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Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t been able to blog because school blows! I wonder why the seniors always say my present class is a lounging class. It’s one of three things;
1. I’m too lazy.
2. The seniors were over efficient.
3. The curriculum has been modified.

I’ll like to go with number 3.

In as much as I am lazy, I’m extremely willing to learn and with my daddy as my motivating factor, I have to know as many things as possible because pops and I are practically on the same turf now. It’s just a pity that he expected me to have been able to set an IV line all by myself. Only if he knew that things have changed. Medilag now is not the same as Medilag of the 80s.

I started my Junior Clerkship earlier last month with my Paediatrics rotation and I wrote my end of posting exam yesterday (June 6th). It was fine. Thanks for asking. I really hope to ace it because my scores now account for a percentage for my final year scores.

Pediatrics posting was long and difficult and my friends in other postings claimed to have it tougher. I really hope they’re wrong because I can’t imagine anything worse than that.

During a whole week of my Pediatrics rotation, My group was on call in the Children’s emergency room. We observed, clerked, Did Anthropometry, hung around and all but we didn’t smell a single signature. The emergency room is fun quite alright but how will I get signed up for exams if I don’t make the attendance? Ain’t nobody got time for going to school without getting signatures.

If not for the Doctor-Patient confidentiality, I would’ve shared many of the interesting cases I saw while in pediatrics.

Honestly, we should all be grateful for our lives. Now I know why people say that if you want to appreciate your life more, visit the hospital. It’s true; we just go about our daily activities like it’s nothing but some others are clinging to life with the help of machines and all sorts. It’s not that they sinned differently from us, they just turned out to be unfortunate.

Another thing is this illiteracy thing. I wish to elaborate about it in a different post.

Anyways, I was able to hustle as many signatures as possible even though I couldn’t make 75% of the expected which is required to sit for final year exams.

With Pediatrics done and dusted, I’m moving on to Obs & Gynae. The dreaded. We had our first lecture today (Friday the 7th) with the HOD being our first lecturer. It was a 3-hour long lecture but I enjoyed every bit of it. A humorous lecturer never goes wrong.

Let’s call him ‘Prof’. Prof gave us a lecture on ‘Unwanted Pregnancy, Unsafe Abortion, Gender, Gender Equity, Gender Equality, Abortion Law, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights’. Such a mouthful. I can make a copy of my notes for you if you want. It was a very educative yet entertaining lecture with so many illustrations that had us reeling with laughter. Prof proved to be very knowledgeable and very in sync with the happenings of our time. He Kept on using such exclamations as ‘EZIOKWU!’ And ‘OMUNOLO’. At some point, he called someone a cannulated dog. The only downside of the lecture was that I couldn’t answer any of his questions correctly and he threatened to report me to my mummy.

So, during the lecture, Prof dropped so many side bars some of which I penned down and decided to share with you guys. Tell me what you think;

– Two basic activities as constant as the Northern Star in Medical Student’s Hostel since 1962; Reading and sex.

– Concerning Unprotected Sex, If you cannot be good, be careful.

– Only two sets of people are allowed to color riot; Children and musicians.

– Your socks should approximate the color of your trousers,

– Albert Mithuli was a South African Doctor and Author who wrote the book ‘ Let My People Go‘concerning the South African Apartheid. (Medical Students that gun for passes and not distinctions or credits are referred to as Albert Mithuli’

– In Igboland, A last born (only) son is more relevant and cherished than his elder sisters.

– It is the right of every woman to decide any pregnancy she carries to term but a Nigerian woman has no such right.

– People talk about Morality and Principles but act on self interest. As is the case of pastors who preach on the podium that abortion is murder and still present their daughters in the hospital for abortions because they can’t bear the shame and ridicule. (Reminds me of when they say you’re Pro-life until you get pregnant and an atheist until the plane is crash landing.)

– Nigerians take hook, line and sinker what they are told in church. Take what they learn in church and act under the guise of religion.

– A Nigerian pastor was banned from South Africa after he went on a crusade and told some HIV patients to throw away their anti-retrovirals for they were healed. They later died.

– Nigerians are so much ripped off that Pastors make them donate hard earned money to the founding of Church Colleges And Universities they can’t afford to send their children to. So sad.

– Nigerian boys are brought up to think that A Dinner date guarantees them sex.

– Mike Tyson acted like a Nigerian boy and paid for it dearly.

There was more but I couldn’t capture them all.

What do you guys think?

With that Said, I was placed in the Reproduction Medicine and Fertility Unit. I hope it turns out to be fun! Lets get some people pregnant!

PS. Thank you guys for egging me on to keep posting. Glad to know people are interested in reading about my rather drab experiences.

Special S/o to Eyimofe, Niro and @4eyednerd.

PPS. Medicine is turning out to be really interesting. Maybe I don’t need to get that shop in Balogun market after all!

Anthropometry- Measurement and study of the human body.
Omunolo- Power has gone off.


See me Blogging at this time of the night; My mates are busy studying Pharmacology.

We have our pharmacology incourse tomorrow and Its not even smiling. Pray for a sisteh.


Religion is a really touchy issue especially in a society like ours and if I had a choice, I won’t be blogging about it.

Religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman/supernatural controlling power.

There are so many religions in this world but I was lucky to be born a Christian.

