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Broken any resolutions yet? Me? I didn’t make any.

You Should read My 2012

On December 1st 2012, I tweeted; “This year hasn’t been my year.” Yes, it wasn’t my best year yet, because I’ve had better years and I know that I have better years to come.

It only took my reading Okeimoute’s story on 19th Street to appreciate my year. When Efe was asking people to pick dates to write, I wasn’t moved to because I didn’t feel the need to share how my 2012 went. Reading Okiemoute’s story made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for and that my year couldn’t have been any better.

I had more highs than lows this past year and 2012 was my year.


I wrote my First professional examinations in January/February and I wasn’t confident about passing all my courses. I was even preparing to resit my physiology paper before the results came out. Thankfully, when the results came out, I made all my papers even though not in flying colors because I know I could have done much better. This marked the end of my first year in medical school.

Second year started off with the Basic Therapeutic Skills (BTS) programme which was basically an introduction to the clinics. I was really enthusiastic about it because I had previously spent almost 3months lazing at home; really needed to get busy but now I wish those days back because the last few months of 2012 were the most stressful months of my life.

Most of my senior colleagues say that if you can get through your second year of medical school, you’re as good as a doctor because it is the toughest hurdle to scale. I can attest to this; after one incourse, the next incourse is already smiling at you; no time to laze around. Even lazy people like me get on their toes. The light situation in LUTH didn’t even help matters.

All in all, I put in my best as regards schoolwork this past year; all my incourses have been good so far and only the people at the pharmacology department are trying to hold me back.


Being so far away from my mother and having to live with my father and my step-mum hasn’t been the best for me even though I have learnt to be very much independent. My step-mum became cold all of a sudden compared to who she was last year. I tried not to let this affect me in any way and I’ve done my best not to cross paths with her. We’re fine this way.

I got a new baby sister (half-sister). I wasn’t so excited about this but I got to embrace this fact when Michelle (my new half-sister) smiled at me; this practically made me melt.

My father was installed as president of the Rotary Club of Gbagada and this was a great feat for him.

My Big Brother graduated from the University of Capetown with a BA in Architecture. I’m already reaping the fruits; he took me Christmas shopping.

My little brother won awards at his school’s prize giving day. This same brother that we thought was retarded because my mother practically begged his way through primary school.

I grew much closer to my big sister(half-sister); we didn’t grow up together; My daddy just introduced her as my sister one day but we’re like peas in a pod.

I lost my paternal grandfather and a great uncle in the span of three months. It was a celebration of life because they lived long enough.


I finally found out that serving God isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be; all you need is to be saved.

I got really close to God at a point and I tried my best to stay in contact with him even though my Church attendance wasn’t so clean. At least, it’s not all about the church going.


This year was my year of self-discovery;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I used to be this shy glassy eyed little girl that couldn’t air her opinions. I couldn’t say no to people and I tended not to have a mind of my own. I got this confidence boost and now I have an air of pride –Good pride- around me and I express myself freely. I’m even quite lousy now or should I say very lousy. (._.  )

I became fashion conscious, I cared about how I looked and became a camerawhore. It may seem bad but I like it; one of my confidence boosters.

I became a truly happy person. Like happy from deep within.

Not my year for love; yet another break up and every guy I met seemed to think I was side chick material.

Went on so many dates and got to experience Lagos.

Been living the single life; I’m alone but not lonely.

I discovered alcohol.

I lost friends, made new ones for which I am thankful. Afterall, you win some and you lose some. I made some pretty awesome friends this year I must add and I bless God for their lives. I’m especially thankful for this one friend that went out of his way to get me out the famous ‘writer’s block’. God bless his heart.

Some other friendships were strengthened.

My twitter presence declined; finally got over my twitter addiction.

I found solace in Music, Movies and Series. Downloading anything and everything became a pastime.

I got two new devices simply by asking. Asking really does wonders.

I wrote an article that got published in The Punch in January; one of the highlights of my year.  My blog was also nominated in the Nigerian Blog Awards under 2 categories and won by popular vote in the ‘Best Student Blog Category’.


See, Don’t take Sarkodie seriously when he says money no be problem.

I had serious money issues this past year. It all stemmed from when I lost my blackberry in April. I started spending money I didn’t have just to get a new one. The new one I bought got lost in May. Around that same time, I broke someone’s laptop screen and I had to replace it with money I didn’t have. I bought so many things I couldn’t afford and I was practically living from hand to mouth.

The only good thing is the fact that I can account for how I spent all this money.

