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*Cuts Bullshit*

I know every time I go AWOL and on a long sabbatical hiatus, I always come back with a shitload of excuses and promise not to go AWOL on y’all again. This time around, I have no excuses. Maybe I do.

I hope you missed me! 😀

I hope you guys haven’t been missing out on Afoma’s blog. She has a new category called Med Talk. You should check it out if you haven’t. The girl is good. You know how education and internet are better in Ukraine and stoffs. I also hope you didn’t miss out on Lights out over at The Naked Convos

I don’t have a blogroll for nothing y’know?

Surgery Rotation is was ( In uncommon parlance, 500 level Leleyi – I’m in 500 level now guys!) the absolute worst. Even with the ongoing ASUU strike and the Doctors’ strikes that held, my entire being was managed to be frustrated to another world and back. Pediatric Surgery Unit especially; Seeing as they have two ward rounds in one day and they don’t dig latecomers.

Any which way, I made it through even though I didn’t have time to Twitter, Instagram or nothing. How I missed my twitter gist.

Surgery Rotation was nothing but a Signature whore house where the students are prostitutes, the surgeons are the clients and the Secretary Lady in the department of Surgery is the Madamme.

After each activity, the surgeons were meant are chased to ‘autograph’ our log books as a sign of attendance. Some were extremely selfish with their signatures and some others? Not so much. You know, the ‘unselfish’ ones had a higher fan base; Take Dr. @Sazzy_Wazzy for example, Coolest surgeon ever.

The attendance requirements (number of signatures required) were quite steep who woulda believed lazy ol’ me woulda made it. I can proudly say that my Surgery log book is almost the tenth wonder of the world, No weapon fashioned against my logbook shall prosper and No Adam can deter me from writing my finals.

All those fake smiles, Batting of eyelashes, hot chases (Some Surgeons live for the chase) and all what not finally paid off.

I also wanna thank Baba G for always leading me to the right place at the right time seeing as sometimes, I jake as much as 7 signatures in one night and anytime I’m not there, the doctor probably ‘autographed’ a signature or two. It’s probably my charm.

Inasmuch as the hustle for signatures was an adventure somewhat, I wish signatures were not my push factor for going to school. This signature prostitution gives the doctors too much power and puts them on a high horse.

Anywho, I think hope I have a holiday till the new year and I need something to take up my bag. Anything asides being my daddy’s handbag. Suggestions?

Feels good to be back.

How have y’all been?


Whoop! We Made it to the end of 2012; something to be thankful for. I hope we all make it into 2013.

Something I miss is having so much lounging time.

Lounging is when you’re just all over place, lazing around without a worry in the world. Now, when I try to watch one common episode of Big Bang Theory, I think of all the Microbiology powerpoints I should be studying. Guilt.

I also miss Owambe crawling with my dad.

Traveling with my dad every weekend.

Watching my dad doing surgeries.

Gossiping with my mum.

Frustrating my brothers.

Going on holidays and longing to go back to school.

Getting tired of sleeping.

Having too much food to eat.

Really, I miss a lot of things. Damn you med school!

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