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I only get the urge to write med diaries when I’m overwhelmed or when I write a horrible Incourse.

Its a horrible Incourse this time around; Pharmacology Incourse once again.

Those people stay slaying.

God knows that I have never studied for an Incourse the way I studied for this Incourse. I was lackadaisical in studying for the for the first Incourse but this second time around, I put In my heart and my soul (even though I watched small Yoruba film) to study for this Incourse.

I studied all weekend, skipped church, didn’t sleep for up to 6 hours altogether from Saturday till this morning; I dozed a little early this morning so that I won’t snooze in the exam hall. Dassol.

Everything was to no avail. Sadly.

I’m not even as angry as I was when I first came out of the exam hall.

I think I vented all my anger in my Uncle Deolu’s ears. God bless his ears.

My first tweet was: “Gini bu antifungals?!” Which I believe is Igbo for ‘what are antifungals”

The thing is; the pharmacology department is a very haphazard and unorganized department. They’re so disorganized they make Ojuelegba look like Manhattan. There is a course outline they are supposed to abide by but the prefer to start from Exodus, go to Songs of Solomon and come back to Genesis. No sense of organization whatsoever and its highly disgusting.

That aside, the lecturers just come to the class to read their PowerPoints out as if the students dunno how to interpret what the PowerPoints are saying. No interaction whatsoever and usual me; I phase out in such classes and I don’t remember attending any lecture even though I was in all the lectures. And reading through all the notes, everything seemed foreign.

So, I studied for the exam according to the the materials I had. Seeing as I cannot kill myself because of book, I studied everything, made jottings, recalled, tried to memorize, and all what not. At the end of the day everything was all jumbled up in my head. That’s why I don’t even feel bad about crash reading; when I can’t remember something I read about an hour ago, how much more something I read weeks ago. Maybe I’m just too lazy. Who knows?

In today’s Incourse, we had the usual 200 MCQs with the usual minus one negative mark. These people decided to set 25 of 200 questions on a single note which they specifically asked us not to read because that topic was not part of the second incourse. I didn’t even have said note; I didn’t even know we were taught said topic not to talk of being told not to read the said topic. Well, I’m glad it turned out to be a mass something. I’d be crushed to find out that I was the only suegbe.

Even my efficient friends; Bukky and Ife who practically sit down under the lecturers’ nose (I swear you can take saliva samples from them) were affected. It was that bad. These girls are my own personal Linda Ikeji/Google. Anything I need to know. They are choosing to blame our class rep because of the misinformation. They think he’s the one behind global warming too. That serious.

My own grouse is that if I had slept all through the weekend, I won’t have been angry. I mean; of all the things I crammed, how many surfaced? What is the need of studying and studying when you’ll still get murked?

Still on still, Pharmacology department can’t hold me back.


I can’t say coming to med school is the worst decision I’ve made in my really short life; I can’t say its the best either.

Honestly, anyone that eggs you on to come to med school may want a good life for you but the person may not like you that much; Med school is hell.

This is coming from a med student that has not even had an encounter with bitchy superiors. I can imagine what I’ll be singing when I get to my clinical class.

My Part 1 was pretty much a breeze for me. I thought being a smart kid was all it took to get me through.. Like really? Why study like heaven is gonna come down when you can always crash read and still get through.
Trust me; my grades at the end of the year bled! + I had my heart in my mouth the whole time I was awaiting the results.

I spent my whole year tweeting my life away – I was the girl that flooded TLs…16 tweets in a row kinda flooding and got people asking; “are you sure you’re a med student?” – Reading all the blogs that existed, downloading pictures from and Viewing all the Cyanide and Happiness cartoons ever made.

Basically, I was the epitome of loafing.

Studying was almost the last thing on my priority list. At least it was on the list.

Imagine studying a whole year’s worth of notes in two weeks? This was my story. Caffeine was my strong tower. Constant Palpitations and localized headache form the caffeine were the hallmarks of these two weeks.

I pulled through. Like a boss. Didn’t even have a slight headache after all the exams. God is good.

