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So I’m writing a letter to a past me;

Dear 9 year old Kemi,
I know how sad and lonely you are with Bayonle and Auntie Seun away in boarding school and Mummy and Bolaji staying at grandmother’s. You don’t understand why all this is happening but not to worry, it’ll become clear to you in no time. Trust me.
Being the new girl at school sucks I know but just keep smiling, the other kids will welcome you with open arms in due time. Don’t even worry about school work because you’ll be acing everything like no man’s business even without studying. You have it in you. The awards and the friends will come.
Don’t forget to read your book of bible stories. When you go for your BMJS interview, you’ll realize how important this is. Your star question will most likely come from there and you know that you have to wow the interviewers if you really want to be close to Bayonle.
Oh! You hit your chest on the wall! I know how painful that can be. It’s only a phase it’ll be over pretty soon and don’t be shy to ask daddy for a training bra. He’s your daddy after all.
Try to overcome your shyness. Keep smiling and don’t forget that joy eventually comes in the morning.

Lots of Love,
19 year old Kemi.

Whoop! Made it to the end! I appreciate you guys for following me on this 40 day long journey.
I appreciate Uncle Maf, Uncle Deolu, Bobs, Niro, Dami, Toyin, Olatoxic, Mofe, Nelly, Tosin Adedipe, Afoma, Headbobba, Moh, Punkenstein, Oraibi, Iamillskills, Codi, Bode, Yeweezii, Stephanie, Yemi Johnson, Malota, Mae Gregory, Esse, Leelee, Abisola, Sewa, Zubair, itune005, Lambamba, Arogz, Miss Shade, haticool10, Emjay3000, Obafuntay, Opeolu, Kelechi Kemnele, Sewa, Tolani, Jhymy, Kenny, Morgzy, DankarO ShintO, Dolapo, Daminozide, Eziaha, Dateicenonle, Missphareebabe, Adonye, Olaosebokan, Deadeurunmilade, Coolprince. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. This is why I don’t like naming names. And yes! Lowkey readers. I appreciate y’all too.

Anywho, I really really appreciate you guys for the comments likes and all. Some of you can like to use the comment box instead of pinging me or DMing me with your comments. *side eye* the comment box works. Try it.

You can email me at if you have any suggestions or if you want to be a guest writer. You can also follow me on twitter; @TheLazyMedic

I may have to shun blogging for a while because my calendar has become something else. I’m starting my finals on the 18th of Febuary and I also have about 6 incourses before then. The next couple of weeks are not looking pretty at all.

I love you guys!
Toodles! xx


That’s just me earlier today on a field trip to UAC in Marina.

Three good things that have happened to me in the past 40 days include;

1. I got to spend a quiet Christmas with my family; The first of its kind and I couldn’t have asked for better. I also got to see 2013. It’s a testimony.

2. I finally got a new Hard Disk Drive; I was passively saving up for it for a long while.

3. You guys kept coming back to read my posts. I love you guys.

Last day tomorrow! Whoop!

They say growing up is like being drunk; Everybody remembers what happened except you.
Not exactly true because I remember some stuff from my childhood. Selective Amnesia if you will.

All the things I remember are not in chronological order but my earliest memories include;

1. When my parents traveled and left a bowl of meat for my brother, two aunties and I. We ate all the meat and sang praises. We were just jumping all over the place till NEPA restored power.

2. Every time daddy came back from work that we ran to him screaming ‘DADDY OYOYO’ why? I dunno.

3. Eating coco pops for the first time. Americana wonder. “Aunty Taye what gave you the sense to make this sweet food?”

4. This one time, Bolaji climbed the stereo set to reach the house phone. He picked up the phone, spoke gibberish into it and threw the receiver down.

5. One time at our neighbor’s (Aunties Titi and Nepe) church, people were going forward for something (altar call maybe). Bolaji ran to the front of the church with these people and the pastor laid hands on him. He came back and said his first words; ‘Aunty Taye I want to wiwi’

6. At one birthday party, there was a dance off; boys vs. girls. I couldn’t move my two left feet to save my life. They boy I was paired with was like a Michael Jackson protege. I was just there making some awkward arm movements supposed to be makossa. I earned the name ‘Aganran’ that day.

7. First time I went to my hometown; Lalupon. There was an alligator in my grandfather’s house. Biggest scare of my life.

