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You see guys, I’m a blessed child. I have benefitted from God’s unmerited favor (Grace) times too many to number. Many things God blesses me with, I don’t deserve but still he keeps blessing me.

Today for instance, I finished early from my Pediatrics posting and a few group members and I set out to the Student Affairs office to apply for our new student IDs when we saw our very much sought after results being pasted. There and then, I lost absolute control of my mind and body! I went cold! Cold stiff! My mind was torn between waiting till the results were done being pasted to know my fate immediately or to pursue the ID thingy and comeback to know my fate. I went with the latter anyways. I got an ataxic gait sorta and someone would’ve thought I had stroke. I was hyperventilating like hell.

Anywho, I got the ID thingy over with and came back and set my mind to accept whatever the notice board had for me…

Immediately I got to the board, I checked the list of “Students that Satisfied the Examiner in all Subjects” I made the damn list guys! I satisfied the examiners guys! My God of part one physiology pros did not fail me! I didn’t even bother checking my grades, all that mattered was that I passed.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had my mind set on at least two resists. I turned to hug my friend, Teju who was already shedding tears of joy. We cried together. Ain’t nothing better than having your friends pass too. Your joy will be complete even if you don’t share the same matric number.

I called my daddy and my daddy’s words were; “I’m proud of you baby! That’s my doctor in the making!”. I called my ‘The Loverโ„ข’ (yes, I have a boo now) next and he couldn’t stop laughing because of how I was always lamenting to him how horribly I did in all my exams.

All in all, I had an awesome result by my own standards and I am indebted to God, My Friends, Boo, Family, You Guys (My Readers) for all the encouragement and support. I can’t appreciate y’all enough.

As happy as I am, My joy is not complete. Why? I have friends that have to retake one course or the other. Not because they deserve it or because they didn’t prepare well enough or because they are sinners but because everything happens for a reason and God has his plan and purpose for everyone! Some of them obviously prepared harder and prayed harder than I did but of course, God knows best!

I’m praying to God to grant them good success.

On the BCS front, I’m too souped to care!

I’m gonna be a doctor guys!
God willing!

I love you guys!

God has transformed this Girl’s Lab Coat into a Clinical Coat! Check it out! Peep the happy face too;



Hello Lovelies! I missed y’all too. :*

So… The good news or the bad news?

Meh… I don’t have any good news. The fact that I’m done with my exams would’ve been good news except for the fact that the outcome of my exam (result) is really uncertain/unpredictable and I literally have my heart in my mouth. The thought of resitting any paper scares the shit out of me. Not to talk of the thought of repeating the class. The amount of bullshit I wrote in the exam didn’t even help matters.

I have faith in the same God that helped me pass my Part one physiology; I didn’t make an atom of sense in that paper but I still passed. You see, there’s a God and this God is ‘my God of Part one physiology pros’ that is gonna help me somehow.

More bad news, School resumes on Monday. I’m starting my Basic Clinical Skills (BCS) training. No Holiday. The agony. If I did really well in my exam, I probably won’t be feeling bad about this.

Automatically, Majority of ‘After Pros‘ plans have been put asunder. #Bummer.

Some More Bad News, My Blackberry gave up on me two days ago. Life without quick access to the Internet really sucks. Anyways, goodbye to the struggleberry I’m getting me a new phone that costs less than 20,000 Naira. People that read Kemminy Snickets know why.

In a nutshell, the last two weeks of my life have been two really horrible cum emotional weeks for me. I realized that I’m actually stronger than I think I am because I actually lived through these two horrible weeks. After my Pharmacology paper on Monday the 4th, I made up my mind not to sit for Pathology on Tuesday the 5th. I sat for all my papers even though I was at the brink of giving up. Thank God for good friends.

Part Two Pros/ Second MB/’Path and Pharm’ exam is an experience of a lifetime and I don’t wish for anyone to experience it twice.

I’m going to give a testimony in church on Sunday. I just have to.

So, the next time you see someone that has gone through ‘Path and Pharm’, you have to dobale (____O_) for the person whether the person passed or failed because that Ish is not beans.

I’m off to get some more rest.

Hope I get the zeal to blog and officially appreciate DankarO ShintO and Damilare for my Liebster Award.


PS. I’m still accepting TTGMG posts. Mail

“Have you seen Pitch Perfect?
“No. After Pros”

“What do you want to do to your hair?”
“I dunno yet. After Pros”

“Help me straighten my hair Abeg”
“No. After Pros”

As pros draws nigh, “After Pros” appears to be the common lingo.
Pros appears to be like some thick black cloud that we have to fight through to be liberated.
You practically put every other aspect of your life on hold and become a Read-Eat-Sleep for an hour or two Zombie. Nothing matters more than the books.
The guilt comes naturally to you when you’re doing anything asides reading. Eating and sleeping inclusive. See me blogging.