Some people say scaling through to part 2 is the toughest hurdle in med school while some others say getting through part 2 is.
Some people go; “After part 2 you’re already a doctor”

Any which way, Part 2 may not come off as tough as it is expected to be because of the awakening we got in part 1. The awakening I got at the very least.

Part 2 started in June of 2012. Since June of 2012, I’ve been unable to put pen to paper to say I want to write an article or even a. Med diary.

Just 4 weeks into the new session, work was piling up and it was already overwhelming. You know that promise you make to yourself at the beginning of every school year? Yeah. I made one of those. Even though I’m not sticking to it to the letter, I’m a better student than I was last year.

I usually don’t study until I have an exam in sight, now I’ve made studying a habit.
I could skip classes without giving it a second thought, now I feel guilty when I skip a class.
I wasn’t so keen about having my notes up to date, now people make copies of my note.
I used to tweet my every thought, now I’m a last carrier on twitter.
This is my personal assesment and I believe I am a reformed student.

Apart from cutting down some other things, I’m trying to revive my blog. Just because. Its something I used to do for fun all of a sudden it became difficult.


As I’m typing this post, Dr. Wellington is going off about Loeffler’s syndrome and Strongyloides; an opportunistic helminth. I’m really not interested. My airways and sinuses are blocked and and I just can’t wait to burst out of this class to get Actifed.

With actifed comes good sleep; of which I’ve not had in a while. I have a hurricane of incourses coming soon. I wish I had a better description than hurricane. But trust me my next few weeks are gonna be horrible.
Epidemiology 1st incourse -26th
Clinical Psychology exam -29th
Pharmacology 1st incourse -30th
Microbiology 2nd incourse -8th
Haematology 2nd incourse -13th
Morbid Anatomy 2nd incourse -in 2 weeks

See this Dr. Wellington setting up extra lectures for 9am on Saturday morning. I hope the actifed wears off before then.

This chicks needs her sleep.

Well, I chose this as the topic because of there are some people who follow a trend, whether or not its right they don’t mind and they do this stuffs mostly out of Ignorance OR because ‘this and that’ celebrity is doing it.
Most times there are things I see people wearing or doing and I’m like; Oh well… If only they knew.


The thing I really don’t get about this ‘trend’ is when it became fashionable to show one’s underwear, just like the ladies who enjoy showing us their bra straps. By now everyone should know that sagging actually started in American prisons because prisoners were not allowed to wear belts. But its so stupid that it has become a ‘fashion trend’ among guys.

Some guys put their trousers below their butt! To be honest, whenever I see a guy sagging it sorta seems like they’ve poo-ed in their trousers. What most of them don’t know is that it makes them look retarded and stupid.

The irritating thing is that when some of these guys sag, their boxers are either worn out or its one of those fake designers’ boxers.
If you must really sag, fine, sag but please if it reaches your butt OR below your butt then its a HUGE TURNOFF.


This is one of the most dastardly acts ever! Its really crazy, like why would a woman in her right senses shave off her eyebrows and ‘draw’ them back on! like TF?

Your eyebrows are there for a purpose, if you don’t like the way they are you are only supposed to SHAPEN them, not SHAVE them all off!
The worst thing is that some women ‘draw’ different colours of eyepencils (brown, green and red) in place of eyebrows and its really sickening.
While others draw their ‘fake eyebrows’ as long as telephone wires that it reaches up to their hairlines, others make it curve to the extent that it looks like a curve of parabola drawn on a graph. *sighs *smh

The point is that most of them (if not all) don’t know it makes them appear really cheap and ignorant. Sometimes, I even wonder what some of these women see whenever their reflection stares back at them from in a mirror, when they’re done dressing up.

(Editor’s side note: Ladies that fix their eyelashes and they look as if their eyelids are gonna fall off.. That shii cray)


Its like pouting has become the new way of taking pictures for some people, I mean they feel if they don’t pout, the picture just ‘isn’t okay’.
Most people pout just because they see international celebrities doing the same and they don’t know why it is being done.

White people pout to make their lips Fuller. But we Africans, already have full lips so why pout?

