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Med Diary 25: Junior Clerkship

Posted on: May 7, 2013

Hey People + New Readers (I’ve been getting a whole lot of traffic lately; Heaven knows why).
I’ve been really lazy/broke of late and I’m just here being useless to myself and to my immediate environment. I also just got off my bed not too long ago (16:45) to get water to have a bath and I met a pretty girl at the tap. She told me she had read my blog. This reminded me that I had past time after all.

Well, you can’t blame me; I picked up scandal and I can’t become useful till I finish watching it. This has to be pretty soon because school officially starts on Thursday.

On Thursday, I start junior clerkship which lasts for 48weeks with rotations in Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obs & Gynae, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Radiology and Ophthalmology. Apparently it’s gonna be a looooonnnnnggggg 4th year. So much for ‘lounging’. I’m not sure what rotation I’m starting with because the time table isn’t out yet. Not like I’m anxious to start but God knows i’ll like to start with Obs & Gynae and get it over with. Shii is tough and I need the spirit of ‘initial gra gra’ to get through it.

The next few weeks are posing to be long and difficult because they will most likely involve lectures, ward rounds, clinic sessions, grand rounds, theatre sessions, calls with associated tiredness to boot.

So yeah,
That’s my cool story.

P.s. I’m still torn between ending my education at the MB;BS level or pursuing a post graduate in Surgery or Obs & Gynae. Surgery has the upper hand already though. But what surgery exactly? I have no idea.

Maybe I’ll get a husband that’ll egg me on to become a specialist seeing as I gotta write countless papers to become one. Or better still become one of alike dangs’ concubines. Jk

Maybe I’ll specialize. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll write countless research papers and become a Professor. Maybe I won’t.

But, Prof. Kemi Windapo sounds good. Don’t you think?

What aspect of Medicine do you think suits me?

Have a nice week people!



11 Responses to "Med Diary 25: Junior Clerkship"

Hi Kemi, I’m a hardened reader of ur blog buh I’ve never commented on here b4…………… So I think u performing surgery is kinda sexy for me. *winks* #okbye

Hmm… If/when you became a professor, you’d very unlikely still be a Windapo. Maybe a Toxic…

Spent d whole night going through ur blog reading ur posts of this year. Its interesting knowing ur travails in medilag, but I’ll gladly trade places with u cos Unilorin is one true hell. Good to find a medical student blog. Gonna read all ur posts!

I think u knw d answer to what u want in life. infact, we all do and so just look into ur self and talk to God abt it and u’ll get d answer I assure u…me I wnt mind u doing obs and gyn o, hehehe, altho a lady surgeon isn’t bad @all
Look @me coming to gv u advice wen I was prepared to come and drag. U to attend to d liebster award I gave uu!!!!!oya drop dt Scandal award and come and ansa ur questns chap chap…

well, the good thing is u’r nt writing any major exam at the end of the year: Your silver lining. lool.

Plastic surgery! 😀

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