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David wants to start his own blog and thought I should share this poem on my blog first.
I found it quite amusing. Enjoy;

    Kpafucation of Naija

As I walk through the market, I stop and stare.
I see the market women bleaching but they are still not fair.
The youths of today have gone astray
Blame it on the wind, it blows our conscience away.

Get rich or die trying ‘yahoo-yahoo’ scheme
Perfectly executed better than a spielberg film.
I guess its our payback for what they did to us
120 naira? what a toll on us.

Looking at the end of the tunnel but still no light
Electricity is such a luxury; what a plight
They say he without sin should cast the first stone
I think he without sin should cast the first vote.

The rulers are a reflection of the masses
What’s a palliative? We want more buses.
Oil money fuels our thoughts
But no petrol to fuel our trucks

Citizens taking laws into their own hands
While others sit and watch in the stands
Alleged crime, don’t beat and kill him like a ‘malu’
Oh no, my heart goes out to the victims of Aluu.

David-Clay Onah.


So you’ll know I’m still alive, I give you a beautiful poem by the beautiful Farida Jinadu she blogs at


Trust Issues.

I’m not perfect
And I don’t pretend to be
I face the reality of my life
And take my flaws for what they are

I know my strengths
And weaknesses
I take criticism well
And I try to be good

The one thing I am unable to do
The one thing that should come easily
The most important thing
Is to trust unconditionally

I’m completely unable to do it
I’ve tried so many times
And failed woefully
Because when the chips are down
The only person I trust is me

Another one from Banji;


I remember my very first experience with the black hole

My feet trembled as I hastily put on my rubber to ease the flow.

I’m all in the groove ready to strip the new catch of its innocence

lying helplessly and waiting for me

I slid in calmly to avoid hurting either of us.

the pain soon permeates as I keep thrusting my feet

Eventually I had to give in releasing my catch of my hold cos we just did fit.

Watcha thinking?.

An experience with a new shoe.

Lolbee Art.

Hey y’all.
I’m introducing a new Category…
Not poetry by me; Poetry by two good friends of mine. Banji and Oumisaa.
They are Med Students like me.
Today I bring you Banji Olokodana Banji.
Money is like a prostitute.
She’d go home with anybody as long as you are promising.
You need not be good-looking.
She gets to your bedroom and expects you to rock her wildly
Should you shrivel like a eakling
She be your goddess and ride you like a weakling to the ground.
She’d be up and you’d be down.
Little wonder she passes you by the next time
Big players treat her like shit
Use her and throw her pay on her
They respect her cos she satisfies them but they don’t show it. Making her beg for more though they’d have asked too.
She pleads and moans under their grasp for they sure know how to handle her.
The other night I saw her pass by the sissy for the big gun cos he knows the game.
Money is a bitch
You can’t afford to love too much or too little
Either way she knows but how you rock her decides your next meeting.

Lolbee Art.

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  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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