The pictures i’ve seen mostly on twitter, makes me wonder. I have seen avatars of girls with really full lips with red lipstick ‘smeared’ on it pouting, using red lipstick when you’ve got really full lips is a blunder on its own then pouting with it?! Horrible!, even girls with black lips are not left out, its nobody’s fault if you’ve got black lips but applying alot of lipgloss on and pouting is sooo not sexy (or isn’t that why most of them pout, to look sexy?)
If you fall into this group of girls, you deserve to go under the guillotine.
What most of you ‘pouters’ don’t know is that making your lips ‘long’ could actually lead to being permanently ‘long-mouthed’- {This is an UberFact (._. )}, just like that of Ant-eater.


Yes, this has alot to do with the topic, alot of people are very guilty of this crime.
Most people use this word without even thinking twice and they feel its okay to use the word ‘bitch’ afterall it has become acceptable.

Last time i checked, the word ‘BITCH’ means A FEMALE DOG!. I thought calling someone a ‘bitch’ used to be the lowest level of insults, that’s like saying someone is nasty, a hoe, and uncultured girl all rolled into one. But now? People especially girls take delight in calling each other/themselves ‘bitches’ that’s calling yourself A DOG, what other insult could be worsn than calling oneself A FEMALE DOG.

That aside, Let me talk about the guys.

Now, Most of y’all fancy calling each other ‘NIGGAS’. I think by now y’all should know that the word ‘NIGGA’ was what the white people termed the Slaves during the ‘SLAVE TRADE ERA’. After Freedom Fighters Like Martin Luther-King and Malcolm-X ( if you like *yimu till your nose falls off) fought and died in trying to end racism and stop the whites from the use of this particular word, Its sad to see that People, even more sadly, the male youths calling themselves Niggas.

But this name calling didn’t start here, its something that was copied from the African- American gangsters who roam the streets of America, most of them hardly even go through high school and to think that youths who are educated up to the University level descend so low to use this degrading word on each other.

Most International musicians mainly the African-American ones use the word ‘NIGGA’ and people feel its okay to use it. Alot of people copy the actions of celebs both stupid and otherwise, without thinking-  this is another problem on its own. Back to what i was saying, Most of these African-American musicians grew up on the streets, where the usage of such words are perfectly Okay.

You don’t see accomplished African-Americans like Barack Obama, Chris Gardner etc. Being referred to as Niggas.

I think these are the most familiar trends people blindly imitate. If you’ve got any other ones do mention them in the comment box, I’d like to be ‘enlightened’.

P.S- My heart goes out to those who lost their lives during the Peaceful Protests, May their souls Rest in Peace. Amen.
GEJ will surely get his ‘reward’.

In other news, that MayD’s ‘Soundtrack’ video, that video is just sooo…hmmmm. Okay, I’ll reserve my comments.

Shoutout to Kemi for giving me the opportuinity to express my views on her blog.

With that said, I think I’m done here.


It was like child’s play when I typed my angry letter to Mr. President and sent it to The Punch for publishing. I knew my chances of getting published were slim but I sent it anyways.

On Thursday morning, it became a reality; I woke up to so many missed calls and texts messages from strange phone numbers. I went on to receive more phone calls and text messages even till Sunday. This experience has been an eye opener for me; igt led me to see how much the everyday Nigerian feels but he cannot express.

I deeply appreciate all the feedback I got in form of texts, phone calls, Facebook and Twitter messages.

Thankfully, we had uninterrupted power supply in LUTH from the night before till Monday; but I woke up to the sad news that Mr. President just made a nationwide broadcast and he had ‘declared’ the new pump price of petrol to be =N=97 per liter and he had deployed the military men to Lagos to bring protesters to book. That is an infringement on our rights. This is a democracy we have the right to say NO when the government brings about unjust policies. This is not a dictatorship.

Mr. President, your soldiers were so well equipped and professional. Why then did you send them after the innocent and unarmed masses and not Boko Haram? Did you even think about that?