I’ve made a list of the things I have to do after pros.

Finish Puzo books. I have acquired every other Puzo book since after reading The Sicillian. can’t wait to read them.

Take Care of my hair. When I cut my hair, I really didn’t have a plan for it. I am growing it back; that’s for sure. But into what? I have since decided to ‘go natural’ for as long as I can handle it or till I get Nse Ikpe-Etim’s hair.

20130221-023841.jpg that’s hair to kill for!

Organise my iTunes library. When it comes to my laptop and iTunes, I am very Obsessive-Compulsive. I like everything in folders and I hate desktop icons. I just like my computer to be hard for nosy people to pry.
I love my iTunes with the songs correctly named and stuff and with the appropriate album art. All those ‘tooxclusive’ album arts hurt my eyes that I have to go through a lot to get the appropriate ones. Right now my iTunes is a mess. It hurts.

Clean out my locker.

Give out old clothes.

Fix my iPod screen. My iPod screen cracked some time last year and i was heartbroken simultaneously. I’ve been managing it since then. On Monday, as I was crossing the access road on my way to class, it fell again and the screen is not pretty to look at.

Get more epubs. I recently discovered the beauty of epubs. Thanks to Uncle Deolu.
I’m going to be hunting people down to copy all the epubs they own.

Visit the Dentist. When I was in JSS2/3 I had a cavity filled. Recently, I ‘borrowed’ someone’s gum and as I was chewing said gum, my filling fell out. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Get Vaccinated. As a medically-inclined somebody, I’m sad to say that I still haven’t gotten vaccinated for Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma Viruses. I’m going to get to that before I start my clinicals (By God’s grace). If you haven’t been vaccinated, I suggest you do the same.

Learn Graphic Design. it’s something I really want to do. Because I want to stop stealing pictures from google images and I want to stop begging my graphic-designer friends that are always doing shakara for me when I ask them for favors.

Sleep. I get almost 5 hours of sleep now and I still feel sleep deprived.

Buy Asun.I’ve been craving Asun a lot recently. Not like i’m not always craving Asun. I’m just too lazy to take a walk to V-lodge to get me some.

Decongest My Blackberry. Blackberry and Hanging. Just like 5 and 6. By the way, I’m proud to announce that my blackberry is 10 months old. People that know me well and people that read Kemminy Snickets will know why this is newsworthy.

Go to Fela’s Museum. The museum opened recently in Lagos. Really can’t wait to visit it.

Relearn Minesweeper. I used to be really good at minesweeper. I wonder how I lost it.

Visit A Herbalist. I have to visit a herbalist to get different oils for my hair. I hear natural oils work really well.

Blog. Before my first MB, I gave up blogging and it took my a while to get my ‘zeal to blog’ back. Still trying.

Basically all what I’m itching to do. Can’t wait!



Professional Exams.

The Big Guy.


Whatever you choose to call it, it’s one exam with different names.

2nd MB they say is the most difficult exam you can ever write in Med school; scale through and you practically have med school behind you. I can already feel the heat. 2 weeks of exams back to back starting March the 4th.

Before med school, exam time was my favorite time but now that I have exams (incourses) practically every other day, I dread exams.

I wrote my last incourse of the session yesterday. It was in Bacteriology. I don’t wanna talk about it because it happened to be one of the worst exams I’ve ever written. Hope it comes out good.

Earlier this week, incourse results in Pharmacology were released and I got the surprise of my life; I actually did better than I expected. Not excellent. But good. I thank God.
Of the 16 incourses i wrote, my results have been consistent enough and I have 3 unreleased results left.

With all that behind me, It’s on to the big guy. 23 days to prepare for 5 major courses but I’ve used my Friday night to lounge; Been watching Suits, shared a reminiscent moment with Dami, Ayodele, Toyin, Teni and Ruqayyah just after searching for stuff on Dealdey, Looking through Bella Naija weddings and Tiwa Savage’s proposal among other things.

Studying starts tomorrow… Oh I have an Owambe ๐Ÿ˜€ on Sunday and I plan to make the best use of my time.

Pray for your girl people.

The past few days for me have been horrible! Horrible doesn’t even exactly cut it!

I’ve been living like a lifeless zombie more or less.

They want to kill us!

‘E don be!’

The thing is that this session is supposed to last for 9 months but we’ve spent only 7 of the 9 months and they’re trying to make us write our finals before the stipulated 9 months because the college is running behind schedule.

Making us suffer for the management’s inadequacies.

My present dilemma;

Pharmacology incourse on Monday. They just brought out a list of topics from the previous incourses that are gonna surface in the incourse on Monday. Plain evil.

