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Hey guys! Today we have DankarO ShintO telling us what Grinds his gears. Enjoy.

Ladies and gentlemen, children of ages 13+, welcome once again to the amazing world of Kemi’s TTGMG. As much as I would love to stand on existing protocols and get straight to the point, I’m afraid I have to do a little education.

This might be a bit out of point but seeing as the actual thing that grinds my gear can be stated in a simple sentence I’m trying to get this to be presentable long enough to be classed as an article and I’ve always being intrigued by the differences and relationship between them, I’m gonna teach you guys the difference between liquors and liqueurs before we move on.

In general, “liqueurs” are sweetened spirits with various flavors, oils, and extracts. Liqueur alcohol content can range from a low 15% to 55%, so potency is not a distinguishing factor. Rum, whiskey, brandy, and other liquors can serve as a base spirit for liqueurs. Cream liqueurs have cream added, while créme liqueurs are much sweeter, likened to a potent syrup. Our ancestors referred to liqueurs as cordials, and they were often used medicinally. Now, we just use them to pull trips.

Liquor is an alcoholic beverage made of grains or other plants which is fermented into a potent drink. Although sugar is generally used in the fermentation process, the resulting liquor is not sugary sweet. Liquors are nowadays available in flavored forms, but they are not sweet to the palate. The flavor is usually added after distilling through a steeping process, much like vinegars and oils are infused.

*professor mode deactivated*

This brings me to the moral of the story:

Nigerian, or should I say African girls seem to be unable to handle their alcohol.

See for a while now, I’ve declared myself perpetually single and wholly celibate. For that reason, I’ve come to be the usual “third wheel” in all hanging out and drinking sessions with my friends, their babes and most times “le side boo”.

*please don’t ask bout my Valentine’s day*

This new found lack of inhibition and freedom to imbibe led me to that very disappointing conclusion.

First off, let’s establish why alcohol is essential to having an awesome party.

In an ideal situation and a perfect world, girls would come to parties, sidon free chair, chop free food, drink free juice and dance. Emphasis here on Dance. In this oh so wonderful place, the host won’t have to run around trying to use paint thinner to unstick their butts from the chairs on which they have turned Mount Zion that can’t be moved.

Alas we live in a warped world where to get the testosterone immersed dance floor diluted with a little estrogen can be likened to getting the Head-Arab-In-Charge of Iran to admit that they are building nuclear weapons. And there, my dear Frodo is where alcohol comes in. Yes, plenty alcohol can do what the combo of Lynnxx and Brymo were not able to achieve in the last party I went to.

Okkie, now let’s use the unfortunate analogy of the “developed” and “underdeveloped” countries.
In the so called developed countries, when a girl is given a drink, manipulated into drinking or just plain told “drink this booze or die”, she becomes the life of the party. And when you’ve got about 10 girls who are the “lifes” of the party, then the term awesome may be vaguely introduced into any further future references to the said party.

From the above paragraph, I’d like y’all to remember the key phrase; “life of the party”.

Now let’s navigate closer to home. The erstwhile “underdeveloped” abodes like ours. I’d like kemi to design a research around this though, cause I’m puzzled by the 360 degree about turn we find closer to home. You make the MISTAKE of giving a girl booze to drink in Nigeria, then you’ve single handedly ruined you day, night, coming day and coming night, and possible your entire week.

(Insert your tale here)

For those of us with delusions of grandeur, we find it funny and actually look down on girls which drink anything other than liqueur. Of which the most common is Baileys. The said Baileys I’m certain has been the downfall of so many masculine spirits in various stages of inerbraitions. The thing is they(girls) become a Liability! You give her half a glass, just half a glass of Baileys and she magically metamorphoses into……

*Wait for it*



Not the firm aggressive fried plantain we buy in the bukkas’ and eateries my dear Frodo, Nah, I’m talking bout the overripe ones we eat at home cause everyone was too lazy to fry it until it was almost bad. Yea the kind dodo wey dey turn belle.

So since human cloning, breeding and artificial selection have being deemed unethical and immoral, I think the best way is to avoid the problem. So for my ladies out there before you take that sip, remember that you’re may just be on your way to ruining not just your good time but the guy that’s trying to get you to drink it too. So take out time and explain to the dude. And trust me, if he’s got an iota of common sense, he’s gonna go look for a Wafi babe. Guaranteed to drink him under the table.

