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People that know me well + My Readers that have been around for a pretty long while already know that I’m gonna go on and on about Fela. Yes. I loved afrobeat before it became cool to be Afrocentric.

Fela is my favorite musician.

I mean, what’s not to love? Dude’s a LEGEND! He was an Activist in his own way. I only wish he didn’t die the way he did and when he did. He should’ve been around to sing about all the bullshit that’s going on in this our blessed country. I can imagine what he’ll be singing now when he was singing all that when the country was relatively good.

If you ask me, I’d say Fela was a Nostradamus in his own right because his songs are still apply. Very much so.

You shouldn’t be surprised that I like BlackMagic too. The musician that is. His music reminds me of Fela and he is just different. Just like I made my roommates in year 1 know/like Fela, my present roommates are already undergoing the ‘BlackMagic-Loving’ conversion process.

Its even funny how I’m a Fela fan and I’ve never been to his shrine or his new museum. I just need someone to take me. Lol.

Because I love Fela so much, I’m going to use my first paycheck as an House Officer (intern) to buy his complete works. I was originally planning to use the money to send my father to Jerusalem but he simply laughed and said; “There are many trips to pay for” when I suggested it to him.

Yeah. There you have it;

Fela! Is my guy *in Ice Prince’s voice*

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