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2012 was on really short year and there I was thinking 2011 was short.

This was a year full of so many happenings that almost every moment was a Kodak moment.

In 2012, I learnt the following;

  • Never trust anyone that goes about telling people he didn’t have shoes. Suspect behaviour.
  • Never underestimate your talent. It comes naturally and someone somewhere will appreciate it.
  • Struggle! Struggle!! Struggle!!!
  • Chances are you are not your boo’s boo or better still your lover’s lover. Know your place today
  • In a conflict between your brain and you heart, follow you brain the heart wasn’t made for decision making anyways.
  • You don’t have to be alone to be lonely.
  • Don’t let insults get to you. This is one of the secrets of a happy life. Say my forehead is like a parking lot, I’d still smile with you.
  • In an exam, when you don’t know shingbain, don’t give up; just write what you know. Let it be confident rubbish. I’m a living testimony; I did it and it worked.
  • Happiness is the ultimate thing. If something/someone doesn’t make you happy, leave it.
  • D’banj = Modern Day Moses.
  • Milo isn’t truly the drink of future champions.


  • Don’t rub your happiness in other people’s faces.
  • There’s a limit to the number of ‘Amens’ a Nigerian president can say. Right? Jonah?
  • Reuben Abati’s job; defending the indefensible.
  • Masturbation is not a sin.
  • Nigerian pastors need jets to get closer to God.
  • Study! Study!! Study!!! = Bang! Bang!! Bang!!!
  • Music is medicine.


  • The NBC is so clueless; be banning cool jams and shii and be overlooking the actually lewd songs.
  • The social caste system has no limits. Even on twitter we have the TBH twitter and LWKMD twitter. Where the TBH twitter claim upper class status.
  • In all your dealings, don’t be a learner.
  • Uppercut of Life.
  • Sarkodie Lied; Money na problem.
  • Most short people are chronically angry. Look around you; height issues.
  • Never diss Nigerians. Let the Ghanians relay their ordeal; all the black jokes that came after were killing!


  • Never forget to ‘pass the mic!’
  • DKB.
  • Lowkey is the best key.
  • How Gullible people are: Power. Enter.
  • Familiarity really does breed contempt.
  • #Penetration.
  • Money Talks, Bullshit Walks. Thanks D’banj.
  • Fela remains the realest G. No one can take his place.


  • Nudies. Never ever trust them with anyone.
  • Dammy Krane has to come to med school to see that O actually le re body.
  • Use words like Plebian and Umbrage. They make you sound cool.
  • When you’ve been involved in a twi-drama and you want to revamp your online persona, all you need do is to go on a hiatus, change your handle, bio and just act like nothing happened.
  • Side bros really don’t mind being side bros. They get the boyfriend perks without carrying out any boyfriend duties. #winning
  • Real Gs don’t make noise about being Real Gs
  • You have to know your selling point.


  • Fanta is the drink of champions. I don’t care what you guys think. All that Fanta bashing can’t faze me.
  • Sarcasm yato si stupidity.
  • If you ain’t giving it right, she’s gonna go elsewhere to get I right.
  • Twitter banter is incomplete without subs. In as much as subs make the banter fun, apply the
    @ button. @ a nigga today.


  • Obama confidence > Confidence.
  • Never. Never. Add your mouth when lovers are fighting.
  • Twitter gets realer than real everyday.
  • Things change. People change. Everything is dynamic.


  • The elephant never forgets; so does twitter.
  • Side Chicks are underrated.
  • Dancing.
  • Bintin l’aye.
  • A cups. Love? They don’t get none
  • Our God has a sense of humor. Say what you mean when you’re making your requests.


  • Set P with but don’t date anyone off twitter.
  • If you think it, It’s most likely gonna happen.
  • Those Mayans were either high on some really good trees or they were highly misunderstood.
  • EOL no dey look face.


  • Nipple Check. Always. No one has time for wardrobe malfunctions.
  • When someone sends you a nudie, share it with everyone you know; it’s the only noble thing to do.
  • People living in Ikorodu and Festac are the real heroes.
  • About Expectations. Don’t expect too much.


  • Never. I repeat. Never. Ever. Download a Tonto Song. My BIS went off after downloading one.
  • Oyedepo Slap < Bouncer Slap
  • Ikokore is the food of the gods.
  • Mushy couples become annoying when you’re single.
  • Twitter people despise certain things because certain ‘twitter gods’ despise said things. Get a mind of your own.
  • In everything you do, never be Pacquiaoed.
  • Being sleep/pacquiao is sometimes better than sticking to one side of the fence. You don’t need to have an opinion all the time.


