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As a med student, I lead a rather boring life.
The only parts of my routine that excite me are sleeping and eating + the walk I take to get the food. Nothing excites me more.
Waking up is the worst part of my routine. Just thought I should put that out there.

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this category; Life in Medilag has been really boring. Hence, nothing to tell you guys.
September is probably the best time I have had in med school. Apart from being my birth month and all, we had almost 3 weeks lecture free!!! 3 awesome weeks of lounging and reading for exams. Apparently, we ended all our third incourses in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry almost simultaneously.
The incourses were ok. If I must say! With the exception of my biochemistry tho. METAB incourse. Like the hardest freakin’ thing. I coulda sworn that the questions were in Latin!
On to the fourth course then on to Professional Exam
The Big Guy. My very first professional exam. Eerily called Pros/MB.
I’ve different many tales of Pros. Of people who aced all their incourses and fared woefully in Pros. On the better side, people who didn’t pass a single incourse and aced Pros. Or people who failed all their incourses and even Pros and go on to ace the resit.
None is my portion sha. My incourses have been..well..uhm…None of your business 😀 but im looking forward to acing my first professional exams. I can’t even think of resiting..not to talk of repeating. It scares me.
So my MB should be in December/January. The time is not certain but whenever, I have to b can tale ready to kill ém cuz I’m gonna be examined on everything I’ve learnt since January!! Bloody hell!!!
I can’t even remember how to draw the brachial plexus *sigh*
Seeing as fourth incourse should last about six weeks, and we’re almost 3 weeks in, The finals might just be in December .
Anywho, I have to quit tweeting, blogging and any other side thing so I can take studying seriously. So I guess this is gonna be my last post in a really long while.
When I get back, I’ll probably have my own 30 day challenge. If my brain cells are not dried out that is. I really love what Qurr is doing with his. Very well thought out and all.
That should be all.
Hope to come back soon.
Thanks for reading.
PS: I don’t mind topic suggestions for my 30 day challenge. You can drop them in the comment box or tweet them at @Kemmiiii.

Thanks 😀

Before you read, I must warn you! This is a really stupid post


Raymond Caddy
Dr. Abraham said you will be our teacher
He said we should be nice to you
Care for you
Dine with you
Sleep with you
Dress nicely to see you
Discriminate against you not
We did everything
But what Did you pay us back with?
The beginning of our woes was the absence of your Cephalic vein
Next was a deflated right lung
Rotten Right leg
Pungent Smell
No Inguinal Ring
Wrinkled Penis
Hard ass Feet
Hole in your right cheek
Hard Scalp
‘Kudo gave you a hair Friction
We still can’t get through your thick skull (literally)
We have been through thick and thin together
Yet you have selfishly refused to show us your mysteries
We appreciate your Efforts though
You were so muscular
We considered ourselves butchers
Muscles with no vessels
Our journey has almost come to an end..
We thank you for your showing us the way…not

lol..Like I said, This is a really stupid post…It just came to my head..
This is about my Anatomy Cadaver, I just Christened him Raymond Caddy (no offense to all Raymonds), that was the first name that hit me…

Raymond has been my Anatomy specimen since the beginning of the year and he has not been really helpful..even though I know it was d mutilation of the morticians that made his Right Lung Collapse and most of his
vessels missing (or he might have been a heavy ganjah smoker) ,I still blame him….!

We really could not make anything out of his body…Well, we saw his Sciatic nerve (the biggest nerve in the body)..after that and his bulky muscles, he has been pretty useless.

BTW he has a bullet hole in his cheek…I did not say he was a thief o! Ehen!

I also wish i got the cadaver with the Rasta hair 8)

First off! I want to appreciate people that have been encouraging guys rock!!

No! Im not here to RANT! And This is not #The RantingsOfaGrosslyLazyMedico because Im lazy but not grossly lazy.. You feel me? 8) Kenny You are still sick for that comment..

Anyways, before I digress, Its about my week..HECTIC WEEK..

So I had my Physiology incourse on Tuesday! Yeah the one that I did not know the difference betweeen Tubular resorption and Tubular secretion..I did it sha and Im not gonna tell you how it was :P..Just because my First incourse was a sad story!  I was so happy with myself at the end of the exam but the result was an apology..

I was so heartbroken it felt as if…the more you read, the more you fail! I wont let that happen again tho..I will keep on reading…I wish I could read like some people tho… “read without ceasing’ Im sure if i try it i would drop dead! o well! Different strokes for different folks! BTW its not everybody that reads that passes, so also, It’s not everybody that dosent read that fails some people just have to listen in class #darrisol!

