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Just something my dad sent to me on BBM to calm my nerves. I found it amusing. You don’t have to be medically-inclined to understand it.
A Redneck refers to a stereotype of White People from Southern United States.

Benign – What you be, after you be eight

Artery – The study of paintings

Bacteria – Back door to cafeteria

Barium – what doctors do when patients die

Cesarean section – a neighborhood in Rome

Cat scan – searching for kitty

Cauterize – made eye contact with her

Colic – a sheep dog

coma- a punctuation mark

D & C – Where Washington is

Dilate – to live long

Enema – Not a friend

Fester – quicker than someone else

Fibula – a small lie

Genital – a non-Jewish person

GI series – world series of military baseball

Hangnail – what you hang your coat on

Impotent – distinguished, well-known

Labor pain – getting hurt at work

medical staff – a doctor’s cane

Morbid – a higher offer

Nitrates – cheaper than day rates

Node – I knew it

Outpatient – a person who has fainted

Pap Smear – A fatherhood test

Pelvis – second cousin to Elvis

Post Operative – a letter carrier

Recovery room – place to do upholstery

Rectum – darn near killed him

Secretion – hiding something

Seizure – a Roman emperor

Tablet – a small table

Terminal Illness – getting sick at the airport

Tumor – one plus one more

Urine – opposite of you’re out

Varicose – nearby / close by



Tur-bu-lent (Adjective) |tur-byu-lunt|
-Characterized by unrest, disorder, agitation or insubordination.

Mo-ment (Noun) |mow-munt|
-A particular point in time.

Life as we know it is full of so many uncertainties and bad things happen to good people. Bad people too. And everything they say, happens for a reason because God always has a plan and a purpose for our lives.

It is a known fact that ups and downs are necessary; they are what shape us. If you don’t experience the lows, you cannot savor and appreciate the highs.


I have experienced many lows and many highs in this my short journey in life. All for which I’m thankful and grateful to God for seeing me through.

Evidently, I have gone through turbulent times but the most turbulent has to be the period between JSS1 and JSS2 when my mother had to go away for a mysterious reason. I later got to know that it was a sickness that was best unknown to my brothers and I.
It was bad enough that my parents separated two years before and I was still trying to get myself together and recover from the trauma. Mother just had to come down with this horrible illness that will keep her away from us for so long.

“How long is she going to be away for?” We asked our Uncle Lanre.
“Just six months”

Six months turned into almost a full year.

Can you imagine a JSS1 girl on visiting day when no one comes to visit her?
Mother never missed visiting days so Uncle Lanre was saddled with the duty of bringing us Provisions on visiting day. The tasty Fried Chicken was no match for Mothers’s home cooked Jollof Rice/Fried Rice which was the highlight of every visiting day asides the provisions and extra pocket money that came with it.

Shamefully, those were the most prayerful/trying times in my life. I just wanted mother to be okay.

It wasn’t until years later that I put two and two together and realized that mother went to treat herself for breast cancer. No wonder she was looking so frail and had almost all her hair gone by the time she got back. Frail or Not, I was just happy to have my mother back.

Now I do and I make sure she knows how much I love her. I hope such affliction does not show it’s ugly face again.

People with a family history of Breast Cancer should take it seriously. Genetic predisposition has been proven. Do the Breast Self Examination as frequently as possible and go for routine checks.

Here’s something related I wrote as part of breast cancer awareness month last year; Feel A Boobie you should check it out.

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Took a while for me to find that ‘new post’ option on my dashboard; Friggin’ cobwebs!

I always thought writer’s block was a myth – What do you expect? I am Larry Sushey’s humble follower – Well, not until it hit me; I stopped blogging a while back exams being my excuse. I wrote a few pieces during my hiatus and trust me; none of them made any sense. The struggle was great.

Immediately after my exams, I was meant to start a compulsory course; BTS (Basic Therapeutic Skills) where we learn basic things ranging from Anaesthesia to Nursing, But no activity. The school neglected my class and I became dormant and lazier. The block¬†worsened. I¬†couldn’t write shii to save my life.

Trust me, exams sucked the little creativity I had. I¬†couldn’t even write a bloody post to tell you guys that hey my exams sucked please put me in your prayers so that I won’t fail.