  • The single life isn’t as bad as it seems. Not all the time.
  • Self-confidence is key.
  • Smokers are liable to die young. My grandfather, a chain smoker for close to 45 years died at age 82; pretty young.
  • Nothing wrong with being humble.
  • Stupidity has no limits.
  • Trust Nobody. Not even yourself.
  • Overthinking has no benefits.

Yemi Kujorejhytr

  • Nothing remains hidden forever. There’s no secret under the sun.
  • You’d eventually get over your first love.
  • Don’t get carried away with instagram filters.


  • Many new dances. Etighi. Azonto. Gangnam style. I only dance them in front of my mirror.
  • You need to whip out that ‘inner bitch’ sometimes.
  • Once in a while, observe chill;  have a chill pill.


  • Nigerian Journalism is dead. Copy and Paste is the new journalism. That’s how some bloggers and some professional BC composers threw a BRT bus full of people into the Lagoon.
  • Dubbing pays off.
  • All fingers are really truly not equal. S/O to the Regulars and VIPs at this year’s Koko Concert. If  you know what I mean.
  • If you really have to photoshop please do it right.


  • God provides for his own. Always.
  • It’s okay to judge. Sometimes.
  • Don’t assume. Asking questions really doesn’t hurt.
  • Any phone without internet access is a stone.
  • I really don’t wanna what Olliyu looks like if Davido’s girlfriend i really fresher than Olliyu


  • In case of tweet jacking, the tweeter with the highest number of RTs is the real tweeter.
  • You haven’t arrived till you boyfriend starts giving you monthly allowance.
  • Really. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
  • Being fashionably late never goes out of style being on time doesn’t hurt either.
  • Even a week old fetus can have a net worth 100 times yours.
  • GEJ is to blame for everything. Did your beans burn? Yes. Blame him.

Yemi Kujore _ Black Distrikt™(1)

  • One minute equals one hour when you’re studying but when you’re having fun, time decides to ride in a gulfstream.
  • Always be thankful. No matter the situation.
  • Be attentive. When a guy says he wants your waist he really wants nothing but your waist. Someone give Yvonne Nelson a bear hug.
  • Nigerians shouldn’t be allowed to use photoshop. The ‘bad behavior’ pictures I saw this year ehn.


  • The difference between its and it’s. I’ve mixed them up my whole life.
  • Laziness pays off. In the present that is.


  • #POKO# . Even though we dunno what it really means.

Just for kicks.

Toodles. x

PS. Now that I’m thinking about it, People that attended this year’s Koko Concert are the real heroes. Those in regular especially. 




People that know me well + My Readers that have been around for a pretty long while already know that I’m gonna go on and on about Fela. Yes. I loved afrobeat before it became cool to be Afrocentric.

Fela is my favorite musician.

I mean, what’s not to love? Dude’s a LEGEND! He was an Activist in his own way. I only wish he didn’t die the way he did and when he did. He should’ve been around to sing about all the bullshit that’s going on in this our blessed country. I can imagine what he’ll be singing now when he was singing all that when the country was relatively good.

If you ask me, I’d say Fela was a Nostradamus in his own right because his songs are still apply. Very much so.

You shouldn’t be surprised that I like BlackMagic too. The musician that is. His music reminds me of Fela and he is just different. Just like I made my roommates in year 1 know/like Fela, my present roommates are already undergoing the ‘BlackMagic-Loving’ conversion process.

Its even funny how I’m a Fela fan and I’ve never been to his shrine or his new museum. I just need someone to take me. Lol.

Because I love Fela so much, I’m going to use my first paycheck as an House Officer (intern) to buy his complete works. I was originally planning to use the money to send my father to Jerusalem but he simply laughed and said; “There are many trips to pay for” when I suggested it to him.

Yeah. There you have it;

Fela! Is my guy *in Ice Prince’s voice*

I did a #40ThingsAboutMe post last year. I just went through it and many things about me are not the same. This girl is all grown up. :’)

This is a revised edition of that old list. Obviously, so many things are gonna be cut out.

Im a Med student…oh…you should already know this 😀

I used to be really really shy..believe it or not but now I’m kinda like the loudest mouth you’ll ever meet. Some people still make me shy.

I worry a lot…I’m still trying to curb this. It’s like the bane of my existence.

I used to love school until Med school happened.

I love God..He’s my Daddy. He always answers my prayers even though I only go to him when I’m in need. Something I’m not proud of.

I recently typed ‘OUTREASH’ instead of outreach. Damn those Ibadan genes!

I’m a music hoe! I can listen to almost anything as long as it sounds good.

Before my Biochemistry 3rd Incourse, I had never failed any exam in my life.

I have a very good sense of humor. And I like people with the same.

I used to know a lot of mundane facts that no one really cares about but now I’m just redundant.

I’m Fela’s Number one Fan.

I’m becoming a sapiosexual and I like it.

I’ve been loverless since April 2012 and I’m having the time of my life even though people choose to taunt me about it.