Microbiology department. We were scheduled to write our third incourse before the second incourse and they just can’t seem to make up their minds. Haphazardness.

Our finals are slated to Start on the 18th of February. That’s a month from today. We’ll be writing incourses till the 14th and the University rules stipulate that we should have at least a week lecture-free before any major exam. We have just 2 working days.
We had to file a petition for postponement because that arrangement is *sigh*
Some people failed to sign the petition. Trust me to sign for them.

Something appears to have died in the AC vents in my class. The stench kills.

LUTH Phenomenon; No Light, No Water, Mosquitoes. Sleepless nights.

With all the incourses in sight, I can’t take my time out to revise for finals.

Some lecturers come to class and disseminate 150 slides in an hour. Not sure what form of lecturing that is.

Community Health Department insists that we prepare presentations for them. Like we don’t have enough on our plates.

Knowing fully well the kind of pressure we are under, some lecturers don’t deem it wise to give us notes.

Some of the ones that give us notes just come to the class to read out their Powerpoints to us like we can’t see or something.
Some others just come to talk to themselves.

I had a spat with a Lab Attendant. She kept on hammering on the fact that I disrespected her because she’s short. Height issues.

They want to kill us!

Field trip to LAWMA. Too pissed to enjoy it because we first went to Lagos Island to pick up ONE person before heading out to the Landfill at Ojota. Waste of my precious sleeping time.

Pharmacology Lab hasn’t ended. Like we haven’t had enough.

I still don’t get the idea behind epithelia. I stay cramming them.

The Lab Reports keep on coming!

On a normal day, when there’s no light, I’ll have gone to charge my phone under the tree at COMPSSA for 50 bucks. Right now, I really don’t care.

I’ve lost all the holiday weight I managed to gain.

No proper sleep. Any sleep is guilty sleep.

Classmates stay oppressing.

I bought a text only to discover it had an e-format afterwards.

I still don’t get histology. All I see is pink. Purple on some other days. The lecturer keeps pointing at Neutrophils, Cancers, calcification and all sorts. I don’t see nothing. Maybe I wasn’t born with histological eyes. Who knows?

I cannot come and die because of book.

Anyhow, I can’t let these few weeks of tiredness and sleeplessness hinder me from greatness.
My driving force right now is the fact that my immediate seniors are already in their 4th year of Med school.

Daddy do it for your girl. Help me overcome these obstacles and let me dump this my Lab Coat in exchange for a Clinical coat.


Most satisfied? Now that’s hard.
A time When I’m satisfied has to be when I have no worry in the world and I have a balance in all the spheres of my life.
That’s me in recent times.
That’s also me during my Cambridge extension back in 2008.

‘Cambridge extension’ was something we did in my secondary school in preparation for Cambridge GCSE O’ Level; We had the Cambridge curriculum alongside our normal WASSCE/NECO curriculum.
Even though Cambridge extension equalled no summer holiday for me, I made the best out of it. Probably the best summer of my life.
I discovered how fun it was to study, I made many new friends, I had so much food to eat, I was acing all my tests; I even got the highest physics scores and physics wasn’t my forte. Biology was.
I think its just the way the Cambridge curriculum is; it Increases your willingness to learn. I wish our WASSCE could have been like that.

Oh well, after such a good time and so much money spent, I came out with all distinctions in my six courses. This was probably the highlight of my six years in secondary school.


PS. We’re already half way through, thank you guys for always checking back. ๐Ÿ˜€

PPS. The world is probably gonna end tomorrow. Have you ironed your aso ebi yet? #HeavenLoading


Hi beautiful readers,
You’re having a better Friday than me I trust. Yeah you should.

Seeing as I just got screwed over once more.
I just finished writing my Epidemiology first incourse and it was very iffy. T’was like the notes I studied were for a different course.
I think I underestimated the Community Health department a little. I admit; I didn’t study too hard but trust me, I studied. I knew all I had to know, crammed all I had to, practiced all I had to and ended up feeling like a block head in the exam hall. How does that happen?

They set us up with 40 questions with a negative mark for each wrong question. License to fail.
Out of so many notes, only 40 almost impossible questions.
To make matters worse, I forgot my calculator and some perpetually angry short man announced; “Borrowing Of calculator is not allowed”. Chopped and screwed.
God will judge that man that didn’t let me run out to get my calculator.

Leave everything to Jesus; Jesus take the wheel.

Initially, I thought I was the only one that got murked. Many BBM updates brightened my day. In a weird way. See for yourself;

Took the words right out of my mouth;


Simply angry;


The deities were invited;



Some other updates;








When I write exams like these -that make it seem like I didn’t study- I thank God that I slept the night before.

Anyways, it’s on to the next one! Those Pathology PowerPoints can’t study themselves.


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