I seriously needed prayers. I¬†couldn’t even write a struggle short post to solicit for prayers. It was that¬†terrible. ¬†Different people were asking me why my blog was dormant.


To be honest tho, The initial block was because of the fear of failure. Cuz if I fail, people will talk;

‘Assuming she was reading instead of blogging and tweeting rubbish she would have passed.’

I know I¬†shouldn’t care about what people think or say, but one thing is for sure; I wasted a great deal of time last year tweeting irrelevant rubbish.

Anyways, God being the awesome God he is, I passed -not aced- my exams. I could have done better but I’m sha happy I passed and I’m moving on to the next class. Hi haters!

SIDEBAR¬†: In any exam, not everybody is bound to pass. Not like we¬†didn’t read the same notes, texts and have the same lectures. some things just happen. I want y’all to pray for my classmates that will be retaking the exam. Its not an easy task to read Biochemistry and shii twice. Frustration can set in. Nobody deserves to fail cuz we all put in our best effort.

See me talking. I was so sure of failure. Failing physiology especially. I was too sure that I even arranged all my physiology texts and materials at the foot of my bed; expecting the worst.

You know that feeling when you know you’re fu*%#d? That feeling when out of all the questions in an exam you can’t answer a single question confidently and you begin to wonder ‘why did I bother to read sef?’ Yeah that feeling. And you know failure is not an option so you answer all the questions¬†confidently. I wrote so much rubbish with so much confidence I became a fan of my own genius. I didn’t forget to leave a few jokes for the examiners so they could at least laugh and show some mercy.

I guess it worked for me.

The college chose to neglect my class for a little while -2 months unofficial holiday-  So I was at home eating, trying to get fat, sleeping playing games, watching series and all. Just being unproductive to cut I short.

Well, they finally remembered us. school started on Friday and its back to school tomorrow ūüė¶ *Le sigh*

I¬†didn’t mean to bore you guys but I kinda lost my funny bone while going through bouts of depression.¬†There seems to be no remedy.

What a struggle post.



Special Shout out to my new friend Bobola. He was there for me while I was depressed and he helped me out of my writer’s block. :*

Hey Ma Gees. :D.

I know. I know. I have been lazy *guilty face* I have so much going on. Just finished a crazy set of exams. My brain kinda went on vacation. Hope It’ll back soon tho. I haven’t been exactly lazy tho; In case you didn’t get the notifications, I have a new category: From my Mailbox where I have been posting Random stuff from my mailbox. You know all those chain emails you don’t bother reading? Yeah.

Also, Poetry.

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On to today’s post.

Let me tell you a lil’ story:

My mother came down with breast cancer almost 8 years ago. It was a really sad time for me because 2 years before then, my parents had a really ugly divorce. My brothers and I were caught in the middle of the mess. I was almost 8 and traumatized. My brothers seemed indifferent though. I was the only one always doing the crying and begging mummy to come back and begging daddy to take mummy back and all.

Sad thing is; Till now, I don’t know why they got a divorce. Upon how nosy I am.

I Also didn’t know my mum had cancer. I only figured when I saw her drug; Tamoxifen. Lots of it. I was older and wiser. So I googled it. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with my breast cancer theory. The breast cancer Magazines, Fliers and all also gave her away.

I remember vividly, My second visiting day as a BMJS student (Fall ’03). I was waiting eagerly for my mum. Clad in my whitest Sunday wear. Mummy did not show :(. My mother’s elder brother came visiting tho. Seeing him deepened my sadness as a matter of fact. He told my elder brother and I that “Mummy went to London for Business”

Mummy’s business trip lasted almost a year. The uncle had to come back to tell us Mummy fell sick while on her business trip and she had to stay back for treatment. I was torn. I cried my head off.

As¬† a smart girl, I figured that mummy was sick even before she left because anytime she was gonna travel she always talked about it. She couldn’t even come to see us in school before leaving.

So much time away didn’t do so much though; sickness was written all over her. She looked emaciated and sickly. Her hair had fallen out too..effect of chemotherapy.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, My mummy survived. She completed her drugs almost a year ago. She’s hale, hearty and she’s on her grind. One of the things I can be thankful for.