I still need to learn how to control my impulsive spending.

Anyways, I’ve really grown as a person and I’m thankful for the highs and lows of this past year. 2012 was definitely my year and 2013 is another year; I’d be going into my 3rd year of medical school by God’s grace and I’m hoping for the very best.

I know 2012 was a gangsta year for many people myself inclusive (obviously); So many untimely deaths and unfortunate happenings starting from Fuel Subsidy removal to #OccupyNigeria bants, From the Dana crash to the innocent people jejely observing Sunday evening in their houses, Victims of the Connecticut shooting, ALUU4, Boko Haram misdeeds and all the other happenings but we are still alive and kicking.

I am thankful for the highs and lows of 2012, For the friends that stood by me, I’m especially thankful for Dami and every other person that put a smile on my face. So many that I can’t begin to name names. Also thankful for my blog readers; thank you for reading all these things I churn out. You all keep me going.

God Bless.

Cheers to a better 2013.

I did a #40ThingsAboutMe post last year. I just went through it and many things about me are not the same. This girl is all grown up. :’)

This is a revised edition of that old list. Obviously, so many things are gonna be cut out.

Im a Med student…oh…you should already know this 😀

I used to be really really shy..believe it or not but now I’m kinda like the loudest mouth you’ll ever meet. Some people still make me shy.

I worry a lot…I’m still trying to curb this. It’s like the bane of my existence.

I used to love school until Med school happened.

I love God..He’s my Daddy. He always answers my prayers even though I only go to him when I’m in need. Something I’m not proud of.

I recently typed ‘OUTREASH’ instead of outreach. Damn those Ibadan genes!

I’m a music hoe! I can listen to almost anything as long as it sounds good.

Before my Biochemistry 3rd Incourse, I had never failed any exam in my life.

I have a very good sense of humor. And I like people with the same.

I used to know a lot of mundane facts that no one really cares about but now I’m just redundant.

I’m Fela’s Number one Fan.

I’m becoming a sapiosexual and I like it.

I’ve been loverless since April 2012 and I’m having the time of my life even though people choose to taunt me about it.

I love watching TV series. I can jump on almost every one except some like Nikita and Vampire Diaries.

Oh yeah. I’m Lazy.

Y’all can agree with me that the year 2011 lasted less than a month! Cuz swear down; 1/1/11 was just like yesterday. No?

2011 for me, started on quite a sour note; My first break up. My very first year in Med School. I was too ecstatic to start school; right now,I wish year 2015 could just be equal to year 2012. Just Basic Medical Sciences and I’m already tired. I wonder what will happen when I get to the clinics.

All in all, 2011 turned out to be a good year for me. I lost my wallet twice, lost my phone and other personal stuff I can’t divulge here…Let’s just pray for a better 2012

I was gonna do lists like….The highs of 2011…Flops of 2011.. Music and stuff but Im too lazy. I’m gonna write on the things I learnt in 2011. Enjoy J

  • Nobody ever seems to believe the saying that what you don’t know cannot kill you.
  • Twitter hype is not it. See what happened to ELI. People that were tweeting and retweeting. How many people showed up for the show? Or the songs that I wasted MBs to download and the songs turned out to be *bleh* -_-
  • You people that were claiming “I’m voting for GEJ and not PDP” can you see yourselves now?
  • Tonto Dikeh’z zide eye reignz supreme
  • Never Trust a tailor.
  • Anybody can rap o! Look see; “Only MC with the MB! BS!” #Sweggggg
  • T go for ‘Koko concept’ and ‘Redeem Unpluck’ is a must.
  • Truly. Age is just a number. See Mazi Oracle
  • Singing nonsense can take you places. Like D’banj said; “you don’t have to make sense” And D’banj made no sense. But guess who’s living the G.O.O.D life.
  • You don’t need pubic hair to make babies. Wizkid can tell you his story.
  • How to know you’re a twitter celeb; People write poems for follow backs;          “Roses are redYour hair is purple I will do anything for you Just follow me back”
  • Yes. Its that bad.
  • 14 years!!!!
  • Being a Unilag girl is not easy. The Stereotyping + Generalization is too much. Thank God I’m a Medilag girl