I believe in one God. Oluwa to me, Chineke to another, Ubangiji, Eledumare, Allah, Osanobuwa, Yaweh, Jehovah, Dieu etc to many others. One God  different nomenclature.

I believe in the story of creation even though I’m science oriented.

I believe in getting to God through Jesus.

I go to church on most Sundays even though that’s not what makes me a Christian.

I can quote bible verses even though it doesn’t make me a better Christian because even the devil is a bible scholar.

I’m saved because I believe Jesus died for me on the cross.

I believe religion and fanaticism are in no way related. Religious fanatics tick me off.

I believe in many things but I don’t believe in worshipping my pastor because he is a man like me. I also don’t believe in donating to buy a private jet for my pastor; some members of the congregation are living below the poverty line and are in need of that miracle.

Pharmacology is clouding my mind.

Forgive my randomness.


Hope y’all had a happy holiday cuz I didn’t. While Everyone was going Xmas, I was going Xams :(.

I know…I know…
I said I won’t tweet/blog. I lied.
Today I have @Mhorghan. My senior from high school. He sent me this lovely post a while ago but I was too lazy to edit. I’m sure that is why he sent this awesome post to Yemi’s Window. Check it out.



Howdy babes…and goons sha. Hehehe… would just prefer to greet the babes. If you are reading this then someone agreed to feature me (I don’t want my own blog).

First time o! clap for me! Usually, I have a lot on my mind…some massive stream of thoughts and I usually let myself sink into it #inceptionstyle.

Should be reading right now but there’s a huge indication I would just sleep of…Tales of a stressed out Unilag dude.
This feature has nothing to do with sex, gals or anything that may interest your already perverted minds..urmm..unless your mind has drifted here a couple of times…am talking religion!*wait!!!don’t close the tab na! haba! calm down!..thank you, let’s move on.
*curtain opens*

I’m late for class one bright morning and Evil Dash(I can’t use real names o! my G.P is important to me abeg) as already started rambling on about signals and fourier series

*sidenote: the course is an elective o! dunno why I am forming bad guy and offering it..

Well, Im a bad guy sha not many people would dispute my claim*adjusts nerd glasses*…the class is turning out to be interesting…lots of equations on the board my medulla and gray matter are trying to comprehend and my stomach is sending some analog signals with mad intensity (signals to storm Nasky’s room for food!)* Damn! Im digressing too much, Im new at this!
And suddenly *ghen!ghen!*…Evil Dash starts talking about Indiana Jones: crystal skull in details**if you haven’t watched this movie, you should be wear a badge with LAST in bold for the next seven days**.. You can’t imagine my surprise..I thought all this man did was read some boring computer books and check the spreadsheet to see whose G.P to drain (you can’t blame me: I have gotten my lowest grades in his course..hope to ace this one sha..God willing..*adjusts halo*)
Dash begins to dispute the creation story..

According to him, courtesy of  a couple of books he read, names that I can’t remember right now; like 5000 years ago..a special race of humans existed..more like aliens..whose ecosystem thrived on gold..they discovered huge reservoirs of gold in South Africa but they felt too sophisticated to undergo the mining process by themselves so they created human beings to mine the gold for them…and guess how they created humans! ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION!…Yeah 5000yrs ago, these ‘aliens’ knew all about the scientific discoveries we are screaming about now…DNA structure and all…the process is even engraved in some ancient stones as carvings…historical proof to this new claim.
The only difference between humans and these creators was that we couldn’t live forever (very smart of them by the way)…anyways, our so called creators got the gold they wanted and left us to govern ourselves…they would be back depending on the outcome of world war three to either wipe out the human race or just govern us again. At this point, I can see the pastors in my class, couple of seats away from me, fuming in anger..


They probably can’t believe their ears.

How can heaven and hell be a fable?

How can one doubt the creation story?..hian!

Im just fascinated by this new train of thoughts…


Before you pass judgement, I am a Christian by birth then by choice, BUT what if I was born into a muslim home to Alhaji & Alhaja Mukaila Sanusi , a wealthy gold merchant:D…I would also believe Islam is the only way to paradise and 49 virgins:D (how many virgins?correct me please) and I would probably be looking at my Christian friends and thinking dulling people, you are going to burn in hell!.. Religion has a loop hole! Somehow, somewhere that’s where faith comes in I guess.
Every religion believes in a sovereign power, one messenger of that sovereign power that came to earth, teaches a reward for good and bad and lays claim to it being the only way!

EVERY RELIGION.. Buddhism, Islam, Harikishna (how is this spelt sef?) , graile message…and the stories are very similar (I’ve read a lot of books)..this to me, from a scientific point of view is a huge loop hole! Nobody likes to touch this subject, people are very sensitive about religion. My uncle would get in a rage of anger if he reads this and most likely question my faith, but hey, what about science?…space crafts, aliens ,some other ecosystems existing somewhere else without our knowledge that could be true too…I am not trying to question anyone’s belief or change it..

Just random ramblings inspired by  2hours lecture.

Have I bloggled?? (hehe…boggled not bloggled) your mind?…

Google this Annunaki, Hopi Indian prophesies.

DISCLAIMER:  I am a Christian o! Don’t dull! I am not a saint sha..I love God and the daughters of Eve.

Please criticize

*wears nerd glasses and strolls into the library*



There you have it. So what do you think?

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