I dunno why I’m telling y’all this story, I just felt like sharing.

“Breast Cancer No Dey Respect Breast Size”

So you see Breast cancer (and most other chronic terminal illnesses) does not come with the physical pain alone. Emotional pain comes with it. You see I’m a very emotional somebody. I was always crying but nobody knew. Nobody even knew my parents were divorced. I was very secretive about my family life. I developed my loud mouth towards the end of Secondary school. I met people with worse family situations than¬† mine.

I’m glad my mother survived it. Not everybody does.

That Title is too catchy eh? I know. All of you expecting Quaving Lessons 101, I’m really sorry. October is Breast Cancer awareness month so the timing is just perfect.

You see Ladies, (Dudes don’t get too happy) Men can also have breast cancer (just 1% of breast cancers though). Anyone can have breast cancer so don’t go “Oh! Cancer is for the old ladies” It’s just that the older ladies are prone to Beast cancer as they near menopause. In LUTH today, young girls come with serious cases of breast cancer. I could’ve put up pictures but I don’t want anybody to pass out while reading my post.

So I did a little research…Reading really boring stuff here and there. I should put what I learnt in form of an article, But No. I’ll just give bullet points.

  • The Breast is probably the best thing even before sliced bread ūüėź .
  • Not all breast lumps are cancerous. However, All breast lumps have to be taken out because they can be precursors for cancer. Don’t be like the people that will run to Pastor, Imam, Babalawo and all because they don’t want to undergo surgery. Your situation might just get worse.
  • If you have a personal or genetic history of cancer. You are at a higher risk.
  • Serious cases of Cancers are Metastatic. Metastasis simply means that the cancer cells can spread to lymph nodes and other surrounding areas like the lungs. Even the brain.
  • Since the major risk factors; Sex, Age and Gender cannot be prevented, It is only wise to do a regular screening for early detection which can prevent death from cancer.¬† Other risk factors to breast cancer include overzealous use of oral contraceptives and smoking.
  • ¬†Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Can be easily done and it costs nothing.¬† It should be done regularly. Say monthly; immediately after your menstrual period. A yearly Mammogram is also advisable. Especially for the older ladies.

Breast Self-Examination

I hope I have been able to make sense tho.


This post was inspired by a conversation I had with @Real001 recently.

Sources: Google, Wikipedia,

With Major contributions from @Cycatrx and @Dhamyhan

First off! I want to appreciate people that have been encouraging guys rock!!

No! Im not here to RANT! And This is not #The RantingsOfaGrosslyLazyMedico because Im lazy but not grossly lazy.. You feel me? 8) Kenny You are still sick for that comment..

Anyways, before I digress, Its about my week..HECTIC WEEK..

So I had my Physiology incourse on Tuesday! Yeah the one that I did not know the difference betweeen Tubular resorption and Tubular secretion..I did it sha and Im not gonna tell you how it was :P..Just because my First incourse was a sad story!  I was so happy with myself at the end of the exam but the result was an apology..

I was so heartbroken it felt as if…the more you read, the more you fail! I wont let that happen again tho..I will keep on reading…I wish I could read like some people tho… “read without ceasing’ Im sure if i try it i would drop dead! o well! Different strokes for different folks! BTW its not everybody that reads that passes, so also, It’s not everybody that dosent read that fails some people just have to listen in class #darrisol!

Sha Wednesday came, I had my problem based learning (PBL) presentation in Anatomy…PBL is this cool new way of learning..It involves giving the students a problem to in our case, They will give us a Patients case.. and the patients history, so we have to go about the anatomy of the affected part and then give a diagnosis..its meant to be cool but the circumstances surrounding it make it uncool so i’m not always¬†interested….

Gehn Gehn! The next day was anatomy incourse! Curse my alarm clock! I got home that fateful Wednesday afternoon after the PBL ish and I was so tired, So i made up my mind to read a little, sleep around 7 and wake up at 12 to read..Omo mehn! I woke up at 6.30..I was so mad..Anyway I cannot blame anybody…I dint tell anyone I was having an exam the next day..even if..its everyman for himself..

