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Lemme Introduce to you Nkechi Modupeola Okoisor (@_nkechi). My close personal friend. Student, Model and CEO FAHARI COUTURE.

She’s a lil’ bit insane. I tried to interview her via BBM but we couldn’t keep a sane conversation.


Kemi :  Oya lerrus do our interview
Nkechiola: I’m ready 😀
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How old are you?
Nkechiola: Ori e o pe ni? Wetin consign age with Fahari
Next qweshon!!!!
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : What inspired you to start Fahari Couture?
Nkechiola: Ehen…tiff! Where did u tiff that question from?
Kemi : My head
Nkechiola: Na so
Kemi : Answer Bitch
Nkechiola: Wo iss too long
Nkechiola: Oya chill
Kemi : Ok ma
Nkechiola: I had this barbie doll then, I would always design and sew clothes for her out of my old clothes, and I just had interest in it. My main inspiration was when I went for a fashion show here in Lagos, I met with top designers like Mai Attafo and the likes, I saw their designs being displayed on runway and I just thought to myself “you can do better than this” and that was all, I decided to take it into business
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : Who are your major pillars of Support?
Nkechiola: The pillar of salt
Kemi : Oh..Salty Bitch
Nkechiola: I no get jor
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : I’ll put your mum and myself
Nkechiola: Ok, my mum
Nkechiola: Weyrey!!

Kemi : Where do you see Fahari in the next 5 years?
Nkechiola: *clears throat* I see Fahari….err I dunno how to put the  english. I see fahari going international, being an African couture I want to leave foot prints in other parts of the world
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How do you combine school work with designing?
Nkechiola: Jamb question!!!
Nkechiola: Designing is a part of me jor! :p I did fine art in ss3 you don forget ni?

Nkechiola: So it doesn’t affect it baybay!
Kemi : Ok

Some more info;

She started since: 2005 as Helen Kisor wears, she changed to Fahari Couture because she wants an African name.

Why Fahari?: Fahari covers the whole of Africa because it means Pride/Splendor in Swahili and Swahili is the most spoken indigenous      language in Africa.

Her inspiration: Her inspiration  comes about when she thinks about the challenges African women pass through everyday, she puts her ideas down into drawings (not writing)

Her newest collections:  they are called “Vukani” meaning Rise and shine in Zulu, these designs are based on stories from the 6 African countries who speak the language, their women have been through assaults one way or the other, they’ve also been beat down so many ways. These designs just imply that one should rise and shine no matter what they’ve been through.’

She makes:  Only clothes…And only for women of all shapes…Of all ages.

Contact: 07065367642.

Twitter: @fahari_couture / @_nkechi

Address: 94 opebi road

Watch out for Fahari Couture on the runway at Get Arena for Vibes and Stitches this December the 22nd.


                    “Men are like buses: one goes, another comes but only one takes you home. Don’t Miss that bus.”                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kemi’s Room

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Awesome Grace Villa


Kemi’s Future husband.


Olowo Ori Mi! Eye Mi! The Sugar in my cupboard, The cockroach in my tea.

I hope this meets you well o! And you better be reading this! Pay careful attention o! You know listening is one of the keys to a successful relationship..ehen!

I must say, you are one very lucky basterd! With the number of people tryna set p now eh! and you still came through, O ku Orire!

I even wonder what you are doing at the moment. You better not be chyking another babe o! Because I’m meant to be your one and only! The time here says 6:34 pm. You should be in a library or reading somewhere reading Maths and stuff seeing as you will become a Maths Teacher  Petrochemical Engineer. Notice the specificity? We must taste that National cake. I don’t want a glorified mechanic o! My papa no fit hear am.

So that we shall not argue when we meet, Let me lay down the rules. MY RULES.

1. You know why God sent us to earth na? 🙂 We shall obey him to the letter. Obey him Morning, afternoon and night. Obey him in the shower, On the kitchen table, In the nursery, Surprise visit to your office, and anywhere. I’m obedient like that. Not that we cannot feel the need to be obedient at the same time. So hold yourself. If you like Cheat. Castration is your portion.

2. You know the actual will of God is to make babies. I just hope ’em babies roll in at the right time. I don’t want ours to be the case of the couple that terminated their pregnancy cuz they wanted time for each other.

We are gonna have 8 babies!

Oh your head is getting light? Have a comfy seat \)___ Yes! 8 babies. Sextuplets and a set of twins. Don’t get all woozy, you will be fine. Just start learning how to multitask. Preparing baby food and changing diapers will come naturally to you.

Ahem! start researching on the necessary food supplements and stuff that can increase your firing rate.  To achieve such feat, we require extra effort.

3.  My love!! You don’t expect me to do all the cooking and clinting *In Madea’s voice* O le wa pa mi fun Baba mi eh! My pops knows how to cook so you sef you must sabi! Note that boiling water does not count as cooking. Just in case of anything, learn how to cook so that hunger will not finish our children.

