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Hello Lovelies! I missed y’all too. :*

So… The good news or the bad news?

Meh… I don’t have any good news. The fact that I’m done with my exams would’ve been good news except for the fact that the outcome of my exam (result) is really uncertain/unpredictable and I literally have my heart in my mouth. The thought of resitting any paper scares the shit out of me. Not to talk of the thought of repeating the class. The amount of bullshit I wrote in the exam didn’t even help matters.

I have faith in the same God that helped me pass my Part one physiology; I didn’t make an atom of sense in that paper but I still passed. You see, there’s a God and this God is ‘my God of Part one physiology pros’ that is gonna help me somehow.

More bad news, School resumes on Monday. I’m starting my Basic Clinical Skills (BCS) training. No Holiday. The agony. If I did really well in my exam, I probably won’t be feeling bad about this.

Automatically, Majority of ‘After Pros‘ plans have been put asunder. #Bummer.

Some More Bad News, My Blackberry gave up on me two days ago. Life without quick access to the Internet really sucks. Anyways, goodbye to the struggleberry I’m getting me a new phone that costs less than 20,000 Naira. People that read Kemminy Snickets know why.

In a nutshell, the last two weeks of my life have been two really horrible cum emotional weeks for me. I realized that I’m actually stronger than I think I am because I actually lived through these two horrible weeks. After my Pharmacology paper on Monday the 4th, I made up my mind not to sit for Pathology on Tuesday the 5th. I sat for all my papers even though I was at the brink of giving up. Thank God for good friends.

Part Two Pros/ Second MB/’Path and Pharm’ exam is an experience of a lifetime and I don’t wish for anyone to experience it twice.

I’m going to give a testimony in church on Sunday. I just have to.

So, the next time you see someone that has gone through ‘Path and Pharm’, you have to dobale (____O_) for the person whether the person passed or failed because that Ish is not beans.

I’m off to get some more rest.

Hope I get the zeal to blog and officially appreciate DankarO ShintO and Damilare for my Liebster Award.


PS. I’m still accepting TTGMG posts. Mail


I had an awesome weekend! First time after an embarrassingly long time!
Hope yours was twice as awesome as mine?

It’s valentine’s week people! This is just a time for we single people to remember how unloved we are. Shoving all the lovey dovey things in our faces and stuff. But hey single people, side chicks and people that are not sure if they’re their boo’s boo; 20130211-224651.jpg

On to more meaningful things,


Earlier today, I found myself in the autopsy room watching as three pathologists cut up an Eleven year old boy and a Seventy-seven year old man in search of the causes of their individual deaths.
Both died on Saturday the 9th.

At the end of the day, I had two questions and learnt two things.
My first question is that; what exactly is that thing that just trips off like a switch and makes people die? Like what causes their hearts to stop beating all of a sudden and cause all systems to shut down ? One second they are living and breathing and the next they’re lifeless. Just like a piece of wood.
As the assistants were sawing through the lifeless boy’s skull, I was looking out for the boy’s facial expression. A grimace. A twitch. But nothing. He was just there; oblivious of the fact that his skull was being sawed through and his brain about to be uprooted. I’m sure his spirit would have been cringing.

Secondly, What is a little boy’s business dying? I mean, 11 year old boy like that; about to hit puberty or had hit puberty. I’m sure he had dreams to be a pilot or a doctor or an engineer or something. He just ended up on the Pathologist’s table. Just like that. It definitely wasn’t the plan.
You see; Bintin L’aye. Today you’re here and tomorrow? You’re gone.
God knows best. I pray God comforts his family.

At the end of the day, Rigor Mortis remains the state nobody has ever seen you and it’s the state they’ll see you in for the first time and it’s the last time they’ll ever see you. I hope this makes sense. Lol.

I learnt that you shouldn’t mess with a pathologist. They’ll make your death look like an accident. Trust me.

Also, I may be considering a career in pathology. I started cultivating the idea when I started watching CSI Miami. Today’s experience has coaxed me some more. My mother will be totally creeped out but it’s my life. She almost gagged when I told her about my ‘Cadaver-cutting’ escapades. She thinks I’ve lost my soul. Lol.

That should be all.
It’s Back to the books for me.
Happy ‘loving’ people. Love safely.

PS. A girl named Nike stopped me on the hospital corridor today and told me that she loves my blog. Celeb moment right there! Nike just got into Medilag and started lectures today. Welcome to Medilag Nike. Wishing you all the best. :*. You’ll love it here.

TV Shows.

I cannot just mention “one of my favorite TV shows” because I love all my TV shows with the love of the Lord.

I download almost everything Lancer has to offer. If you dunno Lancer, you’re most likely not a series junkie like I am. They brighten my boring life.

So My Favorite TV Shows in no particular order include;

The Big Bang Theory (BBT). People that don’t like BBT can’t even be friends with me. How can you not love Sheldon Cooper and his antics? Pure unadulterated humor. I’d keep on watching even if they go as far as 50 seasons.

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). This show is getting annoying but I keep on watching it! I just can’t help it. Barney Stinson keeps amazing me and I really want to know who the mother is.

