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Ajasa’s Tales (6): Vengeance and Ineptitude in Governance and law of Karma!

Posted on: September 3, 2013

My dear beloved,
For fear of being a bore and for avoidance of repetition, I refrained from reporting my trip to Esie in the State of Kwara(in Aregbesola’s parlance) in the last few days but for what I watched on a mid-week news Panorama on NTA! How I got watching the program was like ordained because in the first place I’m not a television person and if I must listen to news it will not be on NTA. Secondly It was an awkward time as I was supposed to be getting ready to go for Rotary fellowship.

I have made three trips to Kwara in the last one year and I did report one of them, the first that took me to Ijagbo Offa where PP Lai Abidoye buried his father-in-law. All the three trips were energy sapping as they were backache inducing for the roads that are in a terrible state of disrepair!
The second trip was to celebrate the 80th Birthday of my brother and friend Tunji’s father, Chief Oyeyipo who also prompted my third trip to celebrate his transition to glory and home going shortly before he clocked 81. With the announcement of his death in June,I started sharing that funny belief that 80th Birthday Celebrations serve as samples of funeral ceremonies with the exit of the Celebrant and in effect an assurance for a befitting burial. And hence, the Celebrant gets an earthly assurance for a Glorious Home Going. The home call is invariably a question of when. And usually before the next landmark birthday! Pa Oyeyipo got his call rather promptly!

With my experience of the first two trips , I tried to make a choice of the most advantageous route. Esie is just next to Ooro which in itself is along Ilorin-Jebba road. There are three options from Ibadan. The first and the longest is to go through Oyo, Ogbomoso and Ilorin. The other two routes pass through Oshogbo. The shortest now takes you through Ikirun, Okuku, Offa and AJase-Ipo. Unfortunately, the Kwara aspect of this route up to Ajase is a disaster! Rumour has it that the PDP government in Kwara refused to attend to the road as a way of dealing with the ACN-believing people of Offa! Politics of Vengeance! The third route is as “smooth” as the first but very long making it an Isrealites’ Journey! I’m a Nigerian making a pleasure trip, time is always of essence! It will take one through Oshogbo, Ora in the north eastern part of State of Osun and then Ekiti State and Ooro/Esie!
I settled for the shortest with my mind made up to contend with the rough stretch from Erin-Ile through Offa to Ajase-Ipo.

I’ve dealt with Lagos-Ibadan bit of this trip in a previous write up and nothing has changed to date. However, my ride from Ibadan towards Ife evoked a feeling of anger as I remembered the misnomer of awarding the contract for the expansion of the Ibadan-Sagamu half of Lagos-Ibadan expressway to the same inept contractor, RCC that performed the mess that Aregbesola Government is clearing now on Ibadan-Ife road!

Branching onto Gbongan-Oshogbo road, there are visible and palpable signs leaving no one in doubt that Aregbesola is there to work and is working! I wonder what the opponents have to say when his own campaign office gave way to road expansion within Oshobgo. It is all for the common good! The smoothness of the roads within the state of Oshun, a departure from the past, enhanced my enjoyment of the beautiful music filtering out of the Bose Hi Fi in my wagon and making the long trip generally enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the messages of late Apala maestro, Ayinla Omowura. He eulogises and reminds me of the great contribution of General Mobolaji Johnson,rtd to Lagos state vis a vis rent edict of 1971. He does the same of Obasanjo in foiling the Dimka coup of February 13,1976 even with the loss of Muritala Mohammed! It is almost unbelievable that in this same Nigeria, a room had been rented for seven naira per month in Lagos! A subtle reminder of incredible naira devaluation over time!

