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There I was thinking 2012 was my year not knowing what was coming in 2013.
2013 was good to me and was definitely my year.

I wasn’t going to write a review of my year because I thought there was nothing to write about (Also, reviews are mainstream) but Habeebah begged me to write this one because at the time I wrote about My 2012, she wasn’t my friend and I hated her guts. This is the first December that were not fighting since we’ve been friends. This one’s for you Biebs!


My 2013 started on a pretty high note, I got back from Christmas holidays in S.A, gained 5kg which I lost while preparing for the barrage of incourses that lay ahead.
Incourses came and went.
Headaches came and went.
Sleepless nights and a shitload of pimples came to stay.

With that, My 2nd professional exams finally came; March 4th. This was a time in my life I can never forget. The brain blocks, my pillars and the resits I was prepared to write. This was the exam that people say; “If you can pass it, you’re already a doctor”. The exam was that tough. It was physically and emotionally drenching.

Thank God I passed. My friends passed too and it was a thing of great joy. I passed with 3 credits in 3 if my 5 courses and for this my daddy gave me a car.

With the end of 300level, Basic Clinical Skills (BCS) programme started and it was like laying the foundation for our clinical experience and it was also a time for getting familiar with the clinical coat. God finally turned my long Labcoat into a short white coat -My long time dream! Glory!


400level clinical rotations were not as chilling/relaxing as a seniors claimed. I loved it nonetheless. Stressful but fun.
I loved theatre sessions, Calls, A&E Calls, Clerking, Clinics, Ward Rounds. Everything. It's only fun when you don't have a resident that means you and doesn't go around asking meaningless questions like I had in surgery.

The hustle for signatures was also part of the fun. Where you have to fake smile at, whine and beg the residents to sign your logbook as a sign of attendance. The hustle was real. Some residents were generous with their signatures. Some other acted as if we were begging them to dish out cheques. But whatever. We made it.

In these seven long months, I learnt a lot of things and I appreciate life more. A quick visit to the hospital wards and you begin to thank God for your life and you begin to wonder what special thing you’re doing that is making you not to be in these people’s shoes because it’s not like you’re better than them. I learnt that;
God is great. The human body is an awesome wonder and is a result of God’s omnipotence and omniscience.

I’m blessed. You are too. If you think your life is bad, you have to see people on hospital beds. You’re blessed that you’re not on a hospital bed somewhere, making people run helter skelter because of you neither are you running helter skelter because of anyone. If you’ve had someone in the hospital before, you’ll understand. Also, I didn’t lose my mother to childbirth or something pregnancy related, when I was born, I was born with an anus and all my body parts complete, I don’t have any anomaly. Visit the children’s ward and see newborns on admission, children with cancer, leukemia and all sorts. There was even a surgery done on a two day old baby. Then you’ll begin to wonder why should children; innocent children have to go through such. Who did they offend?

– On a lighter note, male doctors are heuxes. Surgeons especially. Talking about “tell me where you want to go in this Lagos? I will take you” or “what do you do for fun”. There was this one that collected my surgery exam paper and wrote his number on it. I was like “-_-” When I haven’t even finished clerking my patient and my time was up. Mscheww.

Irony of Life. While you see some people seeking abortions, some others are running up and down spending millions just to get pregnant. This wicked life.

All in all, it was a good year for school.


Bolu turned 1, started walking but hasn’t started saying ‘Auntie Kemi”. We Await.

Bolaji graduated from high school with 6 awards, cash prizes and a Universtiy Scholarship to boot. God willing, he’ll be majoring in Megatronics (God knows what this means) in the University of Cape Town (UCT) come February 2014.
Bayonle interned at an architecture firm and failed to send me money.
Mummy resumed work at the University of Lagos after her 4 year Sabbatical leave.
Daddy became a Jerusalem Pilgrim and his tenure as Rotary president ended.
I have a new mummy. Mrs. Koya
Bose changed schools to Mayflower school Ikenne where they give her beans everyday.
I lost an aunt to a dissected aorta. My she RIP.


I found love. Not the ‘I love him’ kinda love but the ‘too good to be true’ love like ‘why me?’, like ‘are you even for real?’ ‘I can’t believe it’ kinda love. This I found In a man that goes out of his way for me like no one ever has. He makes me happy.
This time around, I’m my boo’s boo and my lover’s lover.