I knew the kind of reaction this will bring so I took to twitter to see what the youth had to say; Of course the youth were not happy. Their reaction was like;

“=N=65 or nothing! #OccupyNigeria”

 But a select few felt otherwise. Check this out;

“=N=141 to =N=97…at least they have reduced it”

I believe this is the kind of mentality that has gotten us to where we are today. If we stood our ground in times past when the leaders were removing the subsidy poco a poco, surely they will think twice before even thinking about removing the subsidy. It is high time we get rid of such mentality and fight for our rights instead of suffering because of the government’s insufficiencies.

I see what the president did there though, He increased the pump price of fuel from =N=65 to =N=97. He just conned his way to make us think that he reduced it. Do not be deceived.

We waited for news from the NLC/TUC leaders. They shifted ground. They bailed on us. They called off the strike. Now that I’m thinking about it; it was a plan after all; It could not be a coincidence that the military presence was put in place so that when the strike is called off, the unsatisfied populace will not go haywire and take to the streets. We do not know what happens during your so-secret deliberations so all we can do is to speculate.

Now that you have had your way and the masses have been left to be trampled upon, there are so many things disturbing me.

Firstly, since we are still in the 2011 fiscal year, whose pockets will the extra =N=44 per liter go? And whose pockets did subsidy that has been removed since the first of January go? Because I know for sure that these subsidies have been catered for in the 2011 budget.

Secondly, since you claim to not know the cabal and you have asked for the NNPC to be audited, how sure are we that you will not keep on protecting the cabal? Even if the cabal is brought forward, how do you intend to prosecute them? We know how it goes. We hope they don’t develop any terminal illness during trial after which they will be sentenced to 6 months in a fancy hospital and come back to lead their fancy lives. That is not justice Mr. President. They have to be dealt with like the criminals that they are.

Also, immediately after your January first broadcast, the price of almost everything escalated. What are we meant to do now because there is no way on earth that these prices are going to fall and we still have to go to the same market with the same pay?

Lastly, the 2012 budget must not be approved. All the excesses of the government have to be cut short. The Nigerians cannot keep on paying for the excesses of our government. We want a budget that is free of anomalies before it is approved.

I also hope the promises made by the SURE program are going to be effected. We are tired of the government’s promise and fail. Make a difference and let us renew our trust in you.

In conclusion, the gadget wielding Nigerian youth are now more informed than ever. We are watching and taking note of every step of the way. The president should not be intimidated by the bounty of our knowledge. This is the information age and we refuse to watch and wait. If you destroy Nigeria now, what will be left for us?

May those that lost their lives to the struggle rest in perfect peace.

The only thing I can ask you is WHY???. Why??

I’m scheduled to sit for my first professional exam commencing on the 23rd of this month. Only God knows If the exam is going to hold on the said date. Knowing the gravity of this exam, I am always riddled with guilt if I am not reading or sleeping. Sometimes I could be caught tweeting; but I could not imagine myself taming my anger by writing a letter. Now, I cannot read. Neither can I sleep. Tweeting is the last thing on my mind. I cannot read because there is no power and my rechargeable lamp has lost all its power. I cannot sleep because of the overwhelming heat in my small LUTH room. I am using the remaining power on my laptop to write this letter to you. I can spare my remaining battery power because I believe I am typing away my anger.

I may not know all the facts and the figures or the intricate details but I sure know what is happening. I have read different articles; Listened to my uncles argue. I have listened to people lamenting about the state of the nation. Everybody expressing almost the same views.

First of all, deliberations had not yet been concluded before you slapped us in the face with the awesome New Year’s Day gift. The issue of  subsidy removal I am sure has been swept aside by most Nigerians for the holiday celebration since you said it was going to effect from the 1st of April being the beginning of the financial year. Truth be told, many Nigerians don’t know what the subsidy means. They just know that the price of Fuel has just escalated for the umpteenth time in 10 years.

What is this I hear about the subsidy being non-existent? That our local refineries can produce enough fuel for the nation’s daily consumption. How true is this? If you ask me, I will tell you that there is some sort of conspiracy behind all this. Some people are obviously benefitting from this importing and exporting frenzy because no answers are being provided and the only logical thing for the government to have done over the years is to have fixed the refineries. You do not need a doctorate degree to know this.

Mr. President, remove the subsidy on fuel but not at this time. Provide us with good roads, stable electricity, affordable housing, good healthcare facilities, standard education, employment and most of all, Increase minimum wage.