I love watching TV series. I can jump on almost every one except some like Nikita and Vampire Diaries.

Oh yeah. I’m Lazy.


A bucket list is a list that contains the stuff you wish to achieve/do before you kick the figurative bucket.
I know many of us saw that ‘The Bucket List’ movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson if I’m right.
I haven’t given my bucket list so much thought but now that I’m thinking about it, what are the things I really want to do before I die?

1. Go Bungee Jumping and Skydiving. I’m not an adrenaline junkie or anything but I’d love to try them out just because.

2. Visit as many as 50 countries on all the continents. Traveling is one of my favorite things but I can’t travel as much as I want because I don’t earn any salary. So I appreciate whatever my parents do for me. My daddy is a frequent traveller and he visits at least 3 new countries each year. We call him ‘Ajala’. When I start making my own money, I’ll travel to so many countries and I’ll make sure I visit all seven wonders of our beautiful world.
Pilgrimage inclusive.

3. Feature In The British Medical Journal. The British Medical Journal is known as BMJ. It publishes research, clinical reviews, recent medical advances amongst other things. It would be such a feat.

4. Write A Book. And get it published. I wrote one really cool story book that never saw the light of day. My art teacher just shoved it aside. I’ll try my hands once again.

5. Be A Newspaper Columnist. Just because its what the cool people do. I’ll like Tunde Fagbenle’s spot in ‘Sunday Punch’.

6. Host A Radio Show. For more cool points.

7. Go on an African Safari. This is in line with my travel plans.

8. Learn at least 2 new languages. Spanish and Italian are the first ones on my mind. I picked up a little Italian while reading John Grisham’s ‘The Partner’ or was it ‘The Broker’? One of them sha.

9. Call one of the people searching for love in the newspapers. I really dunno why.

10. Buy that Fela Thingy. There’s this compilation of the complete works of Fela that is on sale for about 40 thousand Naira. I plan to use my first paycheck as a House Officer to buy it.

That’s all I can think up for now.
New additions will be updated later.


People that know me really well know that I love Fela so much! I’m his biggest fan! Fela is like my spiritual pops..Yup! I love him like that! I got to love Fela cuz my parents ‘jammed’ Fela alot when I was little…Note that I wrote ‘jammed’ cuz that was in the past…My pops grooves to P-square and the likes more than I do..It’s quite annoying cuz sometimes he gives me updates on the latest songs..He wants to be young by force sha!

Did I mention that I first heard Flavour’s “Nwa Baby” In his car…Im talking September last year..T’was the driver that explained the concept of the song to me…If you dunno the song, or the concept of the song, Im so sorry I cant help you In any way cuz your last carrying is just legendary!

I deviate alot..

Fela! Is the reason why we are here..I dont really have a reason for writing this but I felt like so here I am!

Fela died on the 2nd of August 1997 (ie 13 years ago..i guess)…’They’ Said he died of Aids. THEY LIED! IT WAS A CONSPIRACY THEORY  *side eye* at Ota’s biggest bwoi* he knows what went down..

Im not happy that I forgot that today was his remembrance I would have put together something much better..Im even feeling worse cuz I wore my Fela Shirt courtesy @nonso_hysteria of Beats colthing (holla at him 😉 for yours) and it did not even occur to me that the next day was his remembrance 😦 O well I blame it on school!

For y’all who dunno Fela (these people deserve the gas chamber BTW)  Im gonna put up his Brief Biography and a Discography of my favourite songs that I recommend.

Brief Biography.

 Fela was born  In Ogun State, Nigeria On the 15th of October, 1938 ( He woulda been 73/72  now)..His mother as Olufumilayo Ransome-Kuti (y’all know her from social studies..first Nigerian woman to drive a car) and his pops was Rev. Ransome-Kuti…His brothers Okiloye and Beko Ransom-Kuti…Wole Soyinka was his cousin..

Very rebellious child…they sent him to London to study medicine but he studied Music instead…I guess the height of his rebelliousness was when he dropped Obasanjo and Abiola’s names in his hit track “ITT” I really loved that part..

The story of how he started his music and all is really long..If you’re really interested read it here

I said i was gonna be brief! Didn’t I?

So here are my favourite should download them..

1. Sorrow Tears & Blood (1977)

2. Army Arrangement (1985)

3. Lady

4. ITT (International Thief Thief) (1980)

5. Coffin For Head of State (1980)

6. Colonial Mentality

7. Yellow fever (1976)

8.  Confusion Break Bone (1975)

9. Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense (1986)

10. Zombie. (1976)

11. Shuffering and Shmiling


PS: When I turn 18, I want someone to take me to the shrine!! #lowkey my pops won’t know! I can get HIGH legally! ^_^


Source: Wikipedia

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  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
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