8. The first time we were traveling, Bolaji put his hands at the end of the escalator. BURN!!!

9. When our dog (Abacha) bit Bolaji and Bolaji bit Abacha back. The boy has always been a tyrant. Lol.

10. First molue ride. Parents had traveled and left us with Aunty Taye and Uncle Kola. Apparently, Uncle Kola tried to rape Aunty Taye so she threw us inside the molue and ran off to Grandma’s. I also remember that she didn’t have money she begged all the way to Oko-Oba.

11. When Aunty Taye fell into the pit that was behind our house. I wonder why the landlord failed to seal it up.

I should remember more but the brain needs rest. All my memories seem to be about Bolaji sef.

PS. We had two aunty Tayes; Aunty Taye Pupa from Mummy’s side and Aunty Taye dudu from Daddy’s side.

I had the most fun writing this. #Memories. 😉


It wasn’t my forte and it still isn’t.

I’m wondering how I made it through secondary school and I remember that my Maths teacher (Let’s call her ‘Mam Las’) always set the examples she thought in class as examination questions. With that, you’ll think one will be acing all the exams. Not me.

Maths seemed to come easy to everyone else. Why only me?

The numbers and the algebras were just in over my head. I was always the one having to make corrections or dub assignments because the ones I tried to solve myself never rhymed with the answers at the back of the text. Such an airhead.

So I had this ‘thing’ for a boy that was in my class JS1 through JS3 and he was a Maths Wiz. I’m talking the crazy kind of person that’ll get a B in Maths because he was too busy studying to get an A in furthermaths. That good.

Said boy started putting me through maths starting from SS1. It was a gradual improvement because the euphoria of sitting down beside boy did not let me learn properly. 😀

With my basic maths knowledge, I still excelled in the sciences because when Maths is an issue, you expect physics to become an issue and you sure as hell don’t expect me to offer Furthermaths because I don’t know the Maths yet how will you expect me to further the maths?!
So, to concentrate on my maths, I opted for Physical Health Education (PHE) in the stead of further maths. People thought I was crazy; I just couldn’t risk that red ink staining my report sheet.

Everything turned out well at the end of the day. I aced both my Cambridge O’Level and WAEC. JAMB too and I made my way into the university. No hassles!

This is me appreciating Mayowa Okulate. My personal genius. Thanks.

Also, Shalla to Mam Las and Mr. Aj for Show. Mam Las for making maths bearable and Aj for just being there. #POKO#

Have you had/do you have any problem like mine?

January 2013, I have really changed as a person.

As at January 2011 I was 17 and I had spent the whole holiday trying to convince my mother that instead of studying a random science course in the University of Capetown, studying medicine in the University of Lagos was best for me. I just didn’t see myself studying anything outside medicine. Like I said, I was 17; now I’m 19 and the number one decision maker in my life.

I may still be naïve but I sure am not as naïve as before. I have grown to learn a whole lot about friendships, love, boys and life in general.

I used to sleep like no man’s business. Now I can’t sleep for more than 10 hours without feeling guilty. Even though med students don’t deserve sleep because med students are supposed to study for 26 hours out of the 24 hours of each day; weekends inclusive.

I’m more aware of God’s presence in my life. God has done so many things I cannot comprehend and said things cannot obviously be done by my own power or might.

Physically, I think I look malnourished compared to how I looked before, I had less stuff to do but now I have so many things to do that everything tells on my body. Weight loss, More acne, fatigue, insatiable appetite. I eat like a cow being fattened for Sallah and the only difference between the cow and I is that the cow actually gets fat and I just stay the same skinny girl. People wonder how I eat so much and not gain weight other people are envious of me for this.

Also, I had long hair but it started breaking and now I have short hair. My make up didn’t go beyond lip gloss, I now use my signature red lipstick and eyeliner.

Yeah. I didn’t really care about what I wore. I just woke up every morning and looked for something that didn’t require ironing. Now, I try my best to look my best and I take my time out to iron my clothes even though the clothes may not look ironed at the end of the day. I have to keep this up because clinical years are around the corner! ^_^

No drastic change here.

Whoop! We’re almost done! 3 days to go!
Thank you for sticking around.

TV Shows.

I cannot just mention “one of my favorite TV shows” because I love all my TV shows with the love of the Lord.

I download almost everything Lancer has to offer. If you dunno Lancer, you’re most likely not a series junkie like I am. They brighten my boring life.

