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*Dodges rotten tomatoes and stuffs*

*Peeps again whilst donning million dollar smile* ūüėÄ

Hey Guys!

Shoot! Cobwebs! Darn it!

I know! I know! I went AWOL.

I won’t blame writers block this time around because I’m putting the blame on Medilag Student Affairs, Airtel, My sheer laziness and the new boo! Yes you! (Btw, stop reading my blog and you too Bolaji! Stop telling mummy everything you read on my blog. :*)

So how do they all come in?
Well, to blog I need Internet. So I blame Medilag student affairs for putting me in a room cubicle where the network/fresh air that manages to seep in is next to nothing. I Also Blame Airtel Ng for their crappy ass service. I just can’t port to MTN because Airtel is cheaper. I mean, I pay =N=1,500 for 2GB. My sheer laziness for making me lazy and the new boo for taking up my time (don’t stop!).

Well, while I was away, I wasn’t up to no good, I’ve been up to quite a lot (even though not award-worthy!); I picked up cooking. Now, I’m like a cooking monster. I google recipes and try them out and invested in kitchenware even though I don’t have a kitchen of my own. I just can’t wait till I have my own kitchen with all the top quality cookware and crockery. I now eat three times a day and I’ve since gained 5kg. Yay me!

My Obs&Gynae posting was over with and it was one hellluva posting! At a point, seeing pregnant women made me get sick to my stomach. Seeing fibroids and vaginas (excuse my French) made me feel even worse. There were just too many of them. I also got tired of seeing women in labor getting their vaginas torn with vicious looking scissors in the name of episiotomies. This made me consider elective caesarean section to birth all my 8 children.

‘Obs&Gynae was fun while it lasted.

I finished my (Internal) Medicine rotation on Friday and it was hellish yet fun! There was this “Medusa” of a consultant that eat time she sets her eyes on me, go limp like a boneless chicken instead of turning into stone. When she asks a question even if I have the faintest idea, I just look like groundnut and shake my head. I have since made some doctor friends and I’m extremely happy to be leaving medicine. I’ve had enough of ‘Medusa’. I’ll miss my medicine doctors though, most of them are a lot of fun. I learnt so much in medicine that I think I may start locum already.

Some other things also happened;

-I watched 9 complete seasons of Grey’s anatomy. I wonder why i wasn’t watching it earlier.

-Also watched 7 complete seasons of That 70s Show. Really Hilarious show. Gotta love Mila Kunis!

-Watched a documentary titled ‘The Real Story Of Nigeria‘ almost 10 times. If you haven’t seen it, you have to. Find out how great Nigeria was just so that you can be angry about where we are right now. #SadStuff

-Watched Damages and Political Animals too.

-I read Dan Brown’s Inferno & Stephen Chbosky’s ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Both books were awesome.

-I also picked up knitting. I’m currently knitting swaddling clothes for my unborn child. I’ll probably be able to knit more when I get my maternity leave.

-My Pops gave me a car back in April because I aced my exams and I’ve been learning to drive every weekend since then. I have since mastered parallel parking and reversing. I can drive from Lagos to Abuja in reverse. My only fear is driving on the freeway.

About my natural hair, It’s 8 months old already and it’s not growing as fast as I expected; but I’m patient. You know what they say about the patient dog that gets fat.


Also, Bolu turned one on August the 27th and we hosted one helluva birthday party for her yesterday. She wore 16 dresses and cried all through.


So you guys see, I’ve been up to quite a lot, Not just lazing around.

How have y’all been


Hey People + New Readers (I’ve been getting a whole lot of traffic lately; Heaven knows why).
I’ve been really lazy/broke of late and I’m just here being useless to myself and to my immediate environment. I also just got off my bed not too long ago (16:45) to get water to have a bath and I met a pretty girl at the tap. She told me she had read my blog. This reminded me that I had past time after all.

Well, you can’t blame me; I picked up scandal and I can’t become useful till I finish watching it. This has to be pretty soon because school officially starts on Thursday.

On Thursday, I start junior clerkship which lasts for 48weeks with rotations in Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obs & Gynae, Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Radiology and Ophthalmology. Apparently it’s gonna be a looooonnnnnggggg 4th year. So much for ‘lounging’. I’m not sure what rotation I’m starting with because the time table isn’t out yet. Not like I’m anxious to start but God knows i’ll like to start with Obs & Gynae and get it over with. Shii is tough and I need the spirit of ‘initial gra gra’ to get through it.

The next few weeks are posing to be long and difficult because they will most likely involve lectures, ward rounds, clinic sessions, grand rounds, theatre sessions, calls with associated tiredness to boot.

So yeah,
That’s my cool story.

P.s. I’m still torn between ending my education at the MB;BS level or pursuing a post graduate in Surgery or Obs & Gynae. Surgery has the upper hand already though. But what surgery exactly? I have no idea.