  • Anyone that advices you to study medicine doesn’t love you.
  • Eveything is now sexual
  • Ugwu Leaves >>>>>>>>>>> 
  • Tears now come in the shredded form. You can treat this by drinking Orange Jews. I wonder what Orange Jews taste like
  • Being an Ibadan Indigene is not easy. We always take the Jabs. Especially Ibadan girls (=^_^=).
  • Someone somewhere is always forming a BC. A New year BC is coming your way.
  • Don’t be with someone you cannot laugh and joke with. Laughter is the best medicine.
  • Twitter remains a serious issue. You are your tweets no matter how much you deny it. 
  • If you’re a Med Student, Never let your lecturer know that your father is a doctor. The famz will be too great. That is how many anatomy HOD called my father when I failed my CA.
  • Haters are always gonn’ hate
  • Live your life while you can. Don’t have to wish you did something while you had the chance. I wish I had more fun in year 1.
  • Leave before you are left.
  • Your DMs are not so safe. Keep your naked pictures of twitter.
  • There are too many talented Nigerian youth. I wish I could do something with my hands.  What is your talent?
  • Don’t sleep with another girl’s boyfriend. Na ata gigun get you oo!
  • It’s a crime to be fat and ugly. People are too insensitive. Don’t call them fat; call them heavy boned. Don’t call them ugly; call them tending towards the unfine axis.
  • You can be a cool virgin. See the toxic virgin.
  • There are still some good Nigerians. I forgot my wallet on a bus and a kind man brought it to my school for me.
  • There are P setters and there are P setters. There are P setters. The actual P setters don’t make noise about setting P. I know this
  • Weed over Alcohol any day. Alcohol can get you into trouble. Weed makes you stupid. I prefer stupid.
  • If you ever have to get married. Don’t rush things. I know why I’m saying this. *cough* Mer *cough* see *cough* John *cough* Doe. I did not mention names o!
  • People can claim!! Even somebody living in Epe will be complaining about the Lekki toll gate.
  • Festac is a country on its own – Farstac
  • Don’t be a weist 
  • Twitter is not just for setting P. See what happened to D’banj or Odinabarbie or Tweetoracle – He was offered 3 million naira for his twitter account. Don’t put chewing gum in your eyes people are making a living off witter.
  • Fela lives forever! He’s a bawse like that.
  • What did we learn from G/Qadhafi tho?  
  • Don’t blame Boko Haram. Why can’t our government give us good security?
  • If you have to steal your daddy’s credit. Steal wisely.
  • You can never be too stupid. See Vic O vs Speed Darlingtion – Battle of the stupids. We await Vic’s new album. The Murder Fuckers.
  • I am a bloody addict
  • This just came in….To get HIV all you need is 12 thrusts

I learnt many more things sha. What did you learn in 2011??

PS. This is obviously my last post in 2011. I want to say thank you to all of my awesome readers and supporters. Y’all made my 2011. Hope to see you all in 2012. Hope you had a blissful 2011. Hope your 2012 will be more bliss filled.

Im also looking for guest writers o!! Inbox me @ No spam please.

Thank you for coming and please share your thoughts and don’t forget to feel your boobies! I love you all!!


Hey People. You’re Welcome Back. You know the letterDear Future Husband I wrote to My future Husband eh? Well….I got a few responses from jonzing future husbands. I selected just 2 to show you guys. One from Famzing naija dog and the other; an anonymous jonzer.

Today, I bring you Famzing Naija Dog….
Good Morning. @OluwaWanaBaba here. If you know me, Sup? If you don’t, go and buy bread at and come back. Kemi dearie, thanks for the advert space. Moving on.

In case, you do not know by now (some people are actually slower than the cross-breed of a snail and a tortoise), Kemi is my future wife. I saw her letter, and as a good future husband decided to reply.
Happy reading.

“By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy. If you get a bad wife, you’ll become a philosopher.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Wana’s room,
Fabulous Mansion,

Kemi’s Room,
Awesome Grace Villa,
Kemi. Pardon me for calling you by your name straight, and not using all the sweet names like “honeypie” and “sugarpoop”. You know you are the Queen of my Heart, the only boxers in my cupboard, the only Oracle in my Twitter. But that doesn’t mean I will call you names like “honeypie”. Life is too short for Iranu. The highest I can call you is ‘dear’, and that will be when I’m in a good mood, like after I’ve eaten 7 wraps of Amala.
I got your letter last night. I have to say, I was impressed with what I read. You really are a smart, beautiful girl, and I’m proud to be your future husband.
I was not chyking any girl o! I was having practicals on the mammary glands with a female classmate when your letter came in. I want to be a doctor. To hell with the National Cake. Let us not soil our hands with something so evil. I have a desire to save lives which is why I want to be a doctor, and earn more than enough money for us to be comfortable.
I have read your rules, and I am not entirely happy with them. To prevent future throwing of fists, let me send you a revised edition of your rules that suit us both.