Pretty Little Liars (PLL). It’s annoying how I find this show annoying and stupid and I keep on watching it. I even rejoice when I’m downloading a new episode. The solution to these girls’ problem is very simple: TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH. But no.

The X Factor US. Very emotional Show. I develop emotional attachments to my favorite contestants. I currently have a crush on @VinoAlan. Can’t get enough of Simon Cowell’s remarks either.

Arrow. It’s pretty new. Nothing special about it. I’m just getting to like it. It is based on the fictional Green Arrow.

Guys With Kids. Also a new TV show, not so spectacular.

Ben and Kate. Another new TV show. Very basic.

Gossip Girl. The writers of this show are a confused lot. I was disappointed by the finale.

Suits. Sheer Awesomeness. Please, this isn’t about the suits people wear. -__-

Homeland. As the name implies, it’s about the US Homeland security and the war on terror. Really engaging but someone has to put a leash on Carrie Matherson.

Alcatraz. This is one show I love but it ended after the first season. You should wiki this show. I love the idea behind it.

Family Guy. Just for gags.

South Park. Stupid, Funny and Blasphemous. That’s exactly why I watch it.

Scrubs. Funny + Medical. How will I not love it.

CSI Miami. Too much CSI made me consider a career in Pathology. It still sounds like a good idea. Medical forensics. B-)

I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, Nikita, Merlin, Game of Thrones and other series people seem to be fascinated with. No genuine interest.

I also have to get around to watching House, 24 and some others that were ‘in’ when I wasn’t interested in TV shows.

What TV Shows do you watch?


“Do you know what a pace maker is?” Asked Dr. What’s her name.

*Crickets* replied the class.

“How did you end up in medical school?!” She asked with so much wonderment written all over her face.

In all fairness, Nobody was paying attention to her. At least I wasn’t and I sure as hell know what a pace maker is.

Dr. What’s her name is a really good lecturer I must add; She obviously loves teaching and she knows how to get attention and keep it. She had my passive attention because I couldn’t pay full attention to her as I was busy trying to master the fact that Ivermectin was used in the treatment of Onchocerciasis and Rivabirin was used in the treatment of Lassa Fever. I kept mixing them up and My morbid anatomy (Pathology) incourse was just a few hours away.

She got me reminiscing; Really. How did I end up in medical school?

How I ended up in medical school is different from why I ended up up in medical school. Many people want to end up in medical school but just can’t make the cut so how did I make the cut?

Honestly and in the humblest of ways, medical school wanted me more than I wanted medical school.
I made the Merit list for Unilag diploma and Both the Merit and supplementary list for entry via post UME. All for the same MB;BS degree. When I tell people, they always think its because my mother was a staff of Unilag but in all honesty, everything was by merit and God’s grace.

See why I have to be thankful? Such blessing in one year when people undergo the eternal struggle of writing JAMB so many times to get their desired course of study and I got two chances at one go.
I can’t even think of writing that dreaded exam more than once. Those physics questions that I had to do ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ to get and those impossible Use of English questions. I’ll just die of frustration. I’d probably have become one Balogun market big girl by now or a witch doctor sef. That’s just me shifting to Plan B.

Thank you Jesus for sticking to the plan.

With that said, my Morbid Anatomy incourse was fine. I guess. I’ll just let the results manifest.
On to the next incourse. Almighty Pharmacology.

One more thing, Dr. What’s her name is hilarious. I think she’s a Warri woman.
She said any phone that is not Internet enabled is a stone and I found that statement really funny.

PS. I just had this really minor celeb moment; someone entered my room to invite me to church after all she had to say, she asked if I was a writer and I was like yeah, how did she know and she was like not to worry. 😀


🎶🎵What’s your selling point?
Do you know your selling point?
You gats to know your selling point!
Oya identify your selling point! 🎵🎶


Dr. Sho was just going on and on about Urinalysis, Bladder cancer, tract infections, pigments, cast and so on. I sha found a way to disconnect -classic Kemi- ; In my defense, the class was hot and when it gets hot like that, my zeal to learn drops to zero.

So I opened my Scope app and the first tweet I saw was this;


Yeah. So what exactly is a selling point? Judging from all what D’Prince said, I believe your selling point is something about you that stands out and draws attention towards you. Simply put.

So what’s my selling point?
It has to be my smile. 😃 I may have a really horrible dentition but I still bare my pearly whites when smiling. Trust me, they’re white.

if na book you sabi e good.

Ehen. I used to be really intelligent but med school happened. I still sabi book small. Abi nobody can be in med school and be dumb. At least not for three years. Med school has this special way of making you feel like a standard retard when in actual fact you’re really knowledgeable. True story.
Med school has humbled me mehn but I still sabi book. All I need to do is rid myself of this laziness. The bane of my existence.

Of which, Your selling point can be your talent too. Yes? Of which I have none. No special talent. *sniff* That’s how @iheartbluebunny reminded me of how I tried out in the 1,500m race back in secondary school but I fainted 😦 just skinny for nothing.

Anyways, all I’m asking Santa for this Christmas is a size able behind. Dear Santa, I know that’s not too much to ask for. I need to diversify my selling points.

Have you Identified your selling point?

  • None
  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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