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It wasn’t my forte and it still isn’t.

I’m wondering how I made it through secondary school and I remember that my Maths teacher (Let’s call her ‘Mam Las’) always set the examples she thought in class as examination questions. With that, you’ll think one will be acing all the exams. Not me.

Maths seemed to come easy to everyone else. Why only me?

The numbers and the algebras were just in over my head. I was always the one having to make corrections or dub assignments because the ones I tried to solve myself never rhymed with the answers at the back of the text. Such an airhead.

So I had this ‘thing’ for a boy that was in my class JS1 through JS3 and he was a Maths Wiz. I’m talking the crazy kind of person that’ll get a B in Maths because he was too busy studying to get an A in furthermaths. That good.

Said boy started putting me through maths starting from SS1. It was a gradual improvement because the euphoria of sitting down beside boy did not let me learn properly. 😀

With my basic maths knowledge, I still excelled in the sciences because when Maths is an issue, you expect physics to become an issue and you sure as hell don’t expect me to offer Furthermaths because I don’t know the Maths yet how will you expect me to further the maths?!
So, to concentrate on my maths, I opted for Physical Health Education (PHE) in the stead of further maths. People thought I was crazy; I just couldn’t risk that red ink staining my report sheet.

Everything turned out well at the end of the day. I aced both my Cambridge O’Level and WAEC. JAMB too and I made my way into the university. No hassles!

This is me appreciating Mayowa Okulate. My personal genius. Thanks.

Also, Shalla to Mam Las and Mr. Aj for Show. Mam Las for making maths bearable and Aj for just being there. #POKO#

Have you had/do you have any problem like mine?

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