1. I totally agree with rule number 1. We shall obey God everywhere. Every time. In every different way. I doubt you’ll be able to obey God as vigorously as I can, so I’ll need ‘prayer partners’. They will be Nkechi, my secretary and our 3 maids.

2. 8 children? Sextuplets? Then twins? Do you have a death wish? This, I do not agree with. Unless you’ve found a way to develop 2 extra pairs of breasts, that’s a No. We’re having a maximum of 4 children, and that’s it. Imagine if the 8 children inherit my troublesome behavior? You’ll just end up booking a permanent reservation at 8, Harvey Road, Yaba.
I will never ever change diapers. No matter what you’re doing, once the baby cries, attend to it. I may help make food once in an extremely dark blue moon, but that’s all the help you’ll get from me. You and the other maids can do the rest.

3. Cooking is not an issue. I’m a good cook. A very wonderful cook sef. If you see me prepare Bread and Butter, you would be amazed. I am also an expert in making Boiled Eggs, so no need to worry. Hunger will never finish our children.

4. I know they have their disadvantages, but we have to house-helps. Plenty of them. I don’t want you to work yourself to death, as washing 7 Maybach-Benzes and 3 Rolls-Royce Phantoms every morning will kill you. Trust me. Na ordinary Toyota Camry I dey wash for here every morning wey my Humerus don almost commot my Gleno-Humeral joint.
We will have 3 hired helps, and their names shall be Ekaette, Enobong and Iniobong. They shall each have their own rooms and their payment and every other situation related to their welfare shall be handled by me.

5. I’m totally with you on Date Nights. It’s a chance to show you off to the world and make all the other men jealous of the gorgeous beauty on my arm, so yes I’m with it.
Our actual first date? It’s gonna be wonderful. It’s gonna be fantastic… There’s this new Cholera Joint opposite my crib… Their Bread & Beans is orgasmically delicious…

6. Yeah, I’ve wondered how the proposal is gonna be… I’m so romantic and I have so many ideas in mind… Lemme give you one example…
Me: Kemi, where are you?
You: In the toilet!
Me: Is your shit hard?
You: *grunts* Uuuuurrggghh
Me: Will you marry me?
You: Uuurrrrggghhhh!!!
Me: *pops champagne*
Wasn’t that so romantic?

7. I like the idea that we should have our own song. That one song that would set us in the mood and make us remember why we fell in love in the first place. There are a lot of songs running through my mind right now…
What do you think of “Dadubule” by Scally? The lyrics are so emotional and filled with love, and they make me so happy when I hear them…
“Meji l’oyan, okan l’oko… Meji l’epon, okan l’oko…”
“Abi iwo bricklayer one time to lon r’ebo r’ebo…”
“Baby je ki n bi sinu obo”
*sighs* So romantic…
Another romantic song on my mind is M.I.’s Somebody Wants To Die… The title alone reeks of love…

8. Discipline: I too, am not in favour of beating children. It’s a very barbaric and destructive practice, and I’m in favor of more constructive punishments.
‘Stand in the corner’ is not a punishment. When I say punishments, I mean punishments like ‘The Transporter’. Let me explain it to you.
We put a 50L drum full of water at the front gate, and an empty one in the back-yard. The child to be punished is then handed a fork, with which he must transfer the water from the drum with water to the empty one.
Trust me, Spending 19 hours walking in a straight line without food or water or any break will cure every bad habit in that child.
I really admire that you took your time to write that lovely letter to me. I have exchanged it for N30 akara, which I ate with Ijebu garri and groundnut, so that it may be forever etched in my memory…
Till we meet,
Yours lovingly,
I Def won’t marry a Doctor.
Wana you’re jonzing 😀

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                    “Men are like buses: one goes, another comes but only one takes you home. Don’t Miss that bus.”                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kemi’s Room

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Awesome Grace Villa


Kemi’s Future husband.


Olowo Ori Mi! Eye Mi! The Sugar in my cupboard, The cockroach in my tea.

I hope this meets you well o! And you better be reading this! Pay careful attention o! You know listening is one of the keys to a successful relationship..ehen!

I must say, you are one very lucky basterd! With the number of people tryna set p now eh! and you still came through, O ku Orire!