Sha Wednesday came, I had my problem based learning (PBL) presentation in Anatomy…PBL is this cool new way of learning..It involves giving the students a problem to in our case, They will give us a Patients case.. and the patients history, so we have to go about the anatomy of the affected part and then give a diagnosis..its meant to be cool but the circumstances surrounding it make it uncool so i’m not always interested….

Gehn Gehn! The next day was anatomy incourse! Curse my alarm clock! I got home that fateful Wednesday afternoon after the PBL ish and I was so tired, So i made up my mind to read a little, sleep around 7 and wake up at 12 to read..Omo mehn! I woke up at 6.30..I was so mad..Anyway I cannot blame anybody…I dint tell anyone I was having an exam the next day..even if..its everyman for himself..

The exam came, it went obviously..I wont tell you how it was too :p but it is well..

The highlight of the week!! Steeple Chase Yesterday (Friday) I’m sure you must have heard very sad stories about steeple chase but i’m not gonna paint a sad picture here, I will just tell you how it goes..

Well, steeplechase is an anatomy practical where there are 100 stations with different questions.. and there are a few resting spots where you can sit down..As the name implies, Each student is at a station or a resting spot…You have to answer your question in 30 seconds and after 30 seconds,the bell goes and you move on to the next…its quite hard tho..

They pin muscles, tie nerves veins, arteries and all sorts and they will ask you to identify them…There are also histology slides you have to identify which can be quite confusing i tell you because everything is pink and the ones I crammed did not even sho face..It is well..What I love about steeple chase is that even if you dunno it, you can write rubbish cuz there is no negative marking ^_^

And I met @MsSensitivity yesterday 🙂 So nice ^_^


PS: I also met @bule_jr for a short while in the morning (Friday) before my steeplechase…he is so nice ^_^ ..Hope to see him  more often..He is also a relationship blogger..see his blog here …I cant believe I forgot that 😦

I was surfing the net this morning, going through medical blogs and all, and I found these really interesting pictures..

Its just like almost all professions have stereotypes, these are the med student stereotypes.

Almost all Med Bloggers have written about them! I must to delve UTUNU!

They are funny But true.

Here Goes..

The Painfully Enthustiac

We know them..sometimes they piss us off..

Some are ITKs…some are not.

In Medilag XV, we refer to them as the efficientos..Always up to date!!

The Overly Academic

In my Blunt opinion, They are all books no fun!

In the words of my darling Fela, “No break..No jam” Just books!

They tend not to have social lives!

Maybe they did not teach them the “all work and no play makes Musbau a dull boy” in their nursery schools

Can they be called geeks tho?

The Gunner

The gunner knows what he wants and he’s gonna get it!

They can be mistaken for the Painfully Enthustiatic but are really interested in only one discipline.

They remind me of the Surgery jocks in Scrubs.

The Missing

aka Perpetual stabbers…They are the Under G people!

They dont show face in class But you will see them on the dayof the exam..

You will be like “so this one is in our class”

They are the ones that pass codedly! Those matric numbers with High scores and no owners in sight, they are the ones..

Dont get me wrong, not all of ’em pass.

The Crier

It happens…After first incourse, the results are not really what we expected.some people break down

You know that babe..yeah..that babe that you really wanna know what her ******* feel like, This is your chance!

Be strong for her and she will come crying “Oh! I banged my Anatomy incourse..but i read *tears*

Lest I forget, If you are a block-headed boy, she wont run into your arms o! You have nothing to offer.

Im not saying boys cannot cry…I wont even be surprised if i see a dude crying…Its Med School.

The Prankster

These ones are efiwes!! The come to joke with you when they are done reading.

i.e they use you to catch fun..beware of them..

Not all are smart sha!

The Perpetually Enraged

As the name implies, perpetually enraged..

Ki lo fa? Emi o mo!

Answers anybody??

The Questionable Admission

Do I even need to explain,

Questionable admission! You will wonder!

“Come first! Did you write your Jamb Yourself”

Or one of those dumb blonde moments…

like I was arguing with @bYbaaaa That the Clavicle is Scapula…

what was I even thinking? :s

The Sensitive Soul

One Word: Alaanu Samaria (M)

Mother Theresa (F)

The One-Track Mind

Dont mistake him for the Gunner cuz the Gunner excels!

The Twelve-Year-Old

Those people that always giggle when the topic is about those *ahem* areas..

yes you gorrit!!

This reminds me of my Secondary School Biology Teacher..

That woman is blessed! she could use her body as a specimen…I cant go into details but BMJS peeps know what I’m talking about.
The Sane One.

Drops out of Med School.

So what cartegoy(ies) do you fall into?

Responses in the comment box please. 😀


All illustrations are by Scut Monkey

PS: The term ‘Efficiento’ was coined by @dollstreasure (a very pretty babe…follow her 🙂 )

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  • bybaaaa: Lol. I just saw this thanks to oumissa. I love you. :*


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