This was my year of friendship. My inner circle – Habeebah, Bukky, Teju & Ife, Dami, Ayodele abbl whom I thank God for. They made the most annoying times fun and made this year a humorous one for me. More upbeat times than I can ever think of.

I made so many new friends, thanks to the new hostel/room and school rotations. Idia’h, Nima’h, Funmi Odulele, Funmi Akinde, Dolapo and many others.

There was a marked decline in my online presence. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because my new hostel has bad network reception. Not like it’s a bad thing.

I turned 20 and had a nice day out with my inner circle. I’m getting old.

Uncle Deolu taught me how to drive amongst other things. Now I can go out in my own without having someone to sit beside me. Except that I put my teddy bear beside me at times.
Got my first Scratch and Bash on the same day. One keke, One Danfo.

I picked up hobbies like cooking and knitting. I’m well on my way to learn how to sew.

Candy Crush became my new addiction. I’m currently on level 327. Level 197 has been my most challenging level. I was stuck there for over three week and when I tried to buy my way out, I lost 1k6. Crien!

I managed to survive the whole year with my tough natural hair without considering getting a relaxer. Not even for once. Now my hair is longer than my relaxed hair of over 6 years.

I read many books of which Chimamanda’s Americanah and Half of a yellow sun and John Grisham’s latest- Sycamore Row were my best.

I watched so many series of which Breaking Bad made my year and I’m imploring you to watch it in case you haven’t.

This wasn’t a year for music but I’ve developed the habit of buying CDs #SupportYourLocalBrand

You see, I had an awesome year with more highs that the lows are not even etched in my mind.
I’m glad that even as the high and mighty are doing their possible best to make Nigeria inhabitable for us, We live!

I’m grateful to God and I’m hopeful for an even joyous 2014!


Hope your 2013 was better than mine!






My friend; Tejumade writes really well and she has decided to grace us today with a review of her 2013.



Errmmm…. I’m not a writer so please just manage this my write-up;


My 2013 started with fear. My 2nd MB was coming up in February and I wasn’t prepared plus I had a great challenge in the 1st MB…. Anyway, my hardest exam in med school came (And yes! What we heard from our seniors was true. It was the most stressful 10 days of my life)…the results were released in April and guess what?! I passed all my 5 papers at ONCE! Most people were surprised at my besty and I because we aren’t exactly the regular medical students (if you know what I mean)…. I can’t even remember the last time I was in the library.

I was soooo happy! In fact, I’m still very much excited.


May came and I was in 400level… Yaay!! The most anticipated year for every medical student but guess what? This time around, our seniors lied. There was no lounging Kankan! There was a particular day I was in the theater for over 24hours!

Obs&Gynae came and I witnessed so many caesarean sections (CS) and Spontaneous Vaginal Deliveries (SVD).. It was a really beautiful thing to b part of bringing a tiny cute somebody into the world. In fact, I can perform a delivery now…CS or SVD! Bring it on!

It wasn’t fun all the way though, I lost a patient while ambubagging. She was unconscious and went into multiorgan failure but I still had hope she was going to survive and I had to announce the time of death…

There was also this lady who walked into the Gynecology clinic; About 5”9, very fair, probably a 40DD with mighty hips. A graduate who finished with a first class. One of the kind of people that you pray to never come across your boyfriend. But guess what? She had never menstruated and she was 24!… The wicked registrar I was assigned to that day told me to break the news that she was never gonna have a baby to her..felt terrible doing it.


Many a time, I was harassed by the male doctors..

“Why do you have come to bed eyes?”

“This your mouth is for kissing”

“Why are you this fair?”
“Are you a virgin?”

“Are you sure you’re for medicine or modeling?”

I hated it all especially when it got down to; “Will you be in your hostel tonight?”

“I’ll love to take you out”

There was even a day I was crying because one registrar asked for my number.

Well, as time went on I got to like it because I could use them to fill my logbook. Don’t call me a user.


Pediatrics came and I made up my mind that it was going to be my specialty after school. I just really want to help kids and make money too (of course). Plus people that know me know that I’m soooo skinny and tiny. I look 13 so lemme kuku help my sizes.. lol


Medicine rotation came up and it was boring! So let me forward to surgery.