I even wonder what you are doing at the moment. You better not be chyking another babe o! Because I’m meant to be your one and only! The time here says 6:34 pm. You should be in a library or reading somewhere reading Maths and stuff seeing as you will become a Maths Teacher  Petrochemical Engineer. Notice the specificity? We must taste that National cake. I don’t want a glorified mechanic o! My papa no fit hear am.

So that we shall not argue when we meet, Let me lay down the rules. MY RULES.

1. You know why God sent us to earth na? 🙂 We shall obey him to the letter. Obey him Morning, afternoon and night. Obey him in the shower, On the kitchen table, In the nursery, Surprise visit to your office, and anywhere. I’m obedient like that. Not that we cannot feel the need to be obedient at the same time. So hold yourself. If you like Cheat. Castration is your portion.

2. You know the actual will of God is to make babies. I just hope ’em babies roll in at the right time. I don’t want ours to be the case of the couple that terminated their pregnancy cuz they wanted time for each other.

We are gonna have 8 babies!

Oh your head is getting light? Have a comfy seat \)___ Yes! 8 babies. Sextuplets and a set of twins. Don’t get all woozy, you will be fine. Just start learning how to multitask. Preparing baby food and changing diapers will come naturally to you.

Ahem! start researching on the necessary food supplements and stuff that can increase your firing rate.  To achieve such feat, we require extra effort.

3.  My love!! You don’t expect me to do all the cooking and clinting *In Madea’s voice* O le wa pa mi fun Baba mi eh! My pops knows how to cook so you sef you must sabi! Note that boiling water does not count as cooking. Just in case of anything, learn how to cook so that hunger will not finish our children.

4. The issue of Ekaettae is something I’m still considering. Mi o wa fe ki omo gbo’ko lowo mi. Banky W will now be singing my theme song! Mba!

5.  Date NIghts. We shall set out at least two days in a month to go on dates. Don’t say because we’re married you can’t start doing anyhow o! You will pretend as if its our first date…I hope you know a visit to Mr. Biggs does not count as a date.

Ehen! For our actual first date, you can like to take hints from @bule_jr’s Date Days. That  should help.

6. Pay very good attention now o! Me I don’t want all those clichéd proposals. Too boring! I want something you don’t see everyday like proposing when we go bungee jumping of Eko bridge. You had better be an adrenaline junkie.

7. Our Song. I really wonder what ‘our song’ will be But Iwant to make a suggestion.

There are many songs in my head. First I thought of Bracket’s “Yori Yori” I changed my mind when I heard “Mueh Mueh” who does that?

Then we have “Something about you” by Dr.  Sid. I fux with this song mehn. d(^_^)b. I mean that song is a good song.

“We go get big house for Sokoto Banana Island”

“Our children no go be Olodo” Yes ke! My brain + Your brain should gives us whiz kids. ( Not the he ye ye ye crooner type o Cuz I don’t want my kids telling me..”Mummy you’re a soup or star”

“No cheating and no Ojoro” Like I said, na castration get you!

I was also considering Seyi Shodimu’s “Love me jeje” but I don’t want to seem too ancient.

8. Discipline. There shall be no such thing as flogging o! If I hear am!  You dunno what Menstrual cramps feel like. Not to talk of the strains of child birth. You will not kill my child for me. Punishments like “Stand in the corner”, “Go to your room”, “You’re grounded” or Pinfall can suffice. This doesn’t mean the children will be spoilt.

That is all I have in mind for now. I just hope I haven’t forgotten anything. Extra details shall be forwarded to you.

Remain blessed my dear.

Use your seat belt o!

Don’t shame me ehn so that my case will not be the case of the babe in 27 dresses and all those nosy relatives will not start talking.

Do come at the RIGHT time.

With so much love in my heart,


“Since long time i never write new post..Since long time I never write new post. Many of you go dey wonder why your geh never write new post! I just dey looku and laffu..I just dey looku and laafu!! I dey look and laff! I dey look and laff!!”

                                                                                                                                                 -Merix of Fela’s  I Laugh’

Don’t let me deceive you…Apart from looking and laughing, No inspiration! Plus laziness!! Plus I‘ve been so busy!! You know na? Med school (Exams and shyt) Plus Dadddy’s birthday Plus silly guests 😦 and all!! So pretty busy.

Since the event of Med Diary (4), My wordpress mentor <_< Warned me not  to post anything If I have nothing to post about. He also warned me about too many guest writers; People want to see me write. To be factual, I really don’t know how to write about anything apart from my journals and people seem to respond well to my Journals and Med Diaries. So I guess I’ll stick to those. It’s my blog right? The baba is strict sef! When I wanted to use exam as an excuse for my laziness, The baba did not gree o! He said I have to be committed!! *God Help Me* I love him tho!! I’m sure you want to know who he is…Aproko will not kee you!!

