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They say growing up is like being drunk; Everybody remembers what happened except you.
Not exactly true because I remember some stuff from my childhood. Selective Amnesia if you will.

All the things I remember are not in chronological order but my earliest memories include;

1. When my parents traveled and left a bowl of meat for my brother, two aunties and I. We ate all the meat and sang praises. We were just jumping all over the place till NEPA restored power.

2. Every time daddy came back from work that we ran to him screaming ‘DADDY OYOYO’ why? I dunno.

3. Eating coco pops for the first time. Americana wonder. “Aunty Taye what gave you the sense to make this sweet food?”

4. This one time, Bolaji climbed the stereo set to reach the house phone. He picked up the phone, spoke gibberish into it and threw the receiver down.

5. One time at our neighbor’s (Aunties Titi and Nepe) church, people were going forward for something (altar call maybe). Bolaji ran to the front of the church with these people and the pastor laid hands on him. He came back and said his first words; ‘Aunty Taye I want to wiwi’

6. At one birthday party, there was a dance off; boys vs. girls. I couldn’t move my two left feet to save my life. They boy I was paired with was like a Michael Jackson protege. I was just there making some awkward arm movements supposed to be makossa. I earned the name ‘Aganran’ that day.

7. First time I went to my hometown; Lalupon. There was an alligator in my grandfather’s house. Biggest scare of my life.

8. The first time we were traveling, Bolaji put his hands at the end of the escalator. BURN!!!

9. When our dog (Abacha) bit Bolaji and Bolaji bit Abacha back. The boy has always been a tyrant. Lol.

10. First molue ride. Parents had traveled and left us with Aunty Taye and Uncle Kola. Apparently, Uncle Kola tried to rape Aunty Taye so she threw us inside the molue and ran off to Grandma’s. I also remember that she didn’t have money she begged all the way to Oko-Oba.

11. When Aunty Taye fell into the pit that was behind our house. I wonder why the landlord failed to seal it up.

I should remember more but the brain needs rest. All my memories seem to be about Bolaji sef.

PS. We had two aunty Tayes; Aunty Taye Pupa from Mummy’s side and Aunty Taye dudu from Daddy’s side.

I had the most fun writing this. #Memories. 😉

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