Maybe I’ll get a husband that’ll egg me on to become a specialist seeing as I gotta write countless papers to become one. Or better still become one of alike dangs’ concubines. Jk

Maybe I’ll specialize. Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll write countless research papers and become a Professor. Maybe I won’t.

But, Prof. Kemi Windapo sounds good. Don’t you think?

What aspect of Medicine do you think suits me?

Have a nice week people!



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Guilty Pleasure: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow.

Laziness. My name should be LayZ and Bruno Mars’ Lazy song should be on the list of the the,e music of my life. Being Lazy is actually hardwork to be totally honest. You can’t just be loafing around being irresponsible and still be fine with it. If you have a purpose in life that is. Being lazy hasn’t brought me anything good and I still haven’t changed because even in my laziness, I still get my things done and they almost always turn out well. Its simple; I take my time to do my shit.


Sleeping. As a medical student, You need at least 32 hours of studying everyday; even though there are only 24 hours in each day. Meaning medical students don't deserve sleep. Kemi sleeps like Jonah. I don’t believe in losing sleep over anything only of its a matter of life and death. Lol. Medicine is a matter of life and death sha. Still, my sleep means a lot to me and I get almost 8 hours of sleep everyday and as much as 10 hours on some good days.

Internet. Once I get on the Internet, there’s no activity that can pull me away. There’s always one thing to download or one thing to look up. Once there’s Internet, something comes up. Even when I was home studying for my pharmacology incourse last week, I was busy downloading things and looking up many things. Internet deprivation is a bad bad thing. So is passworded wifi.

Overeating. it is even counted as a sin but it still doesn’t faze me. I eat like a cow on heat and I still don’t get fat. I’m as skinny as skinny can be. Can you guess where all the fat goes to? Yeah! You guessed right; My abdomen! And trust me, belly fat is anything but pretty. Don’t want to go around looking like I have my bootay in the wrong position. Still! I eat.

Clubbing. You have to let off steam somehow; and I do this by dancing my sorrows away. Even though I dunno how to move neither my two left feet nor my waist to save my life. People like me need alcohol to make us feel like we can do the moonwalk better than Michael Jackson. It works. Alcohol isn’t good for the body as it leads to alcoholic liver disease which predisposes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma. (I’m just showing off; Learnt this yesterday). Anyways, that won’t stop me from visiting the club to dance my sorrows away.

What are your guilty pleasures?

PS. Red wine in certain quantities is good for your heart.


Not like I’m planning to change or anything;
One morning, I felt as if the @TheNakedConvos handle was throwing subs at me. The person behind the handle obviously woke up to read a horribly written post or better-still; slept with one in mind.

I begun felling guilty. I dunno why because I’m not on anybody’s payroll or something.

Anywho, I have decided to cut the crap and take my blogging more seriously.
I’ve started going around with my ‘blogging’ book to put down my every thought. As the handle advised.

I’ve always been able to accept constructive criticism; Someone once told me that my punctuation was horrible, I took a look at my posts and agreed. I worked on it. My punctuation may not be a perfect 10 at the moment but its better.
I believe in self help.
I believe google is my friend.
And we learn everyday so there’s no need to feel too big to take to corrections.
No one is above mistakes that’s why we’re human.

Lol. I was on a roll there.

So I want to start by embarking on my 30 make that 40 day challenge (just because) which was the original reason I bought this ‘blogging book’. Since February 2012 o. I still haven’t gotten around to writing shingbain! Lazy ‘ol me.

Asides that, everything I write; Good, bad, below par, awful, ‘uncompleteable’, will be posted. Nobody is awarding marks so heck yeah!

I can’t say coming to med school is the worst decision I’ve made in my really short life; I can’t say its the best either.

Honestly, anyone that eggs you on to come to med school may want a good life for you but the person may not like you that much; Med school is hell.

This is coming from a med student that has not even had an encounter with bitchy superiors. I can imagine what I’ll be singing when I get to my clinical class.

My Part 1 was pretty much a breeze for me. I thought being a smart kid was all it took to get me through.. Like really? Why study like heaven is gonna come down when you can always crash read and still get through.
Trust me; my grades at the end of the year bled! + I had my heart in my mouth the whole time I was awaiting the results.

I spent my whole year tweeting my life away – I was the girl that flooded TLs…16 tweets in a row kinda flooding and got people asking; “are you sure you’re a med student?” – Reading all the blogs that existed, downloading pictures from and Viewing all the Cyanide and Happiness cartoons ever made.

Basically, I was the epitome of loafing.

Studying was almost the last thing on my priority list. At least it was on the list.

Imagine studying a whole year’s worth of notes in two weeks? This was my story. Caffeine was my strong tower. Constant Palpitations and localized headache form the caffeine were the hallmarks of these two weeks.

I pulled through. Like a boss. Didn’t even have a slight headache after all the exams. God is good.