The almighty surgery came and it was very stressful but mehn I loved every bit of it! From helping the registrars in the emergency room in doing the ATLS to doing nephrectomies, herniorraphies, circumcisions, stabilizing fractures, and intussusceptions to  the Tutorials with Dr. Osinowo (I have a serious crush on him)…It was fun all the way. Shout out to the best registrar ever! Dr. Ogbeide (@sazzywazzy).., Surgery rotation made me realize that if I ever end up marrying a medic, it’s gonna be a surgeon.


Apparently, I did 3 classes in one year. 30, 400 and now, 500.

Finally in 500level and I have gone from having 5year seniors in school to having just one. Supercool shey!


2013 taught me so many things but my main lessons were;

  • Being healthy is not a right, It is God’s will. Since I start going to the hospital I realized that the people on sick beds did not choose to be that way. So I’ve been doing less of complaining and more of appreciating.
  • Also, the courage and wisdom to know when to let go. I understood what love is really about. When you love someone and the person loves you back and then love chooses to leave, don’t force it, just let go. There is a reason for everything and time will tell BUT time itself will choose the moment. Love is truly a gift that comes and goes. Also, You DO NOT choose love, love chooses YOU.
  • Expectation is the beginning of problems. Never expect anything from anyone so you don’t get disappointed. Even yourself! You never know what you’re capable of doing.!
  • Patience. I was too impulsive, but now, I calm down, think and then act.


I want to thank God for having amazing friends who are always stupid even when things are supposed to be serious; Bukky, Ife, Kemi, Habeebah & Bibi.

Although 2013 was full of ups and downs, It was by far my best year ever…


As for resolutions, I’m not making any! I broke the last ones before January 10th but im gonna make sure I have fun everyday of 2014. Afterall, you only live once!




Hi Guys!
This is just me, All the way in ward D2, Tired, Hungry, Angry with associated waist pain. All that standing!

Whoever said Junior Clerkship was a lounging year told a really big lie because what I’m experiencing right now is far from lounging!

I’m starting with the rotation that people seem to find easy and I’m complaining like this… I don’t even want to get to Obs & Gynae or Surgery any time soon! Surgery especially!

I started my paediatrics posting last week Thursday and it hasn’t even been so much fun. I love babies and little children but seeing babies in obvious pain and holding on to life is so heartbreaking!

I wonder why innocent babies will come down with such horrible conditions.

In the span of 3 days, I have studied about, learnt and seen 5 pathologies I didn’t even learn about in pathology class!. This life.

Anywho, I have come to observe so many mummies that appeared to have taken up residence at their child’s bedside. Some of them don’t even have a change of clothes but they are always there. Praying, Pacing, Crying and Sitting in the most uncomfortable plastic chairs.

Tunde Kelani’s ‘Maami‘ comes to mind. It is a docu-drama about motherly love. Despite the horrible acting, it still brought me to tears. Even ‘Aftershock‘ and ‘Titanic‘ didn’t move me to tears. I’m not even stone hearted. Contrary to what Habeebah believes.

Nothing beats a mother’s love.

But when I thought about it, Father’s love may come off as cuter than mother’s love.

I watch as a widowed father cuddled his neonate to sleep. Loveliest thing I’ve seen in a while. The man looked sad and happy at the same time. I felt for him.

May we not have any cause to ditch the comfort of our homes to sit in uncomfortable hospital chairs. Amin.


Posted on: April 24, 2013


Boluwatife is my Little sister. I don’t talk about her because I don’t know her well. How won’t I know my own sister you may ask? Well, asides being busy with school and all, she’s always locked up in her Mother’s (My Step-Mum) chambers and out of sight. Except for the occasional Sunday when we go to church together or one random evening when her mother decides to keep her in sight.

Bolu was born on the 27th of August 2012. This makes her 7months and 27 days old.
She’s such a cutie too. This she gets from her big sister. 😉

I spent most of yesterday with Bolu and it was like we had known each other forever. It felt good.

I only got this opportunity because BCS is over and I got to spend a weekday at home. Also, her nanny was tired of her.

We watched movies on Afmag Youruba as she seems drawn to these Yoruba movies and has a certain aversion for cartoons which is quite strange. She watches Yoruba movies with rapt attention. We have to wean her of this very soon. Can’t be having a sister with the IQ of groundnut.

She tried to eat everything in sight. Everything except her own food. She even tried to eat her walker.

I said EVERYTHING. See her trying to eat my HDD.