The first sign of my entry into Kwara state was the presence of combined military and police checkpoints! A pleasant surprise however greeted me: all the gullies and rough spots of last year were gone. I started wondering what caused the communal strife that brought about the military presence. It dawned on me that this is another state being governed by a PDP Governor- a theatre of confusion!
From Offa to Ajase Ipo, it is the same old song of rough and dusty roads! Why is Offa, the second largest town in Kwara and host of a Federal Polytechnic, suffering this neglect? Rumour has it that its ordeal is political in origin. The people of Offa continue to associate with the Spirit of Awolowo, an anathema in PDP books and a thorn in its flesh, who had an able lieutenant in Olawoyin, an illustrious son of the soil. A recent court pronouncement for deposition of their ruling monarch, who is single-handedly transforming the town stucturally and creating jobs, may not be unconnected with this vengeance!
Politicians especially of Nigerian stock are superlatively vengeful. I heard Ikirun and Okuku suffered a similar fate in the hands of Governor Bisi Akande, the Chairman of ACN and leading promoter of APC, for not sharing AC ideology! Very unfortunate! One would have expected Oyinlola, however, to take care of Okuku, his home town, in his days but this was not to be. What a disappointment or disaster. This is why I will forever respect Aregbesola who has righted the wrongs of his predecessors of opposing or antagonistic ideologies! To me he is a great leader, a Ghandi of some sort! May Allah grant him long life in good health.

Ooro, the town through which you link Esie, is thinly populated but with an unbelievable skyline! I cannot understand the rationale behind the sighting of magnificent but empty buildings that are so notorious of the town! The owners are either taxi drivers or traders in building materials, wrist watches and clocks in Lagos, Portharcourt or Jos. These Ooro indigenes are very proud and sure of of taking care of any situation with their wealth and hence the cliche “owo ni o je” literarily meaning money will solve it. Esie on the other hand is known for its historical stature! It was in Esie that a whole village was magically transformed into stone! The relics to confirm this story are scattered all over the town and are also in the National Museum there located. I have a tendency to contest this assertion of magical transformation with the theory that there could have lived in that environment some great artist/ sculptors of some unknown civilization! Ephesus in Turkey came to mind! Up till now Archaeologists are still excavating parts of the town buried underground.

A former deputy governor of Kwara state, Pa Oyeyipo’s home going service attracted a large crowd with heavy presence of Kwara state government officials past and serving! I had a good time at the reception which paraded good music food and drinks a la all you can take!
Don’t ask me how and when I got back to Lagos on a weekend of Redeem/Nasfat/Mountain of Fire confusion!

I was still contemplating weather or not to do a write up on this trip when fate got me to the waiting room of my clinic where I was fascinated by this NTA news program showing a long queue of sycophants who went to sympathize with the first lady, Patience Jonathan on the loss of her mother! While I sympathize with her too, I’m reminded of the story of the mouse who frantically warned his colleagues of a looming disaster but was disregarded only to pay dearly for their apathy! That the old lady died in a fatal road traffic accident is an irony of fate? The Yorubas in their unparalleled wisdom have a saying, ” ko si arowa fun eni ti kile-kile pa iya re” with literary translation that there’s no need to pacify a person whose mother was killed by a roller(used for road compaction)! Is it that the roller is speeding or its noise is not enough? Death is a debt we all owe! How, when and where we’ll pay are the questions we cannot answer. But nobody wants to die violently or gruesomely. And this is why we all need to do good and be seen to be doing good especially when we are in the public glare. This is one of the key responsibilities that come with power and authority. Ineptitude in any form is an anathema.
The Jonathans have had and still have everything at their disposal to minimise road mishaps. It is most unfortunate that the worst roads in the country are the Federal roads most especially in the South-East, South-West and South-South except where the state Government takes it up! I’ve travelled far and wide enough to make this statement of fact!
A similar situation was witnessed when armed robbers laid siege on the nation some years back. It was not taken seriously until Iyabo Obasanjo’s convoy was attacked leading to the death of some innocent souls! This is an incident that the Adeifes will not forget in a hurry.
In my micro environment of Bariga sometime in 1995, I had taken the pain to warn the occupants of a building, where there was a deep well without a cover, of impending mishap. This warning remained unheeded until about a year later. A grandson of the landlord, came on holiday from the north, not used to the dangerous terrain, fell into the well and died!
This is a country where anything goes and people are not accountable for misdeeds and life means nothing. The landlord will rot in jail in some other climes!

I hope someone will drum it into Governor Ahmed of Kwara’s ears that the law of Karma is still in operation! Whatever goes round comes round! Like that proverbial mouse, I am warning of looming disasters and I pray that the price of apathy will not be too much for us to pay!

I am Windy. I have spoken and no regrets!

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… he had to brung up that empty buildings reputation of Oro! -_-

Kemi, why aren’t you writing anymore?

I’m quite busy at school. 🙂

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