And for the ever teeming, youthful- exuberance-exuding-and-eager-to-get-her-drunk male folks out there, trust me on this one. Its so not worth it! Since we are unable to alter the defaults of the female psyche, anatomy and physiology to more beneficial settings, niccuhs…..get a Calabar girlfriend. They are always on a high!

What do I know about alcohol?(._. )



A pet peeve is what one finds particularly annoying to them to a greater extent than others find it.

My pet peeves include;
1. When I organize a place and someone else comes to mess it up. When I organize something, no one is expected to mess it up except me. I can be a neat freak when I want to be and when I’m a neat freak, I take it to the extreme. Someone once accused me of having OCD; I’m chilled now though.

2. Classmates who prolong class by asking the most inane questions. Such people should be caged if you ask me.

3. People who take my stuff without asking. As If taking my stuff is not bad enough, some people return it only when I discover its missing or return it in a bad shape. I don’t see the big deal in returning something the same way you took it or even better.

4. Borrowing something and not returning it. The last time I checked, anything borrowed is meant to be returned but I don’t understand why certain people fail to understand the concept of borrowing and returning.

5. When I show someone a picture on a cellphone and the person decides to go through all the pictures on said cellphone. I call this being Nigerian.

One does not just have 5 pet peeves.
Just for kicks, My other pet peeves include;

People that throw unnecessary jabs at Ibadan people.

Failed downloads.

People who read what you’re doing on your phone on a bus. Another Nigerian behavior.

People that never let you have a say in a conversation.

Ice cream dripping off the cone.

Sharwama getting all messed up.

When I download a movie and it turns out to be anime porn. (._. )

People that say pics. ”

People without game spirit. I don’t have game spirit too. lol double standard.

Discussing an exam I just wrote. Especially when it wasn’t good. Why bring up sad memories?

People that ping only when they need favors. I ‘may’ do this too.

Pressing the toothpaste from the middle.

PEOPLE THAT TWEET IN CAPS. What are you shouting for?

Wn ppl typ lyk dis 0r lyk di5.

When the person who takes the last of something puts the empty package back.

When my step mum doesn’t allow us eat something that eventually gets spoilt. Especially when its plantain.

Blunt pencils.

Over sabi.

When someone else’s alarm wakes me up.

The Sales girls at Foodee. Foodee is a fast food restaurant in my school. The sales girls act like you came to beg for food and they NEVER have change. All this on top overpriced food.

Tangled earphones. Like the bane of my existence

Typing am instead of I’m/I am.

That should be all.

Thanks for checking back. 🙂

It was like child’s play when I typed my angry letter to Mr. President and sent it to The Punch for publishing. I knew my chances of getting published were slim but I sent it anyways.

On Thursday morning, it became a reality; I woke up to so many missed calls and texts messages from strange phone numbers. I went on to receive more phone calls and text messages even till Sunday. This experience has been an eye opener for me; igt led me to see how much the everyday Nigerian feels but he cannot express.

I deeply appreciate all the feedback I got in form of texts, phone calls, Facebook and Twitter messages.

Thankfully, we had uninterrupted power supply in LUTH from the night before till Monday; but I woke up to the sad news that Mr. President just made a nationwide broadcast and he had ‘declared’ the new pump price of petrol to be =N=97 per liter and he had deployed the military men to Lagos to bring protesters to book. That is an infringement on our rights. This is a democracy we have the right to say NO when the government brings about unjust policies. This is not a dictatorship.

Mr. President, your soldiers were so well equipped and professional. Why then did you send them after the innocent and unarmed masses and not Boko Haram? Did you even think about that?

I knew the kind of reaction this will bring so I took to twitter to see what the youth had to say; Of course the youth were not happy. Their reaction was like;

“=N=65 or nothing! #OccupyNigeria”

 But a select few felt otherwise. Check this out;

“=N=141 to =N=97…at least they have reduced it”

I believe this is the kind of mentality that has gotten us to where we are today. If we stood our ground in times past when the leaders were removing the subsidy poco a poco, surely they will think twice before even thinking about removing the subsidy. It is high time we get rid of such mentality and fight for our rights instead of suffering because of the government’s insufficiencies.

I see what the president did there though, He increased the pump price of fuel from =N=65 to =N=97. He just conned his way to make us think that he reduced it. Do not be deceived.

We waited for news from the NLC/TUC leaders. They shifted ground. They bailed on us. They called off the strike. Now that I’m thinking about it; it was a plan after all; It could not be a coincidence that the military presence was put in place so that when the strike is called off, the unsatisfied populace will not go haywire and take to the streets. We do not know what happens during your so-secret deliberations so all we can do is to speculate.