You cannot expect someone to live on =N=18,000 every month. It does not even sound feasible. How will you pay rent, eat, pay transport fare  and still send your children to school. This is pure EVIL!! When you were asking us to vote for you, you said you had no shoes. In essence, you want other people to go about without shoes too?? We thought you will understand the plight of the poor and make a difference.

On another turf, being a lecturer, we expected you to uphold the essence of education. Now ASUU is on strike. Young students are sitting at home. Idle. When the money you use to wet your garden can make so much difference. It is a shame.

This is meant to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people; but you don’t act as such. You act as if you are against us. How can you overhaul your kitchen utensils with millions of naira every year and Nigerians are hungry. It really baffles me because I am now wondering if you swallowed the spoons and the pots you used last year along with the food. A recent analysis stated that with the amount of money you want to use to feed, I can spend =N=50,000 for the next 52 years of my life.  I don’t understand how the very brilliant Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala let such anomalies pass through her office.

You went to South Africa to celebrate with the ANC. I am pretty sure that you saw their standard airport and their good roads; you cannot say you are Ray Charles to all the good things that are there. Not only South Africa, all other nations you travel to in your pretty presidential jet. You see how all those things work and you cannot come back here to do the same. Murtala Muhammed Int’l is the same of a nation.

We are not occupying Nigeria only because of the fuel subsidy removal. We are also saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Enough of the corruption, money laundering, wasteful spending, unaccountability and all other vices that are synonymous with the Nigerian government.

On a final note, the whole world is watching Mr. President. The whole world is watching. You had better ditch your Fedora for a thinking cap.

“Since long time i never write new post..Since long time I never write new post. Many of you go dey wonder why your geh never write new post! I just dey looku and laffu..I just dey looku and laafu!! I dey look and laff! I dey look and laff!!”

                                                                                                                                                 -Merix of Fela’s  I Laugh’

Don’t let me deceive you…Apart from looking and laughing, No inspiration! Plus laziness!! Plus I‘ve been so busy!! You know na? Med school (Exams and shyt) Plus Dadddy’s birthday Plus silly guests 😦 and all!! So pretty busy.

Since the event of Med Diary (4), My wordpress mentor <_< Warned me not  to post anything If I have nothing to post about. He also warned me about too many guest writers; People want to see me write. To be factual, I really don’t know how to write about anything apart from my journals and people seem to respond well to my Journals and Med Diaries. So I guess I’ll stick to those. It’s my blog right? The baba is strict sef! When I wanted to use exam as an excuse for my laziness, The baba did not gree o! He said I have to be committed!! *God Help Me* I love him tho!! I’m sure you want to know who he is…Aproko will not kee you!!

People have been bugging me for a new Med Diary. But my life is not that interesting na?? This is not even a Med Diary. Hello?? 4.5?? Its just me apologising for Med Diary (4).


As I was trying to type this ish! I noticed somethingOn my Time_ine #withanl….Subs were flying all over the place and I was like this should be interesting..what has happened again?? Before I could say AH! PHCN did the deed!! I was sad!! They sure know how to make somebody carry last. But never will I carry last  in that kind of thing. GOD FORBID

Without wasting time, I found my C1-01 Launched my Opera Mini Brower and searched for #withanL…Just so I could be in the know. rather than asking stupid questions like a last carrier that I am. So I got the inside scoop.

If you’re here to know what happened, or you are looking for some kind of controversy or for a funny story,  I’m sorry but you are in the wrong place *sweeps you away with ugwu leaves*

The only thing I learnt from this is that you should not put your private life out there. Whatever happens in your private life should stay there. You should learn from it too.

Even though I blog about my personal life, I try as much as possible to keep my ‘private’ life out of it.

Its really amazing how the Citizens of Twitville are so interested in Blogsville now because of the recent Brouhahas! It has been fun tho! Starting from the Twitter Celebs to the Virgin Boy… They obviously left the people wanting more. I found this on my Timeline.

The people of Twitville are actually enjoying these Uprisings.