And my phone;


When she finally ate her own food, she fell asleep in my arms. :’)

When she woke up, she started crying and I didn’t know what to do. I offered food. No. I tried singing but my voice was quite raspy because of my recent battle with a sore throat. She still didn’t agree. I broke into what I call ‘azonto’. She stopped crying and started looking at me like ‘TF does she think she’s doing?’ Lol. At least it worked.

Don’t worry Bolu, we get our two left feet from our daddy; I trust you’ll be as bad a dancer as I am.

Today is another day, can’t wait till my Step-Mum goes off to work! It’s Bolu and I again!20130424-082535.jpg

Another TTGMG post. This time by Justin Irabor who blogs here. He specifically asked me to upload his mascot. I wonder why.



I have a confession. And please don’t add “don’t take it personal”. That really grinds my gears.
So. Erm. What was I saying? Ah, yes, the confession. When I launched Microsoft Word on my PC in a (brave) bid to write for Kemmiiiiiiiii’s (please, If I exceed the ‘i” limit in her name, forgive me) blog, I had not one thing to write about.
It’s appalling yeah? I mean, how can someone have lived this long on earth and not have a single thing that grinds his gears? Even Oscar Pistorius had something like that in his life (his legs. I’m talking about his legs.)
So, first of all (oh God, please don’t say “Go down low”), I would like to kindly introduce myself as Irabor Justin, Maestro, Vunderkind and proud owner of Crazy comics and, a proud father (to be) and a guy without gears that have experienced any form of grinding.
Oh…wait. I just remembered.
I do have something to talk about. It really grinds my gears. And I bet to God it grinds yours, too.
Wait for it…
Romantic Vampires.
That stuff is all shades of annoying. On that note, let us ignore further reference to Fifty Shades of Grey, okay? Good people.
Where were we? Yes, Romantic Vampires. I watched the first Twilight movie with a straight face, and thought – what the heck? Vampires are no longer killed by sunlight? Ooooh. They hide from the sun because they GLITTER. That MAKES a lot of sense! Nope, nothing in the least bit gay about that one.

One of the most appalling new-fangled concepts in the history of Vampirology (a cool word I formed, thank you) is the idea of Vegetarian Vampires. I am sure you know what it means, but just for the benefit of doubt, I shall proceed to explain.
Vegetarian (abi na vegan?) vampires are a rare (I dare add, stupid) breed of vampires who love us humans so much that they have sworn off drinking human blood (aww). But of course, they still have cravings for delectable blood, so how do they cope? Well, they hunt animals instead.
Like rabbits.
Nothing gay about that either.

So, what is the outcome? Well, they become pretty weak. Apparently human blood is the balanced diet of vampires, and rabbit blood cannot supply the essential vitamins and minerals required for them to grow into strong, healthy vampires (I realize the irony here. Vampires do not actually grow.) This makes the ‘vegetarian vampires’ pretty weak, less powerful than their ‘non-vegetarian’ counterparts. They become sissies who are tossed about by vampires no more ‘vampiric’ than themselves. To prove my point, I refer you to the first meeting of Stefan and Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries (Season 1). Damon tossed Stefan out the window like a wet tissue paper (and my use of the word ‘wet tissue’ paper does not reveal any secrets about me). Need I mention that Stefan was a vegetarian?
You might wonder what my issue with vegetarian vampires is, but if you will bear with me, you shall soon realize that vegetarian vampires ARE also the romantic vampires!
Let us do some logic, shall we?
Not all vampires are vegetarian.
Vegetarian vampires are romantic.
Therefore all romantic vampires are vegetarian.
See why I should have had a first class in school?
Aaaanyways, Back to the gear-grinding bit. Let us return in my imaginary time machine and go back to the days of Brahm Stoker. In the days of the prevalent terror of that noble, charming and dreaded Cunt (sorry, I meant count), Count Dracula!
Heck. Not so gay anymore now, is it? He was quite the charmer, too, but he was a MAN, not a ladyboy, like out beautiful Stephenie Meyer is beginning to make the new ‘versions’ of vampires into.
Your honor, in pleading the case of vampires all over the world, I would like to say that much damage has been done to their cause. A vampire comes into a girl’s room, says “BLEH! I am about to drain you of your blood! I am about to empty you of your very life essence!”
And the girl goes, “yes, yes! Bite me, so that we may live forever and I can carry your vampire babies! I love you, random vampire.”
Sad times.
That’s got to grind your gears.
I rest my case.