Now that you have had your way and the masses have been left to be trampled upon, there are so many things disturbing me.

Firstly, since we are still in the 2011 fiscal year, whose pockets will the extra =N=44 per liter go? And whose pockets did subsidy that has been removed since the first of January go? Because I know for sure that these subsidies have been catered for in the 2011 budget.

Secondly, since you claim to not know the cabal and you have asked for the NNPC to be audited, how sure are we that you will not keep on protecting the cabal? Even if the cabal is brought forward, how do you intend to prosecute them? We know how it goes. We hope they don’t develop any terminal illness during trial after which they will be sentenced to 6 months in a fancy hospital and come back to lead their fancy lives. That is not justice Mr. President. They have to be dealt with like the criminals that they are.

Also, immediately after your January first broadcast, the price of almost everything escalated. What are we meant to do now because there is no way on earth that these prices are going to fall and we still have to go to the same market with the same pay?

Lastly, the 2012 budget must not be approved. All the excesses of the government have to be cut short. The Nigerians cannot keep on paying for the excesses of our government. We want a budget that is free of anomalies before it is approved.

I also hope the promises made by the SURE program are going to be effected. We are tired of the government’s promise and fail. Make a difference and let us renew our trust in you.

In conclusion, the gadget wielding Nigerian youth are now more informed than ever. We are watching and taking note of every step of the way. The president should not be intimidated by the bounty of our knowledge. This is the information age and we refuse to watch and wait. If you destroy Nigeria now, what will be left for us?

May those that lost their lives to the struggle rest in perfect peace.

The only thing I can ask you is WHY???. Why??

I’m scheduled to sit for my first professional exam commencing on the 23rd of this month. Only God knows If the exam is going to hold on the said date. Knowing the gravity of this exam, I am always riddled with guilt if I am not reading or sleeping. Sometimes I could be caught tweeting; but I could not imagine myself taming my anger by writing a letter. Now, I cannot read. Neither can I sleep. Tweeting is the last thing on my mind. I cannot read because there is no power and my rechargeable lamp has lost all its power. I cannot sleep because of the overwhelming heat in my small LUTH room. I am using the remaining power on my laptop to write this letter to you. I can spare my remaining battery power because I believe I am typing away my anger.

I may not know all the facts and the figures or the intricate details but I sure know what is happening. I have read different articles; Listened to my uncles argue. I have listened to people lamenting about the state of the nation. Everybody expressing almost the same views.

First of all, deliberations had not yet been concluded before you slapped us in the face with the awesome New Year’s Day gift. The issue of  subsidy removal I am sure has been swept aside by most Nigerians for the holiday celebration since you said it was going to effect from the 1st of April being the beginning of the financial year. Truth be told, many Nigerians don’t know what the subsidy means. They just know that the price of Fuel has just escalated for the umpteenth time in 10 years.

What is this I hear about the subsidy being non-existent? That our local refineries can produce enough fuel for the nation’s daily consumption. How true is this? If you ask me, I will tell you that there is some sort of conspiracy behind all this. Some people are obviously benefitting from this importing and exporting frenzy because no answers are being provided and the only logical thing for the government to have done over the years is to have fixed the refineries. You do not need a doctorate degree to know this.

Mr. President, remove the subsidy on fuel but not at this time. Provide us with good roads, stable electricity, affordable housing, good healthcare facilities, standard education, employment and most of all, Increase minimum wage.

You cannot expect someone to live on =N=18,000 every month. It does not even sound feasible. How will you pay rent, eat, pay transport fare  and still send your children to school. This is pure EVIL!! When you were asking us to vote for you, you said you had no shoes. In essence, you want other people to go about without shoes too?? We thought you will understand the plight of the poor and make a difference.

On another turf, being a lecturer, we expected you to uphold the essence of education. Now ASUU is on strike. Young students are sitting at home. Idle. When the money you use to wet your garden can make so much difference. It is a shame.

This is meant to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people; but you don’t act as such. You act as if you are against us. How can you overhaul your kitchen utensils with millions of naira every year and Nigerians are hungry. It really baffles me because I am now wondering if you swallowed the spoons and the pots you used last year along with the food. A recent analysis stated that with the amount of money you want to use to feed, I can spend =N=50,000 for the next 52 years of my life.  I don’t understand how the very brilliant Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala let such anomalies pass through her office.

