asides being busy with school and all, she’s always locked up in her Mother’s (My Step-Mum) chambers and out of sight. Except for the occasional Sunday when we go to church together or one random evening when her mother decides to keep her in sight.

Bolu was born on the 27th of August 2012. This makes her 7months and 27 days old.
She’s such a cutie too. This she gets from her big sister. 😉

I spent most of yesterday with Bolu and it was like we had known each other forever. It felt good.

I only got this opportunity because BCS is over and I got to spend a weekday at home. Also, her nanny was tired of her.

We watched movies on Afmag Youruba as she seems drawn to these Yoruba movies and has a certain aversion for cartoons which is quite strange. She watches Yoruba movies with rapt attention. We have to wean her of this very soon. Can’t be having a sister with the IQ of groundnut.

She tried to eat everything in sight. Everything except her own food. She even tried to eat her walker.

I said EVERYTHING. See her trying to eat my HDD.


And my phone;


When she finally ate her own food, she fell asleep in my arms. :’)

When she woke up, she started crying and I didn’t know what to do. I offered food. No. I tried singing but my voice was quite raspy because of my recent battle with a sore throat. She still didn’t agree. I broke into what I call ‘azonto’. She stopped crying and started looking at me like ‘TF does she think she’s doing?’ Lol. At least it worked.

Don’t worry Bolu, we get our two left feet from our daddy; I trust you’ll be as bad a dancer as I am.

Today is another day, can’t wait till my Step-Mum goes off to work! It’s Bolu and I again!20130424-082535.jpg

20 Responses to "Bolu"

Awwww. She’s tooo cute! 🙂

Thanks! She gets it from me 😉

she is soooi cute. I have a baby brother that I don’t see often too

Cute bolu. Cute aunty.
Enjoy ur two minutes of being a mom.
Btw did u ditch ur ward coat for a bib? Loool

Thanks E’.
Lol. I hung the ward coat. Just till Monday.

Lmao! she’s so cute!nd tis nt 4rm u!…i hope she learns to dance better dan u:p

Hi Hater! I hope so too sha.

LMAO!!!!@IQ of groundnut!…hehehe..kemi oooo…is that how much u hate afmag?..LOOL…
look at me talking like i ever bother watching the station..

Lool. You see. We can’t have that.

So i have 4 sisters, …..sigh. And only one brother, well 2 if you count Gbeminiyi. Middle child sucks.

I like how you’ve accepted your new little sister. Gbeminiyi counts as your brother. You can count me too. Seeing as I’m on a low cut.

That girl could easily pass for your daughter. It’s a good thing that I can read (and write). LOL.

Awww such a cutie! Enjoy the time spent with her, they grow up (and independent) so fast lol xx

Mama Bolu, who told you that you’re cute? Let me just say this ‘as cute as Bolu, as portable as mama bolu’ #okbye.

Pls, let her stop the africa magic and don’t introduce her to indian movies, cos indian movies is the reason why our generation is looking for ‘sweet and playful love’. Rather, introduce her to them inspirational channel, daystar or one cube.

How won’t she cry when u didn’t give her breast to press and suck… Even though you don’t lactate everybody loves breast.. Trust me

lol. uncle Maf is right, TBN all the way.

nice one Kemi.. mama Bolu …. was in smiles all through..

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