So My Favorite TV Shows in no particular order include;

The Big Bang Theory (BBT). People that don’t like BBT can’t even be friends with me. How can you not love Sheldon Cooper and his antics? Pure unadulterated humor. I’d keep on watching even if they go as far as 50 seasons.

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). This show is getting annoying but I keep on watching it! I just can’t help it. Barney Stinson keeps amazing me and I really want to know who the mother is.

Pretty Little Liars (PLL). It’s annoying how I find this show annoying and stupid and I keep on watching it. I even rejoice when I’m downloading a new episode. The solution to these girls’ problem is very simple: TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH. But no.

The X Factor US. Very emotional Show. I develop emotional attachments to my favorite contestants. I currently have a crush on @VinoAlan. Can’t get enough of Simon Cowell’s remarks either.

Arrow. It’s pretty new. Nothing special about it. I’m just getting to like it. It is based on the fictional Green Arrow.

Guys With Kids. Also a new TV show, not so spectacular.

Ben and Kate. Another new TV show. Very basic.

Gossip Girl. The writers of this show are a confused lot. I was disappointed by the finale.

Suits. Sheer Awesomeness. Please, this isn’t about the suits people wear. -__-

Homeland. As the name implies, it’s about the US Homeland security and the war on terror. Really engaging but someone has to put a leash on Carrie Matherson.

Alcatraz. This is one show I love but it ended after the first season. You should wiki this show. I love the idea behind it.

Family Guy. Just for gags.

South Park. Stupid, Funny and Blasphemous. That’s exactly why I watch it.

Scrubs. Funny + Medical. How will I not love it.

CSI Miami. Too much CSI made me consider a career in Pathology. It still sounds like a good idea. Medical forensics. B-)

I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, Nikita, Merlin, Game of Thrones and other series people seem to be fascinated with. No genuine interest.

I also have to get around to watching House, 24 and some others that were ‘in’ when I wasn’t interested in TV shows.

What TV Shows do you watch?

It’s important.  But not necessary beyond a certain level.
Let me explain;

If it was up to me, Education up to the SSCE level was going to be compulsory.  I believe the basic knowledge from Secondary School is enough for people going into non-professional occupations. What is the need of getting a university education and ending up on the factory line? No need.

To be totally honest, going to school is not for everybody; some people just don’t have the capacity and I don’t believe in flogging the living daylight out of them just to make them learn. If they had it in them, they will excel naturally. If you look at people that turn out to be the stereotypical ‘olodos’, you’ll notice that most of them have other talents. For example, there was this boy in my class back in secondary school. He was 22 by the time we were graduating.  Tell me if that makes any sense to you (Even though people say it’s never too late). This boy just made it through by ‘let my people go’ when he could’ve been somewhere rubbing shoulders with the RVPs or the Kanyes by now because he was a really good footballer and a good rapper too.

I know you’re tired of hearing this, but look at Albert Einstein that teachers called dumb. He’s a science great.

Richard Branson is dyslexic. He dropped out of high school.

Bill Gates.

Roman Abramovich is also a college dropout. He’s a billionaire.

Many daddies that didn’t see the four walls of any school but are learned enough and providing for their families sufficiently enough.

I can go on but I’d rather not.

Isn’t it finished when Phd holders can apply for a job to be a driver? After all that education, one will now be driving lorries up and down the interstate. That wasn’t the plan. The universities keep on churning out graduates (Legitimate ones plus the ones that cheated through/paid through in cash or kind) and there are no jobs for them. It’s sad to see a graduate becoming a cobbler. If I knew I was gonna end up as a cobbler I would have sat down patiently and learnt the trade with all my heart instead of wasting away in one University.

Even though it’s not my headache, When people say they’re studying things like Marine Biology or Physics I always wonder, where are you gonna work? Ota Farms?

Aren’t you convinced to drop out yet?

AH. Uncle Maf you haven’t dumped them Kaplans yet? Okay.

The ones that even amaze me are the ones that have already ‘made it’ and just decide to go to the University because they just want a degree like a degree is one fashion item. I cannot blame them though, it’s the Nigerian mentality.

If I didn’t gain admission into the University, I’d probably have gone to learn a trade. Maybe sewing. People are making it that way.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to fulfillment. Maybe fulfillment for one is to be carrying SSCE, BSc, MSc, LLb, FACE, BPharm all over the place with nothing to show.

It all depends on you.


Dyslexia. Impaired ability to learn to read.

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  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
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