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Ajasa’s Tales (1): I’ve got it! – The Secret of German Machine!

Posted on: June 24, 2013

My Pops; Ajasa as I fondly refer to him is a traveler. He takes his time out every year to travel and he loves it.

Here’s a Story he Sent to my mailbox and I thought I should share.


As soon as we were referred to the German embassy for Schengen Visa to Portugal, it occurred to me that it could be an opportunity for me to visit Germany for the first time and exploit the opportunity it may offer. Pronto I got in touch with a colleague, a German, I met 2 years ago at the Conference of IFRS, International Federation of Rural Surgeons to which I belong, that took place at Eruwa, Oyo state. The guy assured me of and arranged a guide for my one day tour of Frankfurt.

My night flight to Frankfurt on Friday, the 14th June was uneventful and right on schedule. The aircraft, an Airbus A330-300 was comfortable with adequate leg room and filled up and the cabin crew, very courteous and caring. To my greatest surprise, not up to 10 of the over 300 passengers actually entered Frankfurt, to the effect that on my way to passport control area, I felt lost despite the obvious and unmistakable directional signs.

The expansive Terminal 1 was looking deserted, perhaps because it was early hours of Saturday. But then I had been in even Nairobi early in the morning to talk less of Amsterdam Schipol. I started to wonder what kind of people are these Germans!
On my way out to London yesterday however, it was a different kettle of fish. The airport was somewhat busy with no black man in sight. I started feeling like a fish out of water.
To the credit of Germans, I must remark that Frankfurt airport is the most automated airport I have visited to date, even up to baggage drop. You hardly see any counter officer except for a few helping people like me who may have difficulty because of first time use. Very soon technology will drive everybody out of job, I wondered! Or is it another German miserly gimmick! I started remembering the “visa palava” again!

Getting my bag took no time and I was out of the terminal building to find what my cab driver described as a beautiful weather. Days before it had been disturbingly rainy! I decided to take a cab to minimize my headache with language in describing my hotel. The driver, a middle-easterner, maybe lebanese, started speeding like someone possessed even as he was telling all sorts of stories. This breath-taking speed forced me to literarily beg him to slow down when the speedometer read 240 kilometer! You can imagine his accent and mien in telling me that in Germany, there’s no speed limit especially when you are on autoban meaning highway, which looks and feels very much like the tartan race track of our famous Liberty Stadium in Ibadan.
In no time we got to Meninger Hotel, about 25 kilometers from the Airport at the periphery of the city Centre. Close to it is Main Convention Centre, a massive structure comparable to the Mc Comic Convention Centre in Chicago!

Hardly had I settled down did my guide, Dave, a dry, unfriendly looking but business-like young man came with a bag from my friend Dr. Kholner. I quickly changed and set out for what I thought was going to be an interesting outing. Dave took me in a sparkling Audi A8 which he claimed was a gift from my friend. Taking me around was like a pay back time! He was such a useless guide that I had to make up my mind to release him as I was the one asking questions some of which he was unable to answer satisfactorily about a place of his birth! What a shame! I wondered whether it was deliberate. The guy was just driving me sluggishly round and round the beautiful and clean city of Frankfurt. I discharged Dave with a Thank you note on my complimentary card to my friend.

By 1pm, I was back in my hotel and trust Naija man! “We no dey carry last” I decided to make the best of my stay! I hired a bicycle for 12 Euro to look around the developing suburb of Franfurt. My bicycle was equipped with an ergometer. I could calculate how much calories I was burning and what distance I had covered! I had a wonderful time cycling round the well paved roads of Main and its environs. I covered about 22 km all together in about 3 hours.
I went round some developing areas and to my amazement, Strabag was the only familiar name I saw on a few of the many gigantic building and civil engineering projects going on there!
The almighty Julius Berger that holds sway in Nigeria was nowhere to be found! I then started thinking. Could it be that JB is not known at home? Or could it be that it is holding sway in Nigeria because it “speaks the language” of corruption better than the others? Let the clients tell us!

I was about to sleep when I now remembered that I had not checked the contents of the bag sent by my friend from a remote village off Hamburg. On opening the box, I found a note which reads:

“Dear Dr Windapo,
As discussed, please find these items which have proven efficacy as the “secrets of German machine” which you craved to have. (LOL)”——–

Please when next you see me, ask for the secret! It will be given for a fee! It is professional!



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3 Responses to "Ajasa’s Tales (1): I’ve got it! – The Secret of German Machine!"

Ah! No speed limit in Germany? Home!

Ssshhhhh! I’m going to Gernany and there’s no telling mum that there’s no speed limit out there.

PS: help inform dad that I can be a better guide than Dave and I can function in any part of this earth, the next earth and even the earth b4 this earth. Thanks.

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