You went to South Africa to celebrate with the ANC. I am pretty sure that you saw their standard airport and their good roads; you cannot say you are Ray Charles to all the good things that are there. Not only South Africa, all other nations you travel to in your pretty presidential jet. You see how all those things work and you cannot come back here to do the same. Murtala Muhammed Int’l is the same of a nation.

We are not occupying Nigeria only because of the fuel subsidy removal. We are also saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Enough of the corruption, money laundering, wasteful spending, unaccountability and all other vices that are synonymous with the Nigerian government.

On a final note, the whole world is watching Mr. President. The whole world is watching. You had better ditch your Fedora for a thinking cap.

Hey people! Happy New Year to you all, Hope you’re having an awesome new year, Subsidy aside.

Today, I have a post written by my friend and colleague; Joey @Joe4jah


I just had to put this into writing, perhaps one bold man (I’m not a sexist, with all due apologies to the XX species) — Cos only men have these kinda balls (just 4, including the eyeballs) — will get inspired enough to buy into my idea and who knows? It just might be the future!

Watching all sorts of documentaries while growing up, I couldn’t ignore this about the Chinese and the Japs. Those dudes live long I must confess, that is if they survive the urge to commit suicide. Ignore the noodles, let’s face the bicycles.

I’ve always been saying to my friends that we need to adopt that “bicycle society” thingy but they scoffed at me asking if I would like to RIDE a bicycle to work while others DRIVE cars. But now, we have to revisit this issue with the increase in fuel price due to the removal of subsidy which some claimed never even existed…  that’s talk for another day (not meant literally though).

The importance of bicycles to the Nigerian society cannot be over-emphasized and I’m just gonna share them with you in case you’ve never really thought about it before.

1          Bicycles are cheap! And guess what, they do the same job of transportation. The money you would use in buying a car would buy a dozen bikes.  Common, sell that car and make every member of your family a proud bike owner and if you’ve got no family member, a lil extra cash on your hands to fund your other non-fuel related vanities.

2          Kneel down to thank me if I give you a bicycle for your wedding gift (2 would be appropriate cos you’re a couple right?). If I give you a car, I’d be ruining your marriage a little too early cos that’s gonna be your “kalokalo”. What would it cost you to maintain a bicycle? Engine oil I guess… just to make sure u ride without friction (I’m sure a dirty mind is saying SEXUAL already *smh*). But to maintain a car? I don’t have one, no one in my house does (fuel-subsidy-removal-induced courage) but I have friends that do and I hear words on the streets. Fuel is just but a part of the maintenance albeit a very important one. Long and short of the story: TO HELL WITH FUEL (Oops! We don’t want that, do we? Talk about shooting yourself in the leg).

3          I can bet the battery of my laptop (it’s spoilt FYI) that you know someone or someone that knows someone that is suffering from hypertensive heart disease. Heart diseases and stroke usually originate from hypertensive heart disease too before you say na only stroke full ur family. Imagine living in Ikeja while working in Yaba. Cycling to and from work everyday will keep you healthy for real. You’ll burn off the excess calories in your body, you’ll reduce your blood cholesterol level and ladies always wanting to be in shape cos of the high level of P setting in town (you gotta keep ur man, hoes girls ain’t smiling) will have just the perfect medium to do that. Cycling will increase the life expectancy in Nigeria cos hypertensive heart disease is a major killer no thanks to junk food courtesy of the likes of KFC (I know they just came but they’re spreading like the plague dammit!).

4          For those of you that feel you’ve really not done anything to help mother earth. Here is a chance to feel relevant. It’s still bicycle o. But think of the fact that you won’t be burning hydrocarbon fuels anymore. Think of the fact that you won’t be releasing green house gases. Think of your impact in salvaging the ozone layer and the fact that your children will reduce or maybe eradicate the curses they’ll place on this generation for doing so much damage to the ozone layer. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Get a bike TODAY!

5          The view! Oh my! The views I meant! My dear brethren, it is with gladness of heart I announce to you…*drums rolling*… the breath-taking, asthma-inducing, early morning booties! Yeah u read well… BOOTIES! Asses if you like. You’re gonna be blessed with some gracious views of them asses on the bike as u ride behind them (again, NOT SEXUAL). Morning is better cos they would have put in a lot to look their best (ladies I know y’all look in the mirror to confirm if that ass is gonna kill). Coming back from work, it ain’t gonna be looking so fresh anymore + you’ll be too tired to appreciate the goodness therein… except for some horny bastids of course.