The exam came, it went obviously..I wont tell you how it was too :p but it is well..

The highlight of the week!! Steeple Chase Yesterday (Friday) I’m sure you must have heard very sad stories about steeple chase but i’m not gonna paint a sad picture here, I will just tell you how it goes..

Well, steeplechase is an anatomy practical where there are 100 stations with different questions.. and there are a few resting spots where you can sit down..As the name implies, Each student is at a station or a resting spot…You have to answer your question in 30 seconds and after 30 seconds,the bell goes and you move on to the next…its quite hard tho..

They pin muscles, tie nerves veins, arteries and all sorts and they will ask you to identify them…There are also histology slides you have to identify which can be quite confusing i tell you because everything is pink and the ones I crammed did not even sho face..It is well..What I love about steeple chase is that even if you dunno it, you can write rubbish cuz there is no negative marking ^_^

And I met @MsSensitivity yesterday ūüôā So nice ^_^


PS: I also met @bule_jr for a short while in the morning (Friday) before my steeplechase…he is so nice ^_^ ..Hope to see him ¬†more often..He is also a relationship blogger..see his blog here¬†…I cant believe I forgot that ūüė¶

I was surfing the net this morning, going through medical blogs and all, and I found these really interesting pictures..

Its just like almost all professions have stereotypes, these are the med student stereotypes.

Almost all Med Bloggers have written about them! I must to delve UTUNU!

They are funny But true.

Here Goes..

The Painfully Enthustiac

We know them..sometimes they piss us off..

Some are ITKs…some are not.

In Medilag XV, we refer to them as the efficientos..Always up to date!!

The Overly Academic

In my Blunt opinion, They are all books no fun!

In the words of my darling Fela, “No break..No jam” Just books!

They tend not to have social lives!

Maybe they did not teach them the “all work and no play makes Musbau a dull boy” in their nursery schools

Can they be called geeks tho?

The Gunner

The gunner knows what he wants and he’s gonna get it!

They can be mistaken for the Painfully Enthustiatic but are really interested in only one discipline.

They remind me of the Surgery jocks in Scrubs.

The Missing

aka Perpetual stabbers…They are the Under G people!

They dont show face in class But you will see them on the dayof the exam..

You will be like “so this one is in our class”

They are the ones that pass codedly! Those matric numbers with High scores and no owners in sight, they are the ones..

Dont get me wrong, not all of ’em pass.

The Crier

It happens…After first incourse, the results are not really what we expected.some people break down

You know that babe..yeah..that babe that you really wanna know what her ******* feel like, This is your chance!

Be strong for her and she will come crying “Oh! I banged my Anatomy incourse..but i read *tears*

Lest I forget, If you are a block-headed boy, she wont run into your arms o! You have nothing to offer.

Im not saying boys cannot cry…I wont even be¬†surprised if i see a dude crying…Its Med School.

The Prankster

These ones are efiwes!! The come to joke with you when they are done reading.

i.e they use you to catch fun..beware of them..

Not all are smart sha!

The Perpetually Enraged

As the name implies, perpetually enraged..

Ki lo fa? Emi o mo!

Answers anybody??

The Questionable Admission

Do I even need to explain,

Questionable admission! You will wonder!

“Come first! Did you write your Jamb Yourself”

Or one of those dumb blonde moments…

like I was arguing with @bYbaaaa That the Clavicle is Scapula…

what was I even thinking? :s

The Sensitive Soul

One Word: Alaanu Samaria (M)

Mother Theresa (F)

The One-Track Mind

Dont mistake him for the Gunner cuz the Gunner excels!

The Twelve-Year-Old

Those people that always giggle when the topic is about those *ahem* areas..

yes you gorrit!!

This reminds me of my Secondary School Biology Teacher..

That woman is blessed! she could use her body as a specimen…I cant go into details but BMJS peeps know what I’m talking about.
The Sane One.

Drops out of Med School.

So what cartegoy(ies) do you fall into?

Responses in the comment box please. ūüėÄ


All illustrations are by Scut Monkey

PS: The term ‘Efficiento’ was coined by @dollstreasure (a very pretty babe…follow her ūüôā )

    • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
    • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
    • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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