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Posted on: November 11, 2013

Imagine the [Nigerian] Blogosphere;


Personal blogs like mine, Music Blogs, Food Blogs, Techie Blogs, Literary Blogs, Natural hair Blogs, Linda Ikeji’s Blog (LIB) and Linda Ikeji Wannabes.

Linda Ikeji is my idol! I love how she instigates a lot of stuff without setting herself up. She throws her readers in a limbo, gets views, gets clicks and ultimately gets paid. Brilliant!

Today is not about Linda Ikeji or her minions, I’m on about Linda Ikeji Wannabes and ‘New Generation News/Gossip Bloggers’. I deleted my twitter because someway, somehow, they managed to invade my timeline with all their twitter feed. I dunno how that did it but they grew like weeds with thorns. So many and so annoying.

All of them, obviously hungry for views, obviously hungry for clicks on ads pasted all over their blogs and these blogs without content.
They go about manipulating headlines to lure you into reading drab articles, irrelevant news and all what not.

There was this particular one that broke the camel’s back; I wish I could name this particular blog. Sha, the post was titled “So So and So’s ordeal with a Lagos Big Babe” gleefully, I added the link to my Pocket (Read It Later) thinking that I’ve found correct gist. Only for me to open the post and be very disappointed because the article and the title were like two opposing poles! No correlation!

I was appalled!

I begged The Lord to hold me! He did!

I wonder what happened to writing legit articles, publicize without constituting a nuisance because flooding people’s Timelines only makes them disgusted and repels them from your website. It doesn’t make any sense to draw people to your website under false headings. It’s dishonest and annoying!

Asides the lies, the news they report? So not news worthy! You’ll see stuff like;
-Wizkid’s Girlfriend’s Eyelash Falls off. [Pics]
-Check out Tiwa Savage’s New Nail Polish. [Photos]
– Banky W misplaces signature hat. [Video]
-Toke Makinwa Switches Up Accent + More [audio. mP4. MP3]

And in emergency situations when there are news flashes and stuff, if you visit these blogs at the same time, they would’ve published the same story, No jara or Fisi. THE EXACT SAME THING. Not one comma will be missing. Copy and Paste Journalism I call it. They don’t even verify sources, look into how true the stories are they just go on to post the same thing like a blind population where there is even no man with one eye to reign over them.

No iota of journalism.

It’s a sorry case and it saddens me..

It’s such a shame how people now pride themselves as Journalists/News bloggers because Internet is cheap, to own an internet accessible device is cheap, wordpress and blogspot are free, to own a .com is relatively cheaper, ASUU went on strike for too long and the Unemployment rate is really high.

So we see, not everybody deserves access to the internet and to blog is not by force!


10 Responses to "Blog! Blogger!! Bloggest!!!"

So basically you just came to para.

Aii cool.

I miss you.

Basically, this category is for paraing. 🙂

True. But u shouldn’t have deleted ur acct now, unffing those peeps like I plan todo usually does the trick. Talking abt journalism, the use of english “gbagauns” and tenses are even wrong mosttimes. And d gists they give wit d dumb headlines. Sadly, there’s nothing we can do but to tolerate it. Poor journalism in our blogosphere has come to stay 😦

using bait headlines is so common. it only annoys me when there’s no correlation at all

asinnn ehhh, they make people miss important news. Because you just begin to ignore all links you see.

Would the unnamed site be Ynaija? Lol. They are defo not wannabes and they are mostly good but what did it for me one day was when i saw ‘LAGBAJA FINALLY UNVEILED’ and I happily clicked only to be disappointed… Kai.
Wizkid gf’s lashes falls off is EPIC lol
Pele hon… Unff would have worked better than delete. Except you had other reasons for leaving Twitter… maybe addiction lol.
I recall looking for you frantically on Twitter once.
Anyways, I have missed ur blog. Lemme back up and enjoy your last posts. How is medilag coming along. My best wishes Hon…

Lol. Y Naija is def not a wannabe site. But all those misleading headlines? No No
Medilag has been good to me how have you been?

I’ve always wanted to write this but somehow you’ve done justice to it.

I also did delete my twitter cos of that, even your friend who isn’t a blogger would be twitter feeding. This life.

Everybody now writes for the Google adsense and adwords, no body has any form of conscience anymore.

Even ynaija isn’t left out, jacking people’s articles without first contacting them, then adding a line of credit and charge N250,000 for adverts on their website.

I just wish we could have some form of regulatory agency to check this, but alas, this is Nigeria; even if there was one, it would still be as messy as it currently is.

Well, thank God for the blogs that still write original content.

Linda Ikeji should just start a franchise model for her blog =D…

Most bloggers are not good writers and they don’t claim to be one…In the .com era “Amateurs are allowed to shine only” – Lanre Aina

“Amateurs are allowed to shine online” rather

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