People have been bugging me for a new Med Diary. But my life is not that interesting na?? This is not even a Med Diary. Hello?? 4.5?? Its just me apologising for Med Diary (4).


As I was trying to type this ish! I noticed somethingOn my Time_ine #withanl….Subs were flying all over the place and I was like this should be interesting..what has happened again?? Before I could say AH! PHCN did the deed!! I was sad!! They sure know how to make somebody carry last. But never will I carry last  in that kind of thing. GOD FORBID

Without wasting time, I found my C1-01 Launched my Opera Mini Brower and searched for #withanL…Just so I could be in the know. rather than asking stupid questions like a last carrier that I am. So I got the inside scoop.

If you’re here to know what happened, or you are looking for some kind of controversy or for a funny story,  I’m sorry but you are in the wrong place *sweeps you away with ugwu leaves*

The only thing I learnt from this is that you should not put your private life out there. Whatever happens in your private life should stay there. You should learn from it too.

Even though I blog about my personal life, I try as much as possible to keep my ‘private’ life out of it.

Its really amazing how the Citizens of Twitville are so interested in Blogsville now because of the recent Brouhahas! It has been fun tho! Starting from the Twitter Celebs to the Virgin Boy… They obviously left the people wanting more. I found this on my Timeline.

The people of Twitville are actually enjoying these Uprisings.

In case you missed the Blogsville drama, I aint giving out no links :p I have been too nice to ye last carriers!! Do your own homework!! If you want the links tho say it and you will pay :D..Hehe! Blogsville is the shinzit!!

I don’t have much to say about the Celeb post but I really had fun going through the comments!! Almost 1000 comments!! Who does this?? GothPrince why you noo come write for me? Some people built houses there..People advertising shoes and all..Im sure you would have made a fortune selling Gala and La Casera in there. It was some really serious ish!! Some other people were just joking around and the Voltrons and Victims (people that did not get follow backs) doing their thing.

I noticed that the people of twitville are’nt really interested in blogville unless a post has something about twitter in it. i know this because my two posts Anatomy of a Twitfight and #NIGERIANTWITTER are my most viewed posts till date. But in recent times, they seem to be everywhere. Waiting for a controversy.

Did you read The Encore to that Celeb post? I was with Goth Prince on that one. The points he gave for why twitter is serious were so on point and I loved it.

Should I still title this Med Diary 4.5?? O well.

Moving on..*changes gear*

The Virgin Boy…People pretty much missed his point. I felt his point was that You can be a virgin and still be cool. Taking him for example. People just turned the simple message upside down. They must sha see the flip side of everything !*sigh* Some people were even like why should he tell us that he is a virgin?? OK. He can’t tell us that he is a virgin but its okay to write about your sexcapades?? it is well. In another light, It’s his blog, It’s his life so why do you even care? If you dictate what you want him to write, It’s no longer his blog.

Blog: an online diary. So you can do whatever you like with your blog and there are different types of blogs out there…From the blogs with serious Life lessons, To the Sex  blogs, To the Funny as hell, To the Relationship blogs, To the down right Crazy, The Poets, The inspirational ones, The religious ones, The political ones (citation needed), The techies, The Sport blogs, Those storytellers and so much more….Hehe, There is now a Dear Auntie  Kemi section on The Great Tula’s blog sef.

Im beginning to rant.

I thi….That Reminds me!!! This recent trend of nude avatars!! Why evils?? Do you need followers that much?? I think there are better ways of getting followers than showing the whole world your nakedness. A boobvatar can suffice. Testimonies anyone?? Or be smart. Tweet wise things, Or you can even buy followers I know they do this. Nakedness is not the way o!! Think of the future.  Your bride price is reducing..minus 50kobo per hour.

As for me o!! Im trying my possible best not to do anything that will hinder me from becoming WHO president…Be yimuing there o!! Instead of you to famz now…You might want a job in the UN building will now run to me. OK!

Ok. I'll stop here.I promise not to bore you much, and fewer guest writers. 
Thanks for taking your time out to read this till the end. 
 REMEMBER! all your private affairs should stay outta the public eye.


Sorry for the length. I just had to.

PS: I did not go through the stress of putting up all those links for nothing o! ehen!!


Photo Credit: @HeartBreakKeed

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  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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