In case you missed the Blogsville drama, I aint giving out no links :p I have been too nice to ye last carriers!! Do your own homework!! If you want the links tho say it and you will pay :D..Hehe! Blogsville is the shinzit!!

I don’t have much to say about the Celeb post but I really had fun going through the comments!! Almost 1000 comments!! Who does this?? GothPrince why you noo come write for me? Some people built houses there..People advertising shoes and all..Im sure you would have made a fortune selling Gala and La Casera in there. It was some really serious ish!! Some other people were just joking around and the Voltrons and Victims (people that did not get follow backs) doing their thing.

I noticed that the people of twitville are’nt really interested in blogville unless a post has something about twitter in it. i know this because my two posts Anatomy of a Twitfight and #NIGERIANTWITTER are my most viewed posts till date. But in recent times, they seem to be everywhere. Waiting for a controversy.

Did you read The Encore to that Celeb post? I was with Goth Prince on that one. The points he gave for why twitter is serious were so on point and I loved it.

Should I still title this Med Diary 4.5?? O well.

Moving on..*changes gear*

The Virgin Boy…People pretty much missed his point. I felt his point was that You can be a virgin and still be cool. Taking him for example. People just turned the simple message upside down. They must sha see the flip side of everything !*sigh* Some people were even like why should he tell us that he is a virgin?? OK. He can’t tell us that he is a virgin but its okay to write about your sexcapades?? it is well. In another light, It’s his blog, It’s his life so why do you even care? If you dictate what you want him to write, It’s no longer his blog.

Blog: an online diary. So you can do whatever you like with your blog and there are different types of blogs out there…From the blogs with serious Life lessons, To the Sex  blogs, To the Funny as hell, To the Relationship blogs, To the down right Crazy, The Poets, The inspirational ones, The religious ones, The political ones (citation needed), The techies, The Sport blogs, Those storytellers and so much more….Hehe, There is now a Dear Auntie  Kemi section on The Great Tula’s blog sef.

Im beginning to rant.

I thi….That Reminds me!!! This recent trend of nude avatars!! Why evils?? Do you need followers that much?? I think there are better ways of getting followers than showing the whole world your nakedness. A boobvatar can suffice. Testimonies anyone?? Or be smart. Tweet wise things, Or you can even buy followers I know they do this. Nakedness is not the way o!! Think of the future.  Your bride price is reducing..minus 50kobo per hour.

As for me o!! Im trying my possible best not to do anything that will hinder me from becoming WHO president…Be yimuing there o!! Instead of you to famz now…You might want a job in the UN building will now run to me. OK!

Ok. I'll stop here.I promise not to bore you much, and fewer guest writers. 
Thanks for taking your time out to read this till the end. 
 REMEMBER! all your private affairs should stay outta the public eye.


Sorry for the length. I just had to.

PS: I did not go through the stress of putting up all those links for nothing o! ehen!!


Photo Credit: @HeartBreakKeed

My Pops’ birthday Is in a few days time..(you’ve probably noticed how much I love my pops!! i write something about him in almost all my posts cos I love him ^_^ ) And the house is already cramped! Its really annoying cuz people just barge into my room, mess up my room, mess up my bathroom, and worst of all, My laptop screen got broken. Anytime I get pissed, I just keep on reminding myself that they came to celebrate with my daddy. “Kemi keep calm…They are here to celebrate with your daddy.”

He was planning to just celebrate his birthday at the orphanage before…We all thought the man was going through mid life crisis…In my mind I was like “Baba don old he dosent know what is wrong with him again” They convinced him to celebrate it…This was the beginning of the end…Its not as serious as im making it sound oh!

I mean, If you are celebrating your birthday with orphans who will be willing to come all the way from the US to celebrate with you? Nobody of course! So We are still going to the orphanage but we are celebrating the day after…

I got back from school that fateful Tuesday afternoon and GBOOM!! They were there!! In the living room!! Five of them!! They all went “Hey Kemi”..I looked around, the living room was  so cluttered with luggage and footwear and all. In my head, I was like “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????????” And I had a classic plastic smile on.