4. The issue of Ekaettae is something I’m still considering. Mi o wa fe ki omo gbo’ko lowo mi. Banky W will now be singing my theme song! Mba!

5.  Date NIghts. We shall set out at least two days in a month to go on dates. Don’t say because we’re married you can’t start doing anyhow o! You will pretend as if its our first date…I hope you know a visit to Mr. Biggs does not count as a date.

Ehen! For our actual first date, you can like to take hints from @bule_jr’s Date Days. That  should help.

6. Pay very good attention now o! Me I don’t want all those clichéd proposals. Too boring! I want something you don’t see everyday like proposing when we go bungee jumping of Eko bridge. You had better be an adrenaline junkie.

7. Our Song. I really wonder what ‘our song’ will be But Iwant to make a suggestion.

There are many songs in my head. First I thought of Bracket’s “Yori Yori” I changed my mind when I heard “Mueh Mueh” who does that?

Then we have “Something about you” by Dr.  Sid. I fux with this song mehn. d(^_^)b. I mean that song is a good song.

“We go get big house for Sokoto Banana Island”

“Our children no go be Olodo” Yes ke! My brain + Your brain should gives us whiz kids. ( Not the he ye ye ye crooner type o Cuz I don’t want my kids telling me..”Mummy you’re a soup or star”

“No cheating and no Ojoro” Like I said, na castration get you!

I was also considering Seyi Shodimu’s “Love me jeje” but I don’t want to seem too ancient.

8. Discipline. There shall be no such thing as flogging o! If I hear am!  You dunno what Menstrual cramps feel like. Not to talk of the strains of child birth. You will not kill my child for me. Punishments like “Stand in the corner”, “Go to your room”, “You’re grounded” or Pinfall can suffice. This doesn’t mean the children will be spoilt.

That is all I have in mind for now. I just hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Extra details shall be forwarded to you.

Remain blessed my dear.

Use your seat belt o!

Don’t shame me ehn so that my case will not be the case of the babe in 27 dresses and all those nosy relatives will not start talking.

Do come at the RIGHT time.

With so much love in my heart,


This is a story written by a friend…@tinymaDAMIE (aka Cute Dami)she blogs here…Enjoy..


If I had known the tragedy that was about to happen at home that night, I would have spent the night at Tracy’s after the party but I wasn’t exactly  psychic so even though she begged and my mom allowed me to stay, I still insisted on going home. Basically because I was waiting for that call from Benjamin, he had promised to call that night and I wasn’t going to miss it. Besides, all I would have to do at Tracy’s was clean up after the party and I wasn’t interested. I explained to Tracy about Benjamin and being the boy freak that she was, she was only too happy to let me go, of course only after I promised her she’d hear the entire story the next day.
The journey back home was uneventful, there was a bit of tension between my parents but there was always tension between them, since as far back as I could remember. I used to wonder why they still stayed together. It made no sense to me but who was I to say anything? I was a stupid 13 year old, “I wasn’t wise enough”, my mum had told me many times, so I just shut up.  At  least this night, they were quiet and they weren’t shouting at each other so I wasn’t alarmed….. In fact, I was happy, and Benjamin was going to call, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get home. I kept hoping we wouldn’t get home too late and miss his call.
Immediately we got home, I grabbed my things from the car,jumped out and ran upstairs to my room. I changed into my pajamas and washed my face. I couldn’t risk having a bath and missing his call. So, I sat at my table and waited for the phone to ring.
The first sound wasn’t too loud but I knew they were arguing again. Aarrgghh ….
I heard someone go down the stairs, my dad… he was always the first to leave the room when they started. I knew what would come next and the exact time it would start: “do not walk out on me”,she’ll say, and the sound of her tiny feet running down the flight of stairs. The shouting would start now.
“Why do you want trouble tonight?”
“I don’t want trouble, Frank, I just want to know why you were looking at that slut like that at the party and embarrassing me in front of your whole family”
“She isn’t a slut, Folake”
“Oh, so now you’re even defending her. Shameless idiot,Agbaya. I should have listened to my mother when she told me not to marry a good-for-nothing Igbo man but no, I insisted on love and what did I get, a shameless husband who sleeps with everything in sk…”
The crack of a well delivered slap followed.
Aha! This was going to be a fight proper tonight sha. She’d sleep in the guestroom and wake up with big black eyes and threaten to leave him but she won’t and next week, this would happen again.
I heard my mother throw something; the flower vase on the center table, at him. Despairingly I made for the stairs . I saw him dash towards her. I closed my eyes.  I knew what would follow. Even now, I can still recite the sequence. He’d grab her hair, she’d scream, he’d punch her, twice and she’d curse him and then he’d release her, throwing her off balance, and he’d walk away, usually past me on the stairs and she’d scream curses after him… and I’d go and help her fix herself… but it didn’t happen that way that night…
Well It did, partially, up to the point where he released her. I heard her scream, but it wasn’t a curse and it was followed by silence… My eyes flew open. Something was wrong. My mother was never quiet after a beating. My eyes scanned the sitting room and there she was, on the floor… her head was against the wall, my father was beside her, holding her hand, looking into her eyes. I flew down the stairs. I was already in tears. I ran to them. I held her other hand, tried to feel for a pulse, something, anything.
“Daddy, she’s not moving!!!” I wailed.