6          P setting! P setting toh quality! When stuck in a little bike traffic and the babe beside you looks like it, go for it soldier! Ride by her side and set that P. You’ll be amazed at how many peeps you’d meet on the road while receiving the early morning fresh air. Bliss… that’s what it sounds like to me.

I’ m sure y’all get the crux of the matter. We don’t need fuel that much. We can cut down on that “golden fluid” and tell those idiats to stick their own pee sticks up their own asses we are survivors. *in Abacha’s voice*So fellow Nigerians, let the cycling begin!

I want to thank my colleagues @Dhamyhan 4 his wise contributions & @Kemmiiii for hosting me on her webspace. I look forward to more collabos (yet not sexual).


What do you think?

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Lemme Introduce to you Nkechi Modupeola Okoisor (@_nkechi). My close personal friend. Student, Model and CEO FAHARI COUTURE.

She’s a lil’ bit insane. I tried to interview her via BBM but we couldn’t keep a sane conversation.


Kemi :  Oya lerrus do our interview
Nkechiola: I’m ready 😀
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How old are you?
Nkechiola: Ori e o pe ni? Wetin consign age with Fahari
Next qweshon!!!!
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : What inspired you to start Fahari Couture?
Nkechiola: Ehen…tiff! Where did u tiff that question from?
Kemi : My head
Nkechiola: Na so
Kemi : Answer Bitch
Nkechiola: Wo iss too long
Nkechiola: Oya chill
Kemi : Ok ma
Nkechiola: I had this barbie doll then, I would always design and sew clothes for her out of my old clothes, and I just had interest in it. My main inspiration was when I went for a fashion show here in Lagos, I met with top designers like Mai Attafo and the likes, I saw their designs being displayed on runway and I just thought to myself “you can do better than this” and that was all, I decided to take it into business
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : Who are your major pillars of Support?
Nkechiola: The pillar of salt
Kemi : Oh..Salty Bitch
Nkechiola: I no get jor
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : I’ll put your mum and myself
Nkechiola: Ok, my mum
Nkechiola: Weyrey!!

Kemi : Where do you see Fahari in the next 5 years?
Nkechiola: *clears throat* I see Fahari….err I dunno how to put the  english. I see fahari going international, being an African couture I want to leave foot prints in other parts of the world
Kemi : Ok
Kemi : How do you combine school work with designing?
Nkechiola: Jamb question!!!
Nkechiola: Designing is a part of me jor! :p I did fine art in ss3 you don forget ni?

Nkechiola: So it doesn’t affect it baybay!
Kemi : Ok

Some more info;

She started since: 2005 as Helen Kisor wears, she changed to Fahari Couture because she wants an African name.

Why Fahari?: Fahari covers the whole of Africa because it means Pride/Splendor in Swahili and Swahili is the most spoken indigenous      language in Africa.

Her inspiration: Her inspiration  comes about when she thinks about the challenges African women pass through everyday, she puts her ideas down into drawings (not writing)

Her newest collections:  they are called “Vukani” meaning Rise and shine in Zulu, these designs are based on stories from the 6 African countries who speak the language, their women have been through assaults one way or the other, they’ve also been beat down so many ways. These designs just imply that one should rise and shine no matter what they’ve been through.’

She makes:  Only clothes…And only for women of all shapes…Of all ages.

Contact: 07065367642.

Twitter: @fahari_couture / @_nkechi

Address: 94 opebi road

Watch out for Fahari Couture on the runway at Get Arena for Vibes and Stitches this December the 22nd.

Since The YNaija #hashtag party saga, I have been meaning to write this post…my hectic week did not let me…But @KevinWithAnL (agbaya like him) beat me to guy…He did it so well I did not feel like posting this again…read it Here

Oh well! Now you’ve seen that im sure you are reeling with laughter…God go make me funnier o!

Let me add that my sweeetie @Dhamyhan is now my official Editor..yelz!


#NIGERIANTWITTER…where can I even start from??  Is it the Gbagauns? Or the Twitter Lords? or the Twitter Celebs? Or the twitter Polize? Or the Houseboys and Housegirls? Or the Odina Wannabes? Or the Quiz master wannabes? or Sir and lady Famz-a-lots? Dont lemme bore you… I remember when twitter was just for fun…You’ll just come, tweet trash, make sense, nobody to stroke you and all….