In my head, I began calculating the date of the party..TF?? Two weeks away…Who does this?? Dosent it occur to you that someone celebrating something will be quarter to broke and it seems right to you to come and live off him? Have mercy!!! (No PM for me in 2 weeks)

After the customary, Hellos and His, How is school and all? With my plastic smile still plastered on my face, I ran off to my room. Next thing I know, the kids just barged into my room and I was about to snap at them then I reminded myself that they were my Father’s guests.

I said a silent prayer “Father Lord Help me to be patient”

Apart from their messiness, they are also very insolent. God knows my child cannot be that insolent even Even if they are born In America or Taiwan! Aint no children gonna be showing the policemen their bums. These ones were not born in America sef. They havent even lived there for up to 10 years and they already forgot where they came from. They will be making stupid comments that I wish I could just snap back at them but I’ll just have to calm myself down.

Let Me give you a few instances.

Those comments dey always chook me eh! (The responses I wish I could give are typed in bold)

Guest: Oh Kemi..Power is out. Why cant we have the generator on?

Kemi: You have to wait till 7. ( If I slap you ehn! Na you buy diesel put for dia?)

Guest: Ooooh! You have Wifi I thought Africa was like Haiti. Can I use the computer?

Kemi: No. I have school work. ( Dude! How did you become this shallow? Africa is not a jungle? Have you forgotten that you were born and raised here)

Guest: Kemi you aggy as hell!!

Kemi: Im just happy you’re here 🙂 (WAKA!! Emi aggy? What does aggy mean sef?) 

Guest: Why Does the Wifi start at 7? That is so Haiitian

Kemi: Cuz no one is at home to use it all day ( Why are the osteoblasts in your skull so hyperactive?)

Guest: Oh My Word Kemi you have your own bathroom!! I wish I had a room this big.

Kemi: Yeah Thanks. (Sha ma ji toothpaste mi lo! Mo ti ri oju e nbe)

Guest: Kemi You’re so African!! Im Happy Im American.

Kemi: Since when did you become American? ( Dude!! I guess I have to remind you how you got your visa..and how I used to beg your mummy to allow you stop cutting okro and come and play with us.)

Guest: Kemi Gba ”chewing gum” yii kófi hanu.

Kemi: Thank you ma

Guest 2: Kemi Can I have some?

Kemi: No!

Guest 2: You want to go and show off at school right?

Kemi: *silence* (what could I have said sef? It doesn’t warrant a reply)  

Those are just few instances of how they’ll be getting on my nerves.

The visitors aside, My brother’s also arrived on Sunday. Im surprised that they havent been frustrating me about how Im enjoying Nigeria and Med School. When they came last christmas It was really bad. I really dont get why people just go and come be acting like they’ve never lived in Nigeria. It ticks me off I swear!

I just wish I could say my thoughts but I have to be on my best behavior *adjusts LV halo*

As you can see everything is chooking me.

It is chooking me die!! Plus I will come back from school to arrange my own room upon how much I threaten to make them sleep on the couch.

Did I mention how they will be going to Mr. Biggs Every night and be feeling tech with themselves? It used to chook me that they dont even offer me! But I thank God that im allergic to Mr. Biggs.

In the short time they have spent, They spoilt my laptop, Not like they spoilt it but the laptop is quarter to dead so I put the blame on them 😀


I cant wait till this party is over with! So that all this people can go back to where they came from and I can have my normal sleeping pattern back. Did I mention how much this child kicks me in the middle of the night?? Chimo!! I just Kent!! I have neck ache, back pain and muscle spasms every night! I am not lying! 😐

Mschew! My aunt is now coming with her nosy friend tomorrow!! Double wahala for Dead Body!!

Rant Over!

PS: Im sorry for boring you with my boring life 😦 I have learnt that when you tell people your problems, It reduces the weight! Please help me carry some of my troubles 🙂


I’m meant to have posted this days ago. *side eye* at the lazy editor.

Appaz, tomorrow is my Pops’ Birthday and the population of my house cannot even be rounded up. *sigh*

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  • Cecila: When shopping from the internet, a numerate of the great unwashed ofttimes take time to scan done a twosome of reviews on the merchandise ahead qual
  • cycatrx: Kem dela creame....... :d
  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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