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People that know me really well know that I love Fela so much! I’m his biggest fan! Fela is like my spiritual pops..Yup! I love him like that! I got to love Fela cuz my parents ‘jammed’ Fela alot when I was little…Note that I wrote ‘jammed’ cuz that was in the past…My pops grooves to P-square and the likes more than I do..It’s quite annoying cuz sometimes he gives me updates on the latest songs..He wants to be young by force sha!

Did I mention that I first heard Flavour’s “Nwa Baby” In his car…Im talking September last year..T’was the driver that explained the concept of the song to me…If you dunno the song, or the concept of the song, Im so sorry I cant help you In any way cuz your last carrying is just legendary!

I deviate alot..

Fela! Is the reason why we are here..I dont really have a reason for writing this but I felt like so here I am!

Fela died on the 2nd of August 1997 (ie 13 years ago..i guess)…’They’ Said he died of Aids. THEY LIED! IT WAS A CONSPIRACY THEORY  *side eye* at Ota’s biggest bwoi* he knows what went down..

Im not happy that I forgot that today was his remembrance I would have put together something much better..Im even feeling worse cuz I wore my Fela Shirt courtesy @nonso_hysteria of Beats colthing (holla at him 😉 for yours) and it did not even occur to me that the next day was his remembrance 😦 O well I blame it on school!

For y’all who dunno Fela (these people deserve the gas chamber BTW)  Im gonna put up his Brief Biography and a Discography of my favourite songs that I recommend.

Brief Biography.

 Fela was born  In Ogun State, Nigeria On the 15th of October, 1938 ( He woulda been 73/72  now)..His mother as Olufumilayo Ransome-Kuti (y’all know her from social studies..first Nigerian woman to drive a car) and his pops was Rev. Ransome-Kuti…His brothers Okiloye and Beko Ransom-Kuti…Wole Soyinka was his cousin..

Very rebellious child…they sent him to London to study medicine but he studied Music instead…I guess the height of his rebelliousness was when he dropped Obasanjo and Abiola’s names in his hit track “ITT” I really loved that part..

The story of how he started his music and all is really long..If you’re really interested read it here

I said i was gonna be brief! Didn’t I?

So here are my favourite should download them..

1. Sorrow Tears & Blood (1977)

2. Army Arrangement (1985)

3. Lady

4. ITT (International Thief Thief) (1980)

5. Coffin For Head of State (1980)

6. Colonial Mentality

7. Yellow fever (1976)

8.  Confusion Break Bone (1975)

9. Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986)

10. Zombie. (1976)

11. Shuffering and Shmiling


PS: When I turn 18, I want someone to take me to the shrine!! #lowkey my pops won’t know! I can get HIGH legally! ^_^


Source: Wikipedia

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