But I love the twilight series. 😦

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First TTGMG post. It’s by my friend Fikayo; do check out her blog.


Yeah……roll your eyes.
It’s that horrible time of the year, Valentines day. That horrible day when we all have to “love” and show it.
Here’s the thing; I love love. I mean, I’m in love with love and the idea of love.
Love is a perfect emotion.
Love means I never have to worry about my imperfections because despite the fact that you see them clearly you ignore them because even my imperfections couldn’t drive you away.
What I have a problem with is ***drumroll*** the stupid charade that is valentines day. And it’s not just for girls, it’s also for guys. Valentines day means guys in relationships have to spend… splash money that in most cases they don’t have. And girls especially single girls feel the need to get desperate.
I’m 20 years old and I’ve been single all my life. I’m not complaining. I love being single. I love that its just me, myself and I. I know it sounds sad but I love being single. Relationships are complicated and in most cases it means submission on my part and if you know me well enough you know I don’t do submission. So, I’m single and I love it.
Valentines day is the only day of the year when my being single becomes a problem. It’s not a problem for me, it’s a problem for my million friends, my parents and all other predatory guys I know. Suddenly everyone becomes concerned that I am ‘still’ single. Excuse me! All through the year you don’t say anything about my relationship status, infact you encourage me to be single and face my studies but suddenly you are worried on February 14 alone!

The only people who love/enjoy/look forward to valentines day are single guys and girls in relationships. Single guys because there are just enough desperate single ladies to have enough random meaningless sex for a night or two. Girls in relationships because they know they are getting to pull off the charade.
I’m not some crazy jealous girl sitting in her room alone ranting about valentines day…, I’m just saying, it’s just another day. It’s not your birthday or Jesus’s birthday so just calm down and stop trying so hard to live the crazy fantasy that society forces on us.
That being said, there are 2 major upsides to valentines day;
1. It’s nice to show some love. I have noticed that on valentines day, everyone is always a tad bit nicer and that’s amazing. Any excuse for people to be nice is acceptable.
And 2. This is one that probably only applies if you live in the UK, chocolate becomes effing cheap. And yes, I’m a greedy girl. On valentines day I stock up on chockies! Yes, I’m not a size 8(no surprises there) but I’m serious. I love chocolate (especially Cadbury’s Milk Tray) and anything that makes it cheaper, is fine with me. Last valentines day, the Thornton’s 12 in 1 pack which is usually sold at £12 a pack was retailing for £5. I bought 4 and I demolished them chockies like it was the end of the world. I think for the next 3 days after that my fart smelt like cocoa (this is where you scrunch up your face and say Too Much Information)

So my advice this valentines day (not that you asked for it) is simple;
Enjoy your day. If you are single be grateful! Better be single and safe than in a relationship and scared out of your mind. And remember good things come to those who wait, you might have to wait a while but it will come and it will be worth the wait.
Also ladies, you are the bone of someone’s bone. You just have to wait for the bone owner to come find his bone (if you read it aloud it doesn’t sound weird). And for the guys, single guys don’t be pervs on valentines day. Be respectful to all the ladies no matter how single and desperate. You might have a daughter someday. And for the guys in relationships…God knows I feel so sorry for you. Ask her what she wants and do your best to get it. And if she says she wants nothing, IT IS A LIE. Don’t fall for that female trick number 1. Get her something nice and smile.

There you have it; Fikayo telling it as it is…
What do you think?

On December 1st 2012, I tweeted; “This year hasn’t been my year.” Yes, it wasn’t my best year yet, because I’ve had better years and I know that I have better years to come.

It only took my reading Okeimoute’s story on 19th Street to appreciate my year. When Efe was asking people to pick dates to write, I wasn’t moved to because I didn’t feel the need to share how my 2012 went. Reading Okiemoute’s story made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for and that my year couldn’t have been any better.

I had more highs than lows this past year and 2012 was my year.


I wrote my First professional examinations in January/February and I wasn’t confident about passing all my courses. I was even preparing to resit my physiology paper before the results came out. Thankfully, when the results came out, I made all my papers even though not in flying colors because I know I could have done much better. This marked the end of my first year in medical school.

Second year started off with the Basic Therapeutic Skills (BTS) programme which was basically an introduction to the clinics. I was really enthusiastic about it because I had previously spent almost 3months lazing at home; really needed to get busy but now I wish those days back because the last few months of 2012 were the most stressful months of my life.

