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You see guys, I’m a blessed child. I have benefitted from God’s unmerited favor (Grace) times too many to number. Many things God blesses me with, I don’t deserve but still he keeps blessing me.

Today for instance, I finished early from my Pediatrics posting and a few group members and I set out to the Student Affairs office to apply for our new student IDs when we saw our very much sought after results being pasted. There and then, I lost absolute control of my mind and body! I went cold! Cold stiff! My mind was torn between waiting till the results were done being pasted to know my fate immediately or to pursue the ID thingy and comeback to know my fate. I went with the latter anyways. I got an ataxic gait sorta and someone would’ve thought I had stroke. I was hyperventilating like hell.

Anywho, I got the ID thingy over with and came back and set my mind to accept whatever the notice board had for me…

Immediately I got to the board, I checked the list of “Students that Satisfied the Examiner in all Subjects” I made the damn list guys! I satisfied the examiners guys! My God of part one physiology pros did not fail me! I didn’t even bother checking my grades, all that mattered was that I passed.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had my mind set on at least two resists. I turned to hug my friend, Teju who was already shedding tears of joy. We cried together. Ain’t nothing better than having your friends pass too. Your joy will be complete even if you don’t share the same matric number.

I called my daddy and my daddy’s words were; “I’m proud of you baby! That’s my doctor in the making!”. I called my ‘The Loverâ„¢’ (yes, I have a boo now) next and he couldn’t stop laughing because of how I was always lamenting to him how horribly I did in all my exams.

All in all, I had an awesome result by my own standards and I am indebted to God, My Friends, Boo, Family, You Guys (My Readers) for all the encouragement and support. I can’t appreciate y’all enough.

As happy as I am, My joy is not complete. Why? I have friends that have to retake one course or the other. Not because they deserve it or because they didn’t prepare well enough or because they are sinners but because everything happens for a reason and God has his plan and purpose for everyone! Some of them obviously prepared harder and prayed harder than I did but of course, God knows best!

I’m praying to God to grant them good success.

On the BCS front, I’m too souped to care!

I’m gonna be a doctor guys!
God willing!

I love you guys!

God has transformed this Girl’s Lab Coat into a Clinical Coat! Check it out! Peep the happy face too;



My Three Cents is something I thought up quite a while ago but I didn’t end up bringing to reality because of my infinite laziness and the almighty time factor.

It is a space where I and other interested people air views/opinions on different issues.

You know how you want to air your opinion on a certain topic on twitter and the 140 character limit won’t let you be great? Yeah! Those kind of opinions. This is where I share such opinions. You can share yours too by emailing

Here’s What I think about HAPPINESS;

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Abraham Lincoln.

To many Happiness is a state of mind of well being. There are many approaches to happiness; psychological, philosophical, economical, medical and religious most especially.

As Far as I know, Everybody deserves to be happy. Everybody can be happy and it doesn’t take too much to be happy.

Since my parents’ separation which was a really dark time in my really short life, Depression was as good as my middle name. My plastic smile never for once gave me away.

You know. Looking good on the outside but the total opposite on the inside? Yeah! That kind of thing!

Nobody deserves such sadness, rejection or depression. I always thought happiness was a goal and I was always in the pursuit of happiness.

Unknown to me, happiness isn’t a destination. It is more like a journey. A journey that involves looking beyond the insufficiencies and all other irregularities and savoring the good things around you.


I tried to find my happiness in something. A forced smile didn’t bring me happiness.
I tried burying myself in one activity or the other. Books, Movies, TV, Anything fun; all to no avail!

Evidently, Happiness doesn’t come when you try to base it on something because anything that has its good side will surely surely have its downsides!

I know we’ve all heard the saying that goes; “Money Doesn’t buy happiness”
Some people went further to say ” I’d rather cry in my BMW than cry on a bicycle”
True! Better comfortable than poor.

Still. Money doesn’t buy happiness and this life is too short to be anything but happy! So I have learned to look past the things that are going off course and be happy with my present situation and pray for nothing but the best because my happiness depends on me! (Just Like Uncle Abe Said).


In 10 years, I’ll be nearing my third decade in life. I want to have achieved a lot. A lot of things of which I’m not sure yet. I’d probably be a senior resident on my way to becoming a consultant. Yes it’s feasible. I definitely want to work in a hospital like LUTH But when I think about all the strikes, wage disputes and all, I begin to reconsider. But one thing is for sure, I’m not gonna go straight from med school into my father’s hospital. I have to first of all explore the world on my own.

On the home front, I’d probably be married to Le love of my life when he finally surfaces. We should have had our two kids – two beautiful kids- by then. Come to think of it, if I have two kids before I hit thirty, I may not make consultancy early. Has to be one for one. It’ll all fall I’m place. Somehow.

Anywho, I just want to lead a happy balanced life; seeing as life is too short to be anything but happy.

My Smile

“You have a cute smile”

“There’s this demeanor about you when you smile

“I like how you show your rabbit teeth when you smile”

“Do you even know how to frown?”

I have this ‘electric’ smile where I bare all my pearly whites. Smiling is something I started doing so that people wouldn’t know how much of a sad little child I was; there’s nothing worse than people asking “what’s wrong with you?” And you just can’t explain what.

Meaning I had this plastic smile that looked so real. This my smile got me so many school mothers and senior friends back in secondary school. I was even awarded “The Friendliest Smile” of my graduating class.

Nowadays, my smile is more genuine and from deep within; people ask me why I’m always so happy. What’s not to be happy about? Life’s too short to be anything but happy.

If you don’t see me smiling, I’m either tired, hungry or stressed out. It takes a whole lot to get me angry.

From this, not everybody’s smile is a real one; some smiles are just masking so many untold stories. Trust me, I know this.

PS. Thank you to everyone that keeps checking back, God bless you. Special S/O to Uncle Maf, Nells, Dami, Bayo and everybody on the down low. I appreciate. :).


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