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MNA on the Path of Self Destruction

Posted on: November 16, 2013

My Pops writes so well, I think I’m just gonna open a blog in his name instead of letting him steal my shine. This post was obviously from the bottom of his heart…

I am in the medical profession today because of my
admiration for the art and science of the profession. I was
very sickly as a little child in Lalupon and still retain
the vivid memory of my frequent visits to Dr. Okonkwo who
had a spacious compound where he was attending to us! He
must have been a quack from his recommendation of enema for
every sick person. I got to know of use of enema following
the use of some worm expellers in Medical School and before
then I found the use of enema a common practice among the
Ibos to sanitise their gut just as they also believe,
till today, that you can use the drip to wash your blood!
All the same, Dr. Okonkwo was very dilligent in his duty and
some us are alive today by his grace. He was my first
inspiration for medicine. “Maku”, a potent hepatotoxic,
nephrotoxic and neurotoxic concoction was the only subtitute
to his treatment.
If there is anything that I remember happened in the wake of
the civil war, it was the sad and sudden disappearance of
Okonkwo and his entire household. His vast compound was left
to dilapidate.

In my early days (1974-76) at Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan,
my occasional visits, on our outing days from the boarding
house, to Alexander Brown Hall, hall of residence for
Medical Students at Yemetu reinforced my inspiration. My
cousin Dr. Fola Ajiboye was then a clinical student.
There was marked difference in the environment and the
conduct of medical students when compared with other
students in University of Ibadan.

As a practicing doctor, I found a mentor in Dr. Oluyombo
Awojobi, a practical, pragmatic and highly principled
surgeon and the motivator, founder and force behind Awojobi
Clinic Eruwa, ACE, in the Ibarapa Division of Western
Nigeria. He is a force to reckon with in Primary and Rural
Surgery the World over. Among those things that endears this
colossus to me is his integrity and deep respect for the
Hippocratic Oath! He also has a lot of respect for tradition
a la Yoruba!

Nigeria Medical Association, our main professional body and
a trade union of some sort is one body I must confess that I
have found difficult to understand its role especially
lately. Is it a regulatory body in which case it will be
usurping the powers of the Medical and Dental Council of
Nigeria, MDCN?
Is it an investigative or law enforcement body like SSS or
the police? Is it a whistle blower or informant to the

Since I became a doctor,I have not seen any significant mark
the NMA can point to that it has made either to the benefit
of the doctors or the health sector in general other than
incessant strikes that have never achieved any of its goals.
A toothless bulldog, it has no control over the militant
NARD. Most embarrassingly, the board of MDCN remains
dissolved for over two years and NMA is comfortable with it!

I have aways seen the NMA executive as a platform to seek
political recognition and posts. It is never surprising that
the crop of trade unionists in the executive hardly put
together a practice that can benefit other doctors.

When in May 2013 or thereabout, I was told that NMA ventured
into “investigating” Dr. Awojobi’s practice,
I knew it has set itself on a path of self destruction. While the
result of the investigation was not made known to even
Awojobi himself, the aim of the visit was already being
drummed by the enemies of progress! It was not surprising
therefore to read two days ago that NMA deposed to an
affidavit that it had found that Awojobi had not renewed his
practicing license for ten years and was therefore handed
over to MDCN Investigative Panel. No mention was made of the
tremendous positive contribution of Awojobi’s practice to
medical profession in terms of training, research,
innovation and service delivery! This is a clear case of
witch hunting! One Dr. Ana, in his write up surreptitiously
referring to Awojobi could not hide his feeling.

Of all the evils plaguing medical practice and the health
sector in general, this is the only issue that has
gained the attention of NMA. Happily enough, it is not an issue bordering on integrity, malpractice or negligence! I wonder how many quacks have
so been reported by NMA or is NMA myopic to this worrisome
issue bedeviling our society?

While I’m not out to hold brief for Awojobi who must have
his reasons for failure to renew his license, NMA should be
seen to be on the side of the people! I wonder what
the vast clientele of ACE, countless beneficiaries,
including my humble self, of its benevolence and pragmatism
can rise up to do in defense of the saviour of a vast rural
community, an advocate and defender of Primary Healthcare
per excellence and a true “Nigerian Surgeon” renowned
globally . While NMA may rely on the Court of Law, the
Peoples’ court is waiting to judge while the court of God is
preparing as the final arbiter!

How I wished the NMA executives had subjected this action of
theIrs to Rotary’s 4-Way Test and see what the score
is. This is definitely an ill wind that will blow no one any
good! If anything, it will only serve to expose the pettiness
and treachery of those we are trusting with leadership and
bring to the fore the fast rising stardom of Awo J.

This is a litmus test for NMA and Medical Profession in
Nigeria. The music, albeit melancholic, has just started, we
shall see who dances better!

Olubayo Adesola Windapo is my name. My friends call me
Windy! I have spoken and no regrets.

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Enema- Passing of liquid through the anus to aid evacuation of the gut
Hepatotoxic- Harmful to the liver
Nephrotoxic- Harmful to the Kidneys
Neurotoxic- Harmful to the central nervous system

PS. I’m looking forward to Sometime next year when I’m gonna be learning at Dr. Awojobi’s feet.
Hopefully, the NMA would’ve cut the BS by then.

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