Most of my senior colleagues say that if you can get through your second year of medical school, you’re as good as a doctor because it is the toughest hurdle to scale. I can attest to this; after one incourse, the next incourse is already smiling at you; no time to laze around. Even lazy people like me get on their toes. The light situation in LUTH didn’t even help matters.

All in all, I put in my best as regards schoolwork this past year; all my incourses have been good so far and only the people at the pharmacology department are trying to hold me back.


Being so far away from my mother and having to live with my father and my step-mum hasn’t been the best for me even though I have learnt to be very much independent. My step-mum became cold all of a sudden compared to who she was last year. I tried not to let this affect me in any way and I’ve done my best not to cross paths with her. We’re fine this way.

I got a new baby sister (half-sister). I wasn’t so excited about this but I got to embrace this fact when Michelle (my new half-sister) smiled at me; this practically made me melt.

My father was installed as president of the Rotary Club of Gbagada and this was a great feat for him.

My Big Brother graduated from the University of Capetown with a BA in Architecture. I’m already reaping the fruits; he took me Christmas shopping.

My little brother won awards at his school’s prize giving day. This same brother that we thought was retarded because my mother practically begged his way through primary school.

I grew much closer to my big sister(half-sister); we didn’t grow up together; My daddy just introduced her as my sister one day but we’re like peas in a pod.

I lost my paternal grandfather and a great uncle in the span of three months. It was a celebration of life because they lived long enough.


I finally found out that serving God isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be; all you need is to be saved.

I got really close to God at a point and I tried my best to stay in contact with him even though my Church attendance wasn’t so clean. At least, it’s not all about the church going.


This year was my year of self-discovery;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I used to be this shy glassy eyed little girl that couldn’t air her opinions. I couldn’t say no to people and I tended not to have a mind of my own. I got this confidence boost and now I have an air of pride –Good pride- around me and I express myself freely. I’m even quite lousy now or should I say very lousy. (._.  )

I became fashion conscious, I cared about how I looked and became a camerawhore. It may seem bad but I like it; one of my confidence boosters.

I became a truly happy person. Like happy from deep within.

Not my year for love; yet another break up and every guy I met seemed to think I was side chick material.

Went on so many dates and got to experience Lagos.

Been living the single life; I’m alone but not lonely.

I discovered alcohol.

I lost friends, made new ones for which I am thankful. Afterall, you win some and you lose some. I made some pretty awesome friends this year I must add and I bless God for their lives. I’m especially thankful for this one friend that went out of his way to get me out the famous ‘writer’s block’. God bless his heart.

Some other friendships were strengthened.

My twitter presence declined; finally got over my twitter addiction.

I found solace in Music, Movies and Series. Downloading anything and everything became a pastime.

I got two new devices simply by asking. Asking really does wonders.

I wrote an article that got published in The Punch in January; one of the highlights of my year.  My blog was also nominated in the Nigerian Blog Awards under 2 categories and won by popular vote in the ‘Best Student Blog Category’.


See, Don’t take Sarkodie seriously when he says money no be problem.

I had serious money issues this past year. It all stemmed from when I lost my blackberry in April. I started spending money I didn’t have just to get a new one. The new one I bought got lost in May. Around that same time, I broke someone’s laptop screen and I had to replace it with money I didn’t have. I bought so many things I couldn’t afford and I was practically living from hand to mouth.

The only good thing is the fact that I can account for how I spent all this money.

I still need to learn how to control my impulsive spending.

Anyways, I’ve really grown as a person and I’m thankful for the highs and lows of this past year. 2012 was definitely my year and 2013 is another year; I’d be going into my 3rd year of medical school by God’s grace and I’m hoping for the very best.

I know 2012 was a gangsta year for many people myself inclusive (obviously); So many untimely deaths and unfortunate happenings starting from Fuel Subsidy removal to #OccupyNigeria bants, From the Dana crash to the innocent people jejely observing Sunday evening in their houses, Victims of the Connecticut shooting, ALUU4, Boko Haram misdeeds and all the other happenings but we are still alive and kicking.

I am thankful for the highs and lows of 2012, For the friends that stood by me, I’m especially thankful for Dami and every other person that put a smile on my face. So many that I can’t begin to name names. Also thankful for my blog readers; thank you for reading all these things I churn out. You all keep me going.

God Bless.

Cheers to a better 2013.

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