Why wasn’t he doing anything? He was a doctor, he knew what to do. He didn’t move his eyes from her face. It was as if he was scared to face me. I knew what that meant; I wasn’t such a stupid 13 year old after all.
“Oh my God, she’s dead, daddy. You killed her. How do you feel now? ” I screamed at him.

I grabbed his shirt over her lifeless body and I shook him. I had no idea where the strength and boldness came from. I just shook him.

He still didn’t look up.

I left him and I continued wailing.

I held my mother’s lifeless body and wailed.
I heard the phone in my room ring. I looked behind me at the wall clock. It was 10:30.

Benjamin was calling but I didn’t care.

I couldn’t move.

My father had just killed my mother.


Im sure  you enjoyed it…Please share your thoughts in the comment box.


One of the TTs on twitter today was #40ThingsAboutMe….

And @Akin_d tweeted “To all those on the #40ThingsAboutMe TT, even maltina’s patience is running out. Go and put it on a blog or something…” And I decided to do just that..

This post is dedicated to Mariam…i was meant to be listening to her while i was writing this…

Here goes..

  1. Im a Homo Sapien Sapien…Darwin lied
  2. Im a girl 😀
  3. My star sign is Virgo..speaks volumes
  4. Im a VGBG 😉
  5. Im cute..nobody lied
  6. I love all things beautiful
  7. Im a 90s baby
  8. I can be a talkative
  9. Im shy..believe it or not
  10. I love my baby ^_^
  11. Im addicted to twitter…yes I said it!!
  12. I can lie for Africa but I only lie when necessary…I just lied
  13. I love @bYbaaaa even tho she’s probably never gonna talk to me anymore
  14. I love reading blogs….Its like an addiction now…and when im done reading them…im alays like why the hell couldn’t I think of that.
  15. I worry a lot…im Tryna curb this tho.
  16. I used to love school…Med school happened
  17. Im writing this really randomly
  18. I can be really emotional…this doesn’t mean im a cry baby
  19. I love God..He’s my Daddy.
  20. @nickkiwaks is one of my favorite girls..I love her too much
  21. I think the French accent is Uber sexy!
  22. I love kissing..Im a good kisser too *smacks lips*
  23. I once said ‘Spain and other Mexican countries’
  24. The only series I watch are ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Blackadder’….for more about black adder, visit google. Dont lie…you’ve never heard of Black Adder.. you learnt it from me!
  25. Im a Med student…oh…you should already know this 😀
  26. I was really scared of failure then anatomy happened
  27. Heaven knows im scared of this Impending Tsunami gist
  28. I have a very good sense of humor…bite me
  29. My mother is a very strong woman and I love her so much!!
  30. I look pretty without make up…I know
  31. I have nothing against gay people…it’s their life
  32. @t3juh made me like purple…I still love blue tho.
  33. My Sister, Bamidele is a woman after God’s own heart.
  34. I love learning FAQs
  35. I can be funny…@times
  36. @Dhamyhan is my love…so is @bawsemajor and @TeedeeArs and @Kkfemi and @PengBoiz and @opeolu2 and @TheMystreyTweep and @phatboislym and @cycatrx and  @SimplySesmo and @lexxcodi and @….if I keep on going…we wont leave here..I’m an ashewo like that!
  37. I love Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers like DIE!
  38. I still have hope in Nigeria…only a glimmer of hope for Nollywood sha!
  39. I love going to the movies alone…im a loner like that
  40. Im Fela’s Number 1 Fan!!
  41. I love ALL John Grisham’s novels…John Grisham too
  42. If I had to fill my Jamb form again, I might not fill Medicine..
  43. I was once addicted to Cway peach…im now addicted to Capri-Sonne no thanks to @darmhie
  44. Oh snap! Im not good with numbers too..just realized that im outta ideas..

I killed this TT eh?

Thanks for dropping by…I really appreciate …Please use the comment box to share your thoughts and observations…criticism is welcome..Thanks


Hey there…
Dont mind me jawe! I’m just a confused babe!
I dont have anything to write so i’m just gonna talk about myself…

I havent even told anyone about this blog..only @bYbaaaa knows about it…not like she cares tho..maybe i should just keep ranting to myself until someone discovers it 😀

Well, Im a med student
@Kemmiiii on twitter (follow me *wink*)
Middle child. 😀
what more can i say *yawns*
o well!

As we go on you will discover more about me…
that sounds corny..yeah?

I just hope i find something better to write/rant about and even have the boldness to put up my link…till then, i remain #lowkey 😉


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  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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