I think the population of the Nigerian Twitter Community Took a Geometric increase that is why we have all sorts now! 😦 I even remember when the Gbagaun detector first Gbagauned me…I was so mad! I got over 100 mentions! I insulted him ehn…But I realised that it was just for fun…Twitter is not real life…It’s just a social network and the Gbagaun detector was having his fun and there i was fuming in front of my 2700..Thank God I did not even enter his favourites..see his favourites here

Nobody is perfect…But your Gbagauns make twitter fun…It’s even more fun when the Twitter Lord’s sitting on their ‘Throwns’ gbagaun..The feeling is better than getting your picture ‘taking’ after ‘catching’ a big cheque.

There is this particular Twitter Celeb….Very popular for his quizzes..Cool Aura is what he calls himself! He takes it to heart when you gbagaun any of his tweets..He will even go as far as blocking you *CHEERS* …He now came up with Twitter Amnesty Programme (TAP) where he was unblocking people with so much grandeur..who does that?? Im even surprised he dosent have a PA For his account yet…

Sadly, I was once his faithful student *_*…I wonder where he will be without google…I guess google has failed him now..cuz now he only tweets stolen quotes…Hehe and he was the one that caused that YNaija ish o! This leads me to the next…

So there was this party Hosted by Ynaija and Chocolate City (Im saying this for the sake of members of the last carriers association) So them twitter celebs went…Aura Cool twitpiced a picture of he, the detector and black super man…that Is how the ugly talk started…..Different tweets started rolling in…’Ugly’ even trended…

It was a bad night for them I’m sure..they shook It off really well…People were saying that there was no way on earth that the detector was gonna keep on Gbagauning people….they were so wrong! He resurfaced…with a gbagaun!! There was this really mean tweet and I quote “How can you “gbagaun” people’s tweets when you look like mother nature’s own “gbagaun”? #Fuckery” 😦

That is the life of a twitter celeb o! Your every tweet is dare not gbagaun what a life!

Moving On..

I’ve made some really amazing additions to the dictionary we’ve seen over time…

Superstar -> Soup or Star ( made popular by the he yay yay yay crooner)

Antiperspirant Deodorant -> Antiperspective Deodorant

Mermaid -> Marmade

Thrown -> Throne

Hills -> heels/ hiss

Self Esteem -> selves of steam

Catch -> Cash

Riff Raff -> Rift Raft (by someone very close to my heart)

Diesel ->Dizzle (Rita #udontmeanit)

Taking -> Taken

Diss -> Ditch (Na Lasu babe talk am >_>)

Suede Spray -> Swayed Spray

Peace -> Piss

Pray without ceasing ->Pray without seizing

Leornado Di Caprio -> Leolanda Di Caprisonne

Ambience → Umbeyonce

*sigh* It is well…Let us all pray without ‘siezing’ so that it will remain well..

Do I need to talk about twitfights, the twitfighters and the tribalists? They are all just Yellow Bar Seekers…You cant NOT care about someone’s opinion and twitfight the person for his/her opinion…you just kent!!

Those tribalists ehn! their own is another case…they were taking it out on poor IB girls like s well with their bitter souls..

Its true sef…Almost everybody is now allergic to bullshit or Dosent Give A Fuck…when the bull now does the big  job who will now pack it then?

AHA!! The Houseboys and Housegirls…They help you cc people in your subs..We have many of them around…they can serve as voltrons at times…

Many  Twitter sociologists have propanded the caste system…here is mine….

Twitter Lords > Twitter Celebs > General Public > Famzers > Househelps > Tribalists > Quiz masters > Odinas

I have many things dancing in my head right now..ranging from the sexy, hawt, pwettie and all handles that their avatars say quite the opposite..and all the Famzers and all the teams #teamfollowback and all sorts…There are so many teams that someone new to twitter might think it’s a sports site…..But this is a saga for another day..

And remember…

It’s just twitter.


Rants and Additions are welcome..use the comment box…CHEERS 😀

PS: Many Thanks to all the people that have been supporting me!! You guys rock!!

PPS: Don Jazzy’s Enigma is causing something else o! different songs sha! In case you haven’t heard Vic O’s song ‘Why Evils’ Download it here It is the best yet! *ROTFL* Vic O for president!! We are still awaiting Majela’s link..

PPPS: (I  wonder why I must have a PS everytime!) News getting to me states that there was a fight at the #TeamYabaLeft RAG party…And there is a video!! Hehe i think a video is better than pictures…Pictures lie!

    • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
    • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
    • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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