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The past few days for me have been horrible! Horrible doesn’t even exactly cut it!

I’ve been living like a lifeless zombie more or less.

They want to kill us!

‘E don be!’

The thing is that this session is supposed to last for 9 months but we’ve spent only 7 of the 9 months and they’re trying to make us write our finals before the stipulated 9 months because the college is running behind schedule.

Making us suffer for the management’s inadequacies.

My present dilemma;

Pharmacology incourse on Monday. They just brought out a list of topics from the previous incourses that are gonna surface in the incourse on Monday. Plain evil.

Microbiology department. We were scheduled to write our third incourse before the second incourse and they just can’t seem to make up their minds. Haphazardness.

Our finals are slated to Start on the 18th of February. That’s a month from today. We’ll be writing incourses till the 14th and the University rules stipulate that we should have at least a week lecture-free before any major exam. We have just 2 working days.
We had to file a petition for postponement because that arrangement is *sigh*
Some people failed to sign the petition. Trust me to sign for them.

Something appears to have died in the AC vents in my class. The stench kills.

LUTH Phenomenon; No Light, No Water, Mosquitoes. Sleepless nights.

With all the incourses in sight, I can’t take my time out to revise for finals.

Some lecturers come to class and disseminate 150 slides in an hour. Not sure what form of lecturing that is.

Community Health Department insists that we prepare presentations for them. Like we don’t have enough on our plates.

Knowing fully well the kind of pressure we are under, some lecturers don’t deem it wise to give us notes.

Some of the ones that give us notes just come to the class to read out their Powerpoints to us like we can’t see or something.
Some others just come to talk to themselves.

I had a spat with a Lab Attendant. She kept on hammering on the fact that I disrespected her because she’s short. Height issues.

They want to kill us!

Field trip to LAWMA. Too pissed to enjoy it because we first went to Lagos Island to pick up ONE person before heading out to the Landfill at Ojota. Waste of my precious sleeping time.

Pharmacology Lab hasn’t ended. Like we haven’t had enough.

I still don’t get the idea behind epithelia. I stay cramming them.

The Lab Reports keep on coming!

On a normal day, when there’s no light, I’ll have gone to charge my phone under the tree at COMPSSA for 50 bucks. Right now, I really don’t care.

I’ve lost all the holiday weight I managed to gain.

No proper sleep. Any sleep is guilty sleep.

Classmates stay oppressing.

I bought a text only to discover it had an e-format afterwards.

I still don’t get histology. All I see is pink. Purple on some other days. The lecturer keeps pointing at Neutrophils, Cancers, calcification and all sorts. I don’t see nothing. Maybe I wasn’t born with histological eyes. Who knows?

I cannot come and die because of book.

Anyhow, I can’t let these few weeks of tiredness and sleeplessness hinder me from greatness.
My driving force right now is the fact that my immediate seniors are already in their 4th year of Med school.

Daddy do it for your girl. Help me overcome these obstacles and let me dump this my Lab Coat in exchange for a Clinical coat.



January 2013, I have really changed as a person.

As at January 2011 I was 17 and I had spent the whole holiday trying to convince my mother that instead of studying a random science course in the University of Capetown, studying medicine in the University of Lagos was best for me. I just didn’t see myself studying anything outside medicine. Like I said, I was 17; now I’m 19 and the number one decision maker in my life.

I may still be naïve but I sure am not as naïve as before. I have grown to learn a whole lot about friendships, love, boys and life in general.

I used to sleep like no man’s business. Now I can’t sleep for more than 10 hours without feeling guilty. Even though med students don’t deserve sleep because med students are supposed to study for 26 hours out of the 24 hours of each day; weekends inclusive.

I’m more aware of God’s presence in my life. God has done so many things I cannot comprehend and said things cannot obviously be done by my own power or might.

Physically, I think I look malnourished compared to how I looked before, I had less stuff to do but now I have so many things to do that everything tells on my body. Weight loss, More acne, fatigue, insatiable appetite. I eat like a cow being fattened for Sallah and the only difference between the cow and I is that the cow actually gets fat and I just stay the same skinny girl. People wonder how I eat so much and not gain weight other people are envious of me for this.

Also, I had long hair but it started breaking and now I have short hair. My make up didn’t go beyond lip gloss, I now use my signature red lipstick and eyeliner.

Yeah. I didn’t really care about what I wore. I just woke up every morning and looked for something that didn’t require ironing. Now, I try my best to look my best and I take my time out to iron my clothes even though the clothes may not look ironed at the end of the day. I have to keep this up because clinical years are around the corner! ^_^

No drastic change here.

Whoop! We’re almost done! 3 days to go!
Thank you for sticking around.


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Guilty Pleasure: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow.

Laziness. My name should be LayZ and Bruno Mars’ Lazy song should be on the list of the the,e music of my life. Being Lazy is actually hardwork to be totally honest. You can’t just be loafing around being irresponsible and still be fine with it. If you have a purpose in life that is. Being lazy hasn’t brought me anything good and I still haven’t changed because even in my laziness, I still get my things done and they almost always turn out well. Its simple; I take my time to do my shit.


Sleeping. As a medical student, You need at least 32 hours of studying everyday; even though there are only 24 hours in each day. Meaning medical students don't deserve sleep. Kemi sleeps like Jonah. I don’t believe in losing sleep over anything only of its a matter of life and death. Lol. Medicine is a matter of life and death sha. Still, my sleep means a lot to me and I get almost 8 hours of sleep everyday and as much as 10 hours on some good days.

Internet. Once I get on the Internet, there’s no activity that can pull me away. There’s always one thing to download or one thing to look up. Once there’s Internet, something comes up. Even when I was home studying for my pharmacology incourse last week, I was busy downloading things and looking up many things. Internet deprivation is a bad bad thing. So is passworded wifi.

Overeating. it is even counted as a sin but it still doesn’t faze me. I eat like a cow on heat and I still don’t get fat. I’m as skinny as skinny can be. Can you guess where all the fat goes to? Yeah! You guessed right; My abdomen! And trust me, belly fat is anything but pretty. Don’t want to go around looking like I have my bootay in the wrong position. Still! I eat.

Clubbing. You have to let off steam somehow; and I do this by dancing my sorrows away. Even though I dunno how to move neither my two left feet nor my waist to save my life. People like me need alcohol to make us feel like we can do the moonwalk better than Michael Jackson. It works. Alcohol isn’t good for the body as it leads to alcoholic liver disease which predisposes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma. (I’m just showing off; Learnt this yesterday). Anyways, that won’t stop me from visiting the club to dance my sorrows away.

What are your guilty pleasures?

PS. Red wine in certain quantities is good for your heart.


As a med student, I lead a rather boring life.
The only parts of my routine that excite me are sleeping and eating + the walk I take to get the food. Nothing excites me more.
Waking up is the worst part of my routine. Just thought I should put that out there.

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