Some people say scaling through to part 2 is the toughest hurdle in med school while some others say getting through part 2 is.
Some people go; “After part 2 you’re already a doctor”

Any which way, Part 2 may not come off as tough as it is expected to be because of the awakening we got in part 1. The awakening I got at the very least.

Part 2 started in June of 2012. Since June of 2012, I’ve been unable to put pen to paper to say I want to write an article or even a. Med diary.

Just 4 weeks into the new session, work was piling up and it was already overwhelming. You know that promise you make to yourself at the beginning of every school year? Yeah. I made one of those. Even though I’m not sticking to it to the letter, I’m a better student than I was last year.

I usually don’t study until I have an exam in sight, now I’ve made studying a habit.
I could skip classes without giving it a second thought, now I feel guilty when I skip a class.
I wasn’t so keen about having my notes up to date, now people make copies of my note.
I used to tweet my every thought, now I’m a last carrier on twitter.
This is my personal assesment and I believe I am a reformed student.

Apart from cutting down some other things, I’m trying to revive my blog. Just because. Its something I used to do for fun all of a sudden it became difficult.


As I’m typing this post, Dr. Wellington is going off about Loeffler’s syndrome and Strongyloides; an opportunistic helminth. I’m really not interested. My airways and sinuses are blocked and and I just can’t wait to burst out of this class to get Actifed.

With actifed comes good sleep; of which I’ve not had in a while. I have a hurricane of incourses coming soon. I wish I had a better description than hurricane. But trust me my next few weeks are gonna be horrible.
Epidemiology 1st incourse -26th
Clinical Psychology exam -29th
Pharmacology 1st incourse -30th
Microbiology 2nd incourse -8th
Haematology 2nd incourse -13th
Morbid Anatomy 2nd incourse -in 2 weeks

See this Dr. Wellington setting up extra lectures for 9am on Saturday morning. I hope the actifed wears off before then.

This chicks needs her sleep.

Took a while for me to find that ‘new post’ option on my dashboard; Friggin’ cobwebs!

I always thought writer’s block was a myth – What do you expect? I am Larry Sushey’s humble follower – Well, not until it hit me; I stopped blogging a while back exams being my excuse. I wrote a few pieces during my hiatus and trust me; none of them made any sense. The struggle was great.

Immediately after my exams, I was meant to start a compulsory course; BTS (Basic Therapeutic Skills) where we learn basic things ranging from Anaesthesia to Nursing, But no activity. The school neglected my class and I became dormant and lazier. The block¬†worsened. I¬†couldn’t write shii to save my life.

Trust me, exams sucked the little creativity I had. I¬†couldn’t even write a bloody post to tell you guys that hey my exams sucked please put me in your prayers so that I won’t fail.

I seriously needed prayers. I¬†couldn’t even write a struggle short post to solicit for prayers. It was that¬†terrible. ¬†Different people were asking me why my blog was dormant.


To be honest tho, The initial block was because of the fear of failure. Cuz if I fail, people will talk;

‘Assuming she was reading instead of blogging and tweeting rubbish she would have passed.’

I know I¬†shouldn’t care about what people think or say, but one thing is for sure; I wasted a great deal of time last year tweeting irrelevant rubbish.

Anyways, God being the awesome God he is, I passed -not aced- my exams. I could have done better but I’m sha happy I passed and I’m moving on to the next class. Hi haters!

SIDEBAR¬†: In any exam, not everybody is bound to pass. Not like we¬†didn’t read the same notes, texts and have the same lectures. some things just happen. I want y’all to pray for my classmates that will be retaking the exam. Its not an easy task to read Biochemistry and shii twice. Frustration can set in. Nobody deserves to fail cuz we all put in our best effort.

See me talking. I was so sure of failure. Failing physiology especially. I was too sure that I even arranged all my physiology texts and materials at the foot of my bed; expecting the worst.

You know that feeling when you know you’re fu*%#d? That feeling when out of all the questions in an exam you can’t answer a single question confidently and you begin to wonder ‘why did I bother to read sef?’ Yeah that feeling. And you know failure is not an option so you answer all the questions¬†confidently. I wrote so much rubbish with so much confidence I became a fan of my own genius. I didn’t forget to leave a few jokes for the examiners so they could at least laugh and show some mercy.

I guess it worked for me.

The college chose to neglect my class for a little while -2 months unofficial holiday-  So I was at home eating, trying to get fat, sleeping playing games, watching series and all. Just being unproductive to cut I short.

Well, they finally remembered us. school started on Friday and its back to school tomorrow ūüė¶ *Le sigh*

I¬†didn’t mean to bore you guys but I kinda lost my funny bone while going through bouts of depression.¬†There seems to be no remedy.

What a struggle post.



Special Shout out to my new friend Bobola. He was there for me while I was depressed and